12+ Lovely Valentine Ideas From Teachers To Students

Valentine Ideas From Teachers To Students

Valentine’s Day is coming and you – a devoted and caring teacher want to lift your students up by giving them cute gifts that make their day. We will suggest lovely Valentine ideas from teachers to students that are absolutely budget-friendly, sweet, and heart-melting.

Valentine Ideas From Teacher To Student

Heart Pen

1. Heart Pen

You can consider giving your student a colorful pen with a glowing heart filled with glitter on the cap. This beautiful gift will make your students feel really excited. You can write adorable small messages for them and stick to the pen, which will stimulate them to study harder and remember to do the homework. This will definitely be one of lovely Valentine ideas from teachers to students that we want to suggest to you.

Heart-Shaped Notebook

2. Heart-Shaped Notebook

Who won’t be captivated by a notebook with a heart-inspired design and sparkling color? Besides, a notebook has a plethora of uses that help students a lot in their study, for instance, recording ideas conveniently, listing and arranging tasks in a scientific way, and capturing important information. On the first page of the notebook, you can write a small note about what you love about that student and what you expect he/she can do better in the future. This creative gift will undoubtedly impress your students and make them extremely happy

Love Letter Cookies

3. Love Letter Cookies

Crispy and melt-in-your-mouth cookies with letter shapes will be an engaging Valentine idea from teachers to students. Your students will absolutely be animated for this unique gift. It has quite a basic recipe so that you can make cookies at home to show your enthusiasm for your beloved students.

Heart Chocolate

4. Heart Chocolate

Who can resist the sweetness mixed with a little bit of bitterness of chocolate, which creates the explosion of flavors? Plus, this is Valentine’s Day, so we can’t ignore symbolic gifts for love like chocolate on such an important occasion. Heart-shaped chocolate will perfectly convey message of love to your students in the sweetest and most fascinating way.

Crayon Pack

5. Crayon Pack

Crayon pack is definitely a good Valentine idea for from teachers to students. This is due to the fact that kids love to color and can spend hours making their own little world by drawing. Giving them crayon pack with sweet messages such as ‘You color my world’ will totally melt their heart and make them overjoyed for days.

Glitter Keychain

6. Glitter Keychain

Keychain is also an adorable Valentine idea from teachers to students that you should consider. Key-chain not only helps us find the key easier but also is an ornament that makes things look more appealing. You can choose a heart-shaped keychain with numerous glittering mini heart inside that will definitely draw your students’ attention.

Crochet Cup Holder

7. Crochet Cup Holder

A crochet cup holder is convenient for students to hold the cup and take it away easily. Cup holder with unique designs will make the cup more attractive and create a sense of stylishness for the users. For Valentine’s Day, you can pick a heart pattern in order to match the vibe of this occasion, thereby showing love to your students directly.

Cute Socks

8. Cute Socks

‘You Knock My Socks Off’ is definitely a funny and lovely message that you can send to your students through this Valentine gift. Wearing socks helps keep the body warm in cold weather and promotes blood circulation, which improves health of your students. This is such a thoughtful and meaningful gift that your students will love to receive.

Valentine Mailbox

9. Valentine Mailbox

Valentine’s Day is such a great opportunity for us to show affection to the ones we love and care for. You can give your students DIY Valentine mailboxes, which are letters full of love, encouragement, appreciation and positive comments of yours on each student. Surely, they will be even more surprised than any other gifts and super eager to read the last letter. Your sincere and loving messages will motivate your students, make them more confident and help them realize their potential to keep trying their best.

Pencil Case

10. Pencil Case

Students have so many pens for diverse uses. However, they usually don’t keep things neat and tidy so they tend to easily lose their school stationery. A pencil case with large capacity can contain students’ pens, pencils, erasers, and even rulers, thereby saving time for them to find things they need when studying. On the market, there are a variety of pencil cases with numerous designs, sizes, and patterns so that you can pick ones that suit your budget and your students’ preferences.

Valentine Bracelet

11. Valentine Bracelet

Valentine bracelets with fun textures and patterns are sure to be an interesting Valentine idea from teachers to students. You can write funny messages attached to the bracelets and play a secret lottery. Each student will pick up a secret gift and receive beautiful bracelets with their own message. Your students’ Valentine will become more joyful and meaningful with this gift of yours


12. Books

Last but not least, the greatest Valentine idea from teachers to students that we want to suggest to you is books. A good book containing lot of meanings that expresses loving words to the recipient will definitely be a very meaningful gift for them. A book can be read and re-read many times and still remains its own value.

Books are like our soulmates because it can easily share emotions that not everyone can do. Reading a good book will help us relax and have more faith in life. Sometimes, books even bring tons of surprises that your students would never have thought of. Books broaden their knowledge, let them get out of their comfort zone, break their limit and bring many useful things that will make them totally excited. Besides, books are also an affordable gift, suitable for expressing affection to your loved ones.

How To Choose Valentines Gifts From Teachers To Students?

To choose the most appropriate valentine gift for your student, you should consider their age. For example, kindergarten and primary school students will love cute gifts like crayon packs, Valentine bracelets, Valentine mailboxs, etc. For students in higher grades, you can give gifts like pens, notebooks, pencil cases, etc. to promote their learning spirit.

You also need to consider the number of students in your class. For classes with a large number of students, you can bake cookies or chocolate and bring it to the class, which is not only an affordable method but also brings a lot of joy to your students, thereby creating a fond memory for the whole class.

I believe that the gifts that you have put your heart and soul into while preparing will surely make your students get touched because there is only one simple truth: ‘What comes from the heart, reaches the heart’. Hence, do not hesitate to show affection to people whom you want to give them all your love and appreciation.


Valentine is such a meaningful day for all of us, because we all deserve to receive love from each other. So why don’t we give meaningful gifts to the people we love to let them know how much they are cared for and cherished. This article has suggested suitable Valentine ideas from teachers to students. If you want more creative ideas, kindly visit our website WanaTrendy and let us help you.

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