11+ Adorable Valentine Tree Decorating Ideas

valentine tree decorating ideas

Valentine tree decorating ideas will definitely be the boldest idea that no one has thought of but you – who is reading this article, right? Typically, on Valentine’s Day, people only care about buying chocolate and giving each other meaningful gifts, but no one has tried to break the way or decorate the tree for this day. Surely the ideas we come up with will be unique.

After Christmas, perhaps you are still keeping the Christmas tree or Christmas decorations in the warehouse, right? Take it out and use it to decorate this Valentine’s Day. You can even reuse some of the previous Christmas decorations to decorate Valentine’s trees. If you want to make it special, you can combine these two-holiday decorations. There is both a Christmas atmosphere and a Valentine’s Day atmosphere. Sounds exciting, right?

Decorating Christmas Tree For Valentine’s Day

1. Love Tree

As the name suggests, this is a pretty simple Valentine decorated tree but still shows the Valentine’s Day atmosphere with heart-shaped accessories. For this decoration, you can use dry potted plants or make your own with other homemade items. You build the tree according to the instructions online and then wrap the coloured paper to look like a tree scene. Then you use your heart accessories to hang on the branches. Maybe hang some accessories from Christmas. If you are a creative person and have little time, you can make this template to have a decorative tree for Valentine.


2. Paper Love Tree

Like the name of this plant decoration. More precisely, you have to sit back and do it yourself to have decorations for Valentine’s Day. With this decoration, you can take advantage of the long stick scented candles used at Christmas to make a new tree trunk. Then you cut the paper into the shape of a heart and paste it around the new trunk. Glue the leaves so that they are close together and create the effect of gradually growing down to the base. You can combine paper with different color gamuts to create an ombre effect. At the top of the tree, you can place a fabric heart to add vibrancy.


3. String Tree

This is a pretty unique Valentine’s decoration for tree. Take inspiration from the Christmas tree, or maybe you can reuse this decor from a previous Christmas party. In this method, there is no solid trunk in the middle, but each rope is glued to the ceiling and then dropped. Along the rope, you can attach accessories related to Valentine. If you want Valentine’s night to be more sparkling, you can attach LED lights along the decorative wire. This will be the ideal location for a virtual photo shoot for Valentine’s Day.


4. Twig Tree

Twig tree will be simpler than decorating, but you have to buy dry branches, or if you have one, this decoration will be much simpler. The next thing you need to do is choose a large pot to plug the selected branches to create a decorative tree. Then you hang the decorations from the Christmas tree and add the Valentine accessories to the branch. Currently, many people prefer this simple, no-frills decoration but still has its own charm. If you want you can try to make Valentine’s day more wonderful. Decorating a tree with sweet and lovely items is also a way to get closer to that person.


5. Block Tree

With this decoration, you can make Valentine more unique. Stop the slats from stacking up to form a tree, however you like. If you have tried this Valentine’s Christmas tree decorations since Christmas, it will be easier for you. Since you only need to take out the whole pre-assembled tree, changing the decorations for a Valentine’s atmosphere is already making the day special. Think, instead of buying gifts for each lover, making this decorative tree can both create a Valentine’s day for the family, and have a Valentine’s day not only with the lover but also with the family when coming home.


6. Gift Tree

If you want to give a gift tree to your lover instead of the traditional food gifts of Valentine’s Day, this will be a unique enough gift for you. Gift boxes that are reused after Christmas can make this gift. You can choose coloured boxes with matching gifts and then fix them together with glue according to the arrangement you want. Then you attach Valentine’s gifts such as chocolate, and heart symbols to make the gift more Valentine’s Day. If not for a gift, you can decorate it, which is also a good way to show your whole family a more Valentine’s atmosphere.


7. Tree Art

As the name suggests, this decorated Christmas tree for valentine’s day will be an art form. You need a board to hold the tree shape you want to create. But because of the nature of this decoration, it cannot be made too big. This would make a great gift or decoration in your home or room this Valentine’s Day. You can use long lace or other decorations to stick on the wooden board to create the shape of the tree you want. Then decorate with accessories related to Valentine for more atmosphere. These would be great ideas for decorating a valentine tree.


