13+ Best Valentine Decoration Ideas For Restaurants

If you are running a chain of restaurants, or are