19+ Valentine’s Gift Ideas For Daughter That She Will Happy

valentine gift ideas for daughter

How to give your daughter Valentine’s gift ideas for daughter that she will be happy is a quite difficult problem for many parents. If before, Valentine was just a holiday for couples who love each other, now it is expanded to be a special holiday to show love to women in general, especially girls. A surprise gift, a cozy dinner together,… are great ideas for them to feel so special and loved.

If you are wondering what gift to choose, below Wana Trendy will suggest you meaningful gifts that your daughter will surely love.


1. Colourful Pillowcase

A colorful and warm pillow is definitely a meaningful gift for every little girl. The pillow is like a substitute for parents to accompany your children in every sleep, making them feel that their parents are always beside them. Loving wishes are also specially designed on this pillow making them look like they were designed specifically for your daughter.

 Bangle Bracelet

2. Bangle Bracelet

Bracelets are jewelry that helps your daughter express their individuality. An afternoon of taking your children shopping, and letting them choose their favorite models is probably a great gift for them on this special occasion.

Giving Bracelet is probably the best Valentine’s gift for your daughter, it is a wonderful and meaningful way to make them feel loved

Leather personal writting journal

3. Leather Personal Writting Journal

A small and cute notebook helps your daughter to keep a diary, take notes, or comfortably write their own imaginary stories. This is not only a book to record the journey of adulthood but also helps children develop thinking in the most natural way.

Rainbow  Crayons

4. Rainbow Crayons

With colorful crayons, children can write their fairy tales and myths in their minds. It is these colorful pens that help children gradually develop their brains and perceive things around them. Moreover, it also helps children have the ability to be creative, and combine different colors to create a new color.

Sweet T-shirt

5. Sweet T-shirt

A T-shirt is the most practical gift for girls who love simplicity and dynamism if you still don’t know what gift to choose. However, it is meaningful if parents can choose the style and design that your daughter love to express their personality.

Sweet heart sock

6. Sweet Heart Sock

Valentine’s gift ideas for your daughter are sometimes just simple, familiar things

A pair of warm and quality socks not only helps the child’s body to stay warm in winter but also shows the parents’ attention and sophistication in every little detail and object in their daily life.

 Whoopee Cushions

7. Whoopee Cushions

Whoopee cushions are fun, exciting gifts for mischievous babies. The date pad is quite soft, with a thickness of 3-7 cm, printed with funny images on the surface. When sitting up will make a sound like a fart. When playing with the children, there will surely be endless laughter.

Joyful Carousel Jigsaw Puzzle

8. Joyful Carousel Jigsaw Puzzle

Playing puzzles is a way to help children learn and absorb knowledge in the most natural way. Going through small pictures and then gradually putting them together into a complete and beautiful picture, helps them practice patience and relieve stress.

Customized Mug

9. Customized Mug

Gifting customized mugs for your beloved daughter may not be a new idea. But we can be more creative by engraving meaningful wishes and love on the cup that will surely make the recipient emotional.

Teddy Bear

10. Teddy Bear

Teddy bears are not only toys, but they also help children remember their family members. Regular interaction with teddy bears such as playing and cuddling makes her feel like she has a loved one next to her. In addition, caring and loving teddy bears, also trains children to be independent and to take care of themselves.

 Pajama Set

11. Pajama Set

Soft pajamas with gentle colors and cute images attract girls at first sight. Wearing pajamas helps children to be free to move and be active without being constrained. In addition, parents should also pay attention to choosing fabrics that are suitable for the delicate skin of your children.

 Fluffy Slippers

12. Fluffy Slippers

A pair of soft fluffy slippers will help to cherish your daughter’s steps. There are so many cute designs and patterns that are suitable for every little girl. We are sure that your daughter will be delighted to receive this meaningful gift from her parents.

Sleep Eye Mask

13. Sleep Eye Mask

The use of sleep eye masks plays an important role in improving the quality of sleep for children. By blocking out artificial light or sunlight, your baby will fall asleep naturally. The blindfold designs are all very eye-catching and beautiful, so this is a surprise gift for little girls.

Chocolate Cookies

14. Chocolate Cookies

If chocolate is for lovers on Valentine’s Day, then the sweet and milky chocolate cake is a great Valentine’s gift ideas for daughter. To make this gift more meaningful, parents can make these delicious and sweet cakes with their children.

Limited Sneaker

15. Limited Sneaker

Limited edition sneakers are one of the gifts for girls that you have to consider. With a strong, dynamic, and youthful design, it helps girls freely express their personalities. In addition, a quality shoe also helps your child to walk most comfortably.

 Soft Knot Headband

16. Soft Knot Headband

A colorful headband is a cute hair accessory for girls. Previously, the headband had a simple design, so it was only used to make the hair neater, but now there are more and more unique and cute designs to help girls freely choose.

Spa Gift Box Set

17. Spa Gift Box Set

Girls are very fragile, so they are not only cared for from the outside but also need special attention from the inside. For girls who are in the process of growing up, the need to take care of their appearance and body is especially important. So a spa box gift box will be meaningful to the children during this period. Parents not only buy gifts for their children but also need to guide them to take care of their bodies in the right way

Fur Bucket Hat

18. Fur Bucket Hat

With bright colors, a fancy fur hat will be a gift not to be dispensable for trendy girls. The new and unique combination, interwoven with the colors of this accessory will surely make the children more confident and shine when walking down the street. Fur Bucket Hat will be a gift for sure unique Valentine’s gifts for daughter.

Personalized Blanket

19. Personalized Blanket

Parents’ concern for their children is not only shown in material aspects but above all in the smallest things in their children’s lives such as each meal, sleep, etc. A blanket with Their custom design and their names printed on them are sure to make any little girl feel especially loved

DIY Valentina's Box

20. DIY Valentina’s Box

The idea of DIY Valentina gift boxes from discarded boxes in the family will attract young people to join. Recycling old paper boxes not only teaches children the habit of saving and protecting the environment but above all, having time to do meaningful things with them.


Valentine’s gift ideas for daughter are very diverse, we just need to pay attention to girls a little bit and give them a big surprise.

Not only on Valentine’s Day, girls always need to be cared for, but on weekdays they also need to be protected. Please love the women around you by lovingly caring, encouraging, and comforting, especially sending love through meaningful gifts.

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