15+ Romantic Valentine Decoration Ideas For Bedroom


Today’s topic is Valentine decoration ideas for bedroom. Every year, on February 14, couples are busy preparing gifts to date their lover. Maybe it’s homemade gifts, or you can buy them, but in general, it is still to create romance to increase the affection of both parties. More specifically, many people will decorate their homes or rooms to hold a private party for this holiday. Below we will give some ideas for your reference.

How To Decorate A Bedroom For Valentine’s Day

1. Balloon Bouquet

A bunch of red balloons is dropped on the ceiling, and the ones around the bed will make the bedroom space become romantic. You can leave the gift box you have prepared for your lover on the bed so that when they stop being surprised with the special thing in the room, they will be surprised by the gifts. This is a great decorate bedroom for valentine’s day. You don’t necessarily have to use red balloons, you can sometimes switch to her favourite colour or other Valentine-related colours.

2. Love Balloon

Instead of using round bubbles, buy a heart shape to make the bedroom space more romantic. In addition, tie the ball in a beam to the head of the bed, instead of letting it go completely free, it will limit the confusion in the room. You can use led lights to create a heart shape on the wall and then stick the balloons in the mould to make it more interesting. On the bed, you can put the items you want.

3. Romantic Touches

These ideas to decorating bedroom for Valentine’s Day will simplify what you have to prepare so you can do other things. You just need a few heart-shaped balloons in the colour of your choice. You will write confiding lines, confessions for your lover tied to the ball so that he or she will choose each ball to read when entering the room. Thoughts that will move their heart. You can add rose petals to make the bed look more romantic.


4. Flowers And Lights

To successfully decorate a romantic room for Valentine’s Day, you need flowers, balloons, and led lights. With dried petals, you will need a large quantity to have to spread the flowers from the room door to the bed, and at the same time make the flower shape on the bed. Along the flower path from the door, there will be led lights to highlight the decoration. Your balloon is still free, but the string will be tied with roses or whatever else you want.


5. Swan Decoration

This decoration requires a bit of dexterity, as you will have to shape a pair of swans. You will probably see this decoration in hotels quite a lot, but if this is a homemade item and is dedicated to someone. Then your lover will be very happy with what they receive. You can refer to how to fold words online or with friends. Also, use more rose petals to decorate the surrounding for more highlights. No one can deny this is a romantic bedroom decorating idea for Valentine’s Day.


6. Red and Lights

You don’t need to be too fussy to be able to make your lover happy on Valentine’s Day. You can change bed sheets, and pillowcases to red ones, symbolizing passionate love. Using a few decorative light bulbs to create shapes on the headboard wall will make the space more suitable for Valentine’s Day. Adding some cake and wine will make this holiday unforgettable for the two of you.


7. Wine and Flower

Wine and flowers are two indispensable symbols this Valentine’s Day. To touch your partner on this day, you can try pairing red wine with flowers. A formal wine tray strewn with flowers and placed on the bed will help you have a great night with your lover. These are also Valentine decoration ideas for bedroom. You can try because it’s not difficult to prepare. Roses will be the right choice if you consider buying decorative flowers.


8. Green Decoration

If your lover is a lover of green space and has a passion for plants, you can decorate the space similarly. You don’t have to stereotype candles, flowers, and alcohol to create romance. Sometimes changing according to the preferences of the lover is what can score points in the eyes of the other person. A green space with a few candlelights will be a good bedroom decoration idea for Valentine’s Day.


9. Boho Design

Boho is a rather unique style that can combine classic motifs with many modern decorations. Because of its uniqueness, this is a style pursued by many people of all ages. If your lover is passionate about this style, you can try to decorate the bedroom in Boho style for the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Surely the opponent will be very surprised by this thoughtful preparation of you. The bohemian style will create a uniqueness compared to the traditional Valentine’s decoration ideas. This will be a new and exciting experience for the two of you.


10. Candles Lightning

A little soft light and pleasant aroma of candles will dispel all fatigue and stress after a hard working week, not only that, but candles also bring a romantic space for Valentine’s Day. For rooms with a lot of glass, decorating with candles will help the room become more sparkling and fanciful. To ensure safety, you can put scented candles in large glass cups and then place candles in some corners of the bedroom, the light of the candles contrasting through the glass will definitely make the space more romantic there.


11. Starry Night

Decorating the room like the night sky will be a great bedroom idea decoration for Valentine’s Day for those of you who do not know how to decorate the room to impress your lover. This decoration is super simple because you only need a spotlight that can create a starry sky to shine on the ceiling. Then you can decorate with flowers, balloons or whatever you want. Just the starry sky is enough to create a surprise.


12. Adorable In White

Who says white can’t be used to decorate Valentine’s Day? The white colour represents innocence, purity and simplicity, and is also a witness to pure love, virginity, nobility and nobility can be used as a decorative symbol for Valentine’s Day. You can change the sheets, pillowcases and surrounds with white bed curtains to create an ideal, poetic setting. A few white candles on the table to make the space more romantic is also a way to help the room not be less colourful. Decorating with flowers is also not a bad idea.

Light net

13. Light Net

No need for room lights when you can create a romantic scene with LED lights and see-through curtains to make a simple bedroom decoration for Valentine’s Day. The light is just bright enough to create a romantic atmosphere suitable for talking, combined with the see-through curtain to create a fantasy. Surely everyone will love this creative way. In addition, because of its simplicity, even if Valentine’s Day is on a working day of the week, it does not take much time for you to prepare.


14. Lovely Tent

If you like to create more interesting spaces in the bedroom, you can try setting up a small tent for 2 people in the corner of the room. A small corner for the other person to take pictures and show off to everyone, which is quite convenient if the two of you want to both play board games and talk on this day. You should use LED lights to make the tent more sparkling. This will be a great idea for you.


15. Bright Tree

A dry tree decorated with lights will make the room more sparkling and beautiful, this is also a very special decoration idea for you to try. Pick up some dried twigs, clean them and cover them with clear paint, then decorate them to your liking with lights or other decorations. A dry tree decorated with lights will make the room more sparkling and beautiful, this is also a very special decoration idea for you to try. Pick up some dried twigs, clean them and cover them with clear paint, then decorate them to your liking with lights or other decorations.


16. Love Picture

Bedroom decoration for Valentine’s Day cannot be complete without love photos. To make the atmosphere more romantic, love photos play a very important role, it not only helps to evoke feelings and memories of love but also a proof that two people have a relationship. Really happy time together. The way to do it is very simple, choose the best and most emotional pictures, print them, and then paste them on a board or clip them to a string and hang them up, you can also decorate them with some firefly lights.


In summary, we have tried to choose the most romantic Valentine decoration ideas for bedroom for you and your lover to spend a delightful Valentine’s Day. It’s not too complicated to prepare, so take some time to create wonderful memories of your loved days.

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