8. Stick Tree

Pairing long pieces of tree together in a rotation to create a tree style will be great tree decorations for valentine’s day to make a difference in gifts or decorations for Valentine’s Day. Or if you don’t have logs, you can use chopsticks or cardboard. With cardboard, you cut lengthwise and glue several pieces together to create rigidity. But in the middle of the trunk, you must use a solid wooden stick or use any other object, as long as it is stable. Finally, just hang the decorations around the branches for a Valentine’s atmosphere with pretty heart accessories or chocolate candy shells.

Xoxo tree

9. Xoxo Tree

Xoxo is one of the quite interesting teencodes of young people about love. The cuteness and fun of this teencode make it a good idea to decorate the tree for valentine’s day. With the main colors being red and white along with the word xoxo, it will definitely make the atmosphere young and interesting. Because it is the language of young people, even though they are middle-aged when decorating in this style, both you and your partner will feel younger and full of youthful energy. With this decorating tree for Valentine’s day, you can reuse heart boxes, and heart items to hang around the tree.


10. White Tree

True to its name, “white tree” is a white tree, the leaves are also white and decorated on it with various items representing love. The white color of the tree will help the red decorations when adding highlights, creating a highlight for a perfect valentine’s day. Just like Christmas, we have a Christmas tree, so on Valentine, we have a white tree. In fact, no tree is completely white so you will have to buy a fake tree or use white paint to change the color of a tree, and the lovely decorations can be found at any souvenir shop. That’s all you need to prepare and then decorate them on the tree anywhere you like. If you are looking for pure decorations these valentine tree decorating ideas would please you.


11. Photo Tree

If you do not have time to buy accessories for Valentine, you can quickly use commemorative photos to decorate. For this decoration, you need to buy a pot of plants that have fallen all the leaves. The tree has no leaves, the decoration will be more beautiful. For photos, choose the right size for the tree to print. Choose a quality printer for sharp photos. Then punch a hole in the top center of the photo so that the rope can be threaded through and hung on the branches. If you don’t use rope, you can use heart clips to clip the photo to the tree branch. You can spread a layer of red gravel around the soil to make it look more Valentine’s color.

Heart Tree

12. Heart Tree

Looking at the name, you have seen that this tree will be filled with heart shapes and colors, right? Indeed, this Christmas tree decorated for Valentine’s day is to cover the Christmas tree from the previous Christmas with heart-shaped items such as pillows, boxes, and accessories. You can add other decorations, but the color will be gentle and suitable for the other heart shapes. It doesn’t have to be a red or pink heart, any color is fine. If you like, you can combine accessories from Christmas to make this tree look more unusual. Also a way of reusing, not having to throw away after Christmas to avoid waste. You can also add some words shaped from hard paper to decorate on the tree.


13. Cake Tree

If you are a fan of cakes then this is definitely a tree decoration that you must fall in love with. If last Christmas you used a plastic tree to make decorations, take it out again. This is when your pine tree has a chance to shine again. Because it is a plastic plant, you must wash it before using it again. In addition, you also have to sit and make cakes to attach to the tree. Or if you are too busy, you can also order work at the shop. When the cake arrives, you just need to arrange it around the plastic tree. Since it is a safe plastic, it will not affect the taste of the cake. So you can have cake and tree decoration for valentine’s already, right?


14. Gem Tree

Something shimmering, sparkling must be what you need when decorating the tree for this upcoming Valentine’s Day, right? If so, try this gem and tree ornament. If last Christmas you used this white pine tree to decorate, now is the time to bring it out again. In this decoration, you need to attach more gems around the branches. What about expensive gems? Currently, there are many types of ornaments that look like gems but are actually just normal stone samples reproduced to resemble gems, for low-budget decoration. Let’s quickly try this way to have a super special Valentine’s day tree decor ideas.


Are those Valentine tree decorating ideas enough to convince you to do this crazy thing on Valentine’s Day? With our ideas, you can just take advantage of Christmas decorations to create a special Valentine. Surely everyone must be surprised by what you have done.

If you are going to decorate a tree for a gift, your lover will be even more surprised because of your ingenuity and creativity. Or It would be more wonderful when you and your lover talk together and decorate the tree together, turning it into a beautiful symbol for a special day for the two of them.

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