19+ Romantic Valentines Day Gift Baskets DIY

Valentines Day Gift Baskets DIY

Valentines Day gift baskets DIY is definitely the theme that those of you who want to do something by yourself on Valentine’s Day to give to your lover, crush are interested in. Instead of going to buy, many people want the gift for this Day to be more meaningful by making it themselves. But because I can’t cook or I’m too busy, I can’t make cakes and chocolates myself. Making a gift basket is definitely the most reasonable choice to give as a gift for this Valentine.

What Does A Gift Basket Include?

Each person will have their own preferences from which to choose the right candies and objects to put inside the gift basket. You can base it on the preferences of the person you want to give. It could be chocolate from a company she likes or something she wants to buy. But chocolate can not be missing from the gift basket, because this is a symbol of Valentine’s Day.

DIY Valentine Gift Basket Ideas


1. Be Mine

This will be DIY Valentine’s Day gift basket ideas for tennis enthusiasts. Right in front of the gift basket has also shown that with the image of a tennis ball and right in the middle of the candies and soft drinks, there is also a tennis ball. In this gift basket, we will prepare according to the following steps:

  1. Buy necessary materials such as gift baskets, candies, soft drinks, tennis balls, and hard paper to make a tennis ball to stick in front of the gift basket.
  2. Arrange in order heavy gifts at the bottom first, the light at the top. The tennis ball will be placed in the middle.
  3. Put a few flowers or not, and add a valentine’s sticker in front of the gift basket.


2. About You

About you, gift basket will be a gift basket with main cards with the word you and a few messages right on the card. These will be meaningful Valentine gift basket ideas DIY because it contains the feelings that the sender wants to express through decorative cards. In this gift basket we will have a few basic steps as follows:

  1. Buy necessary materials such as gift baskets, candies, and cards.
  2. Decorate the card and prepare a large card to seal 1 side of the gift basket.
  3. Put candies and decorated cards around.


3. All Senses

All senses will be the simplest gift basket, very suitable for busy people. Love is felt through many senses. A gift basket is not necessarily the best gift, but the feelings of the maker put in will be fully conveyed to the recipient. With this gift basket, we can follow these steps to decorate:

  1. Prepare materials such as gift baskets with handles, chocolates, a portrait frame, and cards.
  2. Arrange items into gift baskets as you like.
  3. Hang the card on each gift.
  4. Stick a big card in front of the gift basket


4. Black And Red

As the name suggests, this gift basket will focus on gifts, with colours close to black and red. That is the special point of this gift basket. This gift basket will be suitable for those of you with a personality, who like minimalist and unique colours. Because of this nature, when choosing gifts, you should pay much attention to colour to have colour harmony.

  1. Buy gift baskets, scrap paper, and red and black gifts.
  2. Put shredded paper lining the inside of the gift basket.
  3. Put the gift, chocolate on top of the scrap paper.
  4. Write a card to put in the centre.


5. Brown Bear

The interesting point in this gift will be a brown bear. This brown bear, whether male or female, can be decorated. This valentine’s Day gift basket ideas DIY can surprise your lover with the sweetness of the giver. We will prepare this gift basket in the following steps:

  1. Pre-purchase teddy bears, gift baskets, chocolates and a valentine’s gift box.
  2. Put a layer of paper lining inside the gift box.
  3. Put the chocolate in the box as you like, but put the bear in the centre.


6. Coffee Lover

If your lover is a fan of coffee, you can buy coffee-flavoured chocolate or coffee-related items to give him or her. This special valentines Day gift baskets DIY is mostly suitable for men, coffee is ideal for men’s valentine’s Day gift baskets. Coffee can’t be kept at room temperature or it’s not properly wrapped, so there’s another way to wrap this gift basket:

  1. Buy gift baskets, coffee-related items, and transparent gift wraps.
  2. Put the paper lining inside the gift basket and then arrange the gift on top.
  3. Use the transparent wrap to wrap around baskets and gifts.


7. Date Night

These are valentine gift baskets for men with the intention of inviting the other person on a date on Valentine’s night. So a few cards that suggest this are indispensable. In addition, you can choose a gift to put inside the box according to the person’s preferences, so it will be easier to invite him to the date.

  1. Prepare a gift basket, two heart-shaped pads, gifts according to the person’s preferences, and cards to write a message.
  2. Write a message on the cards.
  3. Put the gift in the box according to your preference.

i heart you

8. I Heart You

With the name of this gift basket, it will definitely be the heart shape and red color. The more heart-shaped gifts, the more special this gift basket is. You can make one more card to write your feelings for the recipient. There is no guy who doesn’t fall for this men’s valentines gift baskets.

  1. Buy gift baskets, cards, chocolates or supplies in red and heart shapes
  2. Decorate the attached card
  3. Put all the items in the basket


9. Love More Than Chocolate

Love you more than chocolate is a men’s valentines gift basket that both shows your great love for that person and can win him over with the sweetness of chocolate. You can try making this sweet gift basket to make your crush fall for you this Valentine. With the following steps you can successfully make a beautiful gift basket:

  1. Buy gift baskets, chocolates and cards.
  2. Write a message on the card.
  3. Put the gifts in the gift basket.
  4. Hang the card outside the gift basket with small ropes.

