15+ Good Valentine’s Day Gifts For Mom That Will Blow Her Mind

Good Valentine's Day Gifts For Mom

For many people, Valentine’s Day is a day for couples. However, on this special occasion, you can completely give gifts to the ones you love, including your mother. Your mother has raised you with all her heart and always took care of you from the smallest things. She gave you love and be the most important person in your life, so there’s no reason why you shouldn’t give Good Valentine’s Day Gifts For Mom that show your love and appreciation for her.

This article will suggest you valentines presents that will surprise and make your mother feel extremely happy. You can choose things to help her relax (scented candles, bath soap), keep her warm (cardigan, socks), take care of her skin (nourishing mask), or help her satisfy her passion for cooking (cooking utensil set). You should choose gifts depending on her personality and preferences that will surely make her day.

Gifts For Mom On Valentines Day

1. Scented Candles

Scented candles are the first Valentine’s Day gift for mom that we would recommend to you. Not only makes the room fresh and unique, the effect of scented candles also brings a gentle scent, helping to create a feeling of warmth and comfort.

The light from the scented candle will spread out the room, dispelling the cold air, giving your space an abundant source of energy. Your mother will feel relaxed, comfortable when immersing in the scent that she loves. Besides, if your mother often suffers from insomnia or does not in a deep sleep, the scented candle is such an ideal solution to help her sleep well and in a good mood.

Scented Candles

2. Perfume

No woman can insist the attraction that comes from fragrance. It will create a distinct charm and confidence for the woman, creating a fragrant atmosphere around her. Because of that, perfume is one of Valentine’s day gifts for mom that will surely make her delighted. All perfume scents are divided into 7 types of fragrance which are aromatic, cyprus, citrus, floral, leather, oriental and woody. You can consider how your mother usually likes the smell of perfume to choose the right scent.

Besides, the kind of weather is also another factor that you need to focus on. In cold weather, a warm and strong fragrance is highly recommended, while in cool weather, you should choose a cool and fruity scent to not be too strong.


3. Cardigans

A warm cardigan is also a very appropriate and fashionable gift to give your mother on Valentine’s Day. Cardigan can be mix and match very easily, suitable for many events and is an indispensable fashion item for women. Your mom will receive this gift from you and feel loved on this meaningful day.

4. Socks

Stocks is also a caring Valentine’s Day gift for mom that’s packed with care that you can think of. The feet are often the part of body that we care about the least. A pair of thick socks will help her feet become warmer and help her not to catch a cold by the outside weather. This shows that you care about her health. You can also give her cute socks with lovely patterns, which will definitely make her feel very excited


5. Essential Oil Diffuser

What could be more wonderful than after a busy working day, your mom has time to relax in her room with the intoxicating scent emanating from the essential oil diffuser that you gave her as a Valentine’s Day gift?

With the use of helping to stimulate concentration, relax her brain, calm her nerves, essential oil diffuser will help your mother relieve stress extremely effectively and have a good night’s sleep. You can change the scents every day for your mother such as citrus, herbs, lavender,…etc. to make her get fresh every day.

Essential Oil Diffuser

6. Bath Soap

Bath soap is an increasingly diverse product in terms of ingredients, uses and brands. It has a great effect on women because of its ability to control oil for the skin very well, provide moisture to the skin thanks to its glycerin, and can completely replace shower gel.

Not only that, bath soap also has a fairly mild formula, less artificial scents like other shower gels. Therefore, women with sensitive skin or skin with dermatological problems can also use bath soap to clean the whole body. You can choose from a variety of models and brands of bath soaps to give your mom the best experience. It is absolutely one of good Valentine’s Day gifts for mom that will blow her mind.

Bath Soap

7. Chocolate

On Valentine’s Day, chocolate is almost an inevitable gift that we can not ignore. Who doesn’t love the sweetness and bitterness of chocolates? There are many reasons why chocolate becomes a meaningful sweet gift, because it brings respect and shows true love to the receiver. It transcends the boundaries of all ordinary gifts, brings a sense of belonging and strong bond that only the ones you love can feel this wordless “language”. Hence, let the pure chocolate flavor blend touch the hearts of your loved ones.


8. Juicer

Juice is not only a delicious drink but also a panacea for skin and health. Juicer is a great assistant for you to have delicious and attractive juice immediately without having to buy it. Additionally, making juice for the whole family helps your mom to protect your family’s health against food poisoning. Therefore, giving a juicer is a very meaningful Valentine’s Day gift for mom.