Lottery You

10. Lottery You

A men’s gift baskets for valentine’s Day shows how important that person is to you by saying I won the lottery when I met you. Lottery is a game of chance that everyone wants to win, but it also shows that you want that person to be yours. You can make a passed basket with these simple steps:

  1. Buy gift baskets, valentine balloons, some raffle sheets and chocolates.
  2. Put everything in the gift basket logically.
  3. Write a slogan for the gift basket and stick it in front.


11. Mug Candy

This will be a compact men’s valentines Day gift basket ideas for those who do not have enough time to prepare a large gift basket. Just a suitable cup for valentine such as a heart-shaped cup, a red cup, etc. can replace the gift basket. In addition, because this gift basket is quite small, you need extra strings to fix the gifts together. Here are the quick steps to create a gift basket:

  1. Buy a matching cup, chocolate, and ribbon.
  2. Put the gift in the cup so that it is reasonable.
  3. Use a red ribbon to fix the gift.


12. Name Tag

With this gift basket, you will also prepare a name tag. That means other people also know who you want to give to. This is a bit embarrassing, but it’s just important that your heart reaches the recipient and is the right thing to do. Because of the nature of this gift, it is necessary to prepare a name tag that matches the recipient’s personality to create attraction.

  1. Buy a basket with the right handle, buy chocolates, and a meaningful book.
  2. Put the items in the gift basket.
  3. Attach a name tag right next to the gift basket.


13. Poppin Bottles

This is a valentine’s Day gift basket for men made in the shape of a basket for glass drinking bottles. All candies will be placed inside a glass bottle, or you can choose from the glass candy bottles available at the store. This gift basket will look so cute.

  1. Buy gift baskets, buy ready-made glass jars, buy bags of candy.
  2. Buy gift basket decorations.
  3. Put the candy in a glass bottle and close the lid.
  4. Put the glass bottles in the gift basket.
  5. Decorate the outside of the gift basket.


14. Premium Treats

This will be a men’s gift basket ideas for valentines suitable for those with a rich economy because each gift inside has a certain value. If you can, you should also invest a little for this holiday, right? Rarely do you have the opportunity to make the two of you give each other gifts, confiding to understand each other better. In this gift basket you can follow these steps to decorate successfully:

  1. Buy gift basket, wine, chocolate candy, cake, and can buy more decorative ribbons.
  2. Put the gifts together and put them in the gift basket.
  3. Attach decorative ribbons around the gift basket.


15. Special Kisses

The name of the men’s valentine gift basket ideas is like that, but in fact, this is just a gift basket containing Hershey’s Kisses. Or other candy lines of this company. This gift basket will probably be suitable for the followers of this candy company. If your lover is also a follower of this candy company, you should prepare quickly.

  1. Buy gift baskets or candy cups, prepare suitable chocolates, and buy extra paper scraps and ribbons.
  2. Line the crumbs in the box, then put the candy on top.
  3. Use ribbon to decorate around.


16. Spicy Food Lover

This men’s gift baskets Valentines Day can be quite funny, but there are definitely people who like this gift basket. Especially if you have a passion for hot spicy food, not sweet chocolate. You can do this to a surprise. Who says valentine must choose chocolate right? With this gift basket you will need a few things:

  1. Buy gift baskets, some sweets or spicy food, and gift basket paper.
  2. Put the paper lining inside the gift basket, then put all the gifts in.


17. Sweet And Wine

A men’s valentine gift baskets suitable for a romantic date night at home. By the name, you know for sure there will be wine and sweets, right? And these little things will also make a romantic valentine for you and your lover. Here are the steps to prepare the gift basket.

  1. Buy a gift basket with a handle, wine and some sweets to go with.
  2. Put all gifts inside the basket.
  3. Use ribbon to tie a bow around the gift basket.


18. Sweet Love

Sweet love is the theme this time. In this gift, you should choose candies with the words sweet and love. A valentine’s day gift baskets for men filled with sweetness will surely make your loved one very touched. You can add a layer of glass wrap to make this gift even more adorable.

  1. Buy gift baskets, prepare gifts related to the word sweet and love.
  2. Buy more ribbons and transparent gift wrapping paper.
  3. Put the gift inside the basket.
  4. Wrap with gift wrapping paper, then use ribbon to fix.


19. Xoxo

The xoxo cluster doesn’t really mean anything, it’s just a decoration. You can add any text on the card or in the gift basket. The interesting thing about this gift basket for men valentinest is that commemorative photos of you and your loved one will be placed around the gift. When he receives this gift, he will be very touched.

  1. Buy gift baskets, teddy bears, and candies.
  2. Print commemorative photos.
  3. Put the gift in the basket and fix the shape around the candy.
  4. Put the teddy bear next to the gift basket.


The ideas we propose are ideas that anyone can do. Basket gifts are not as difficult as you think when you read this article. With Valentines Day gift baskets DIY we hope this day of you and your other half will become more special and meaningful.

We hope that the contributions will be useful to you. There are also other gift and decoration ideas at WanaTrendy that we have suggested for your reference.

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