9. Coffee Machine

If your mother is a big fan of coffee, don’t hesitate to buy her a coffee machine. This will definitely be a Valentine’s Day gift that makes her extremely excited. To enjoy a delicious cup of coffee has never been so simple when you own a home coffee machine. It helps your mom to save money and make her become a master bartender who can make her own coffee flavor. If using a traditional coffee maker takes you about 15-20 minutes, with this mini coffee machine you only need a few minutes for a delicious cup of coffee.

Coffee Machine

10. Decorative Plants

Is your mom a nature lover? Here is a wonderful Valentin’s Day gift for her that you should consider: decorative trees. They bring aesthetic value to the living and working spaces, keep the house greener and cooler and keep the air fresh. They also helps reduce stress, make your mom feel refreshed and more relaxed, creates a feeling of love for life and improves quality of life.

Decorative Plants

11. Nourishing Masks

Nourishing masks are one of the indispensable skin care products for women. When applying the mask, the skin will be detoxified and exfoliated. At the same time, the mask also has the effect of removing dirt in the pores, deep cleaning from the inside to make your mom’s skin be clear.

Moreover, the mask also helps to moisturize and reduce water loss thanks to natural ingredients, containing many good nutrients for the skin. Thus, after applying the mask, the skin will become softer, smoother. Currently, on the market there are many types of skin care masks such as: mud mask, clay mask, activated charcoal mask, enzyme mask, exfoliating mask, … with numerous different uses that is suitable for diverse skin conditions of women. Please consider your mother’s type of skin to choose the most appropriate masks for her.

Nourishing Masks

12. Hand Cream

The ingredients in the hand cream have the function of nourishing the skin of the hands such as increasing moisture, minerals, supplementing collagen, regenerating the skin structure, overcoming dry, cracked, flaky skin, making the skin soft and smoother, etc.
Besides, the skin of the hands is one of the first places to show signs of aging. It is the most delicate part of the skin on the body. When we neglect to take care of them, we will not be able to resist the effects of aging. With hand cream, your mom can totally boost her skin’s moisture and elasticity, at the same time fighting pigmentation, dehydration, and premature wrinkles.

Hand Cream

13. Eye Cream

The skin around the eyes is thinner and more sensitive than the rest of the face, so it needs extra care. If your mother has a sensitive skin, she should use a special eye cream in combination with a moisturizer. The skin on the eyelids is the area that shows the earliest signs of aging.

The skin structure in the eye area is different from the skin on the face and body. Because the reaction is different from the rest of the body, the skin around the eyes is more likely to be irritated if allergic to the product. Therefore, giving your mother a bottle of eye cream is a meaningful and very practical gift on Valentine’s Day

Eye Cream

14. Lipstick

Lipstick is a symbol of women, which associated with pride and confidence. A lipstick can help women enhance their beauty, become fresher and more attractive. Giving your mother lipstick shows that you always care about her and want her to stay young and beautiful forever. If you want to choose a suitable lipstick color for your mother, you should consider her skin and hair color, characteristics and preferences.


15. Cooking Utensil Set

For moms, the cooking utensil set is a powerful tool that makes cooking easier. With this kitchen set, your mother will be able to creatively cook and make dishes according to her preferences and save a lot of time. This is definitely a very useful Valentine’s Day gift for mom that will surely make her feel understood

Cooking Utensil Set

16. Printed Mug

Printed mugs are a very meaningful Valentine’s Day gift for moms to help the relationship between you and your mom become closer. You can choose the lovely pictures of you guys together and print them on the cup. This gift is sure to make your mom extremely surprised and touched.

Gifts are no longer simply giving something in there, but as a way to express your understanding, filial piety and love more easily. Unlike many other gifts, the practicality of a printed mug with daily use will reminds your mother of you. The message of love sent through this gift will make your mother remember forever and feel loved.

Printed Mug

Another Things You Can Do For Mom On Valentine’s Day

Besides giving your mother a gift, don’t forget to make her feel warm with your best wishes. Tell your mom how much you love her and always feel grateful to be a part of her life and to be cared for by her all this time. Words from the heart are the best gift that any mothers love to receive.
In addition, on this day, you can take the time to make dishes that your mother likes, clean the house for her, take her out to go shopping, fill her day with meaningful activities. Your mother will definitely feel very happy and excited


The above-mentioned ideas are 15+ good Valentine’s day gifts for mom that we would like to suggest to you. Hope you have got your own choice for this big day. If you want more ideas, kindly visit our website WanaTrendy and indulge in the holiday gift ideas we have offered you.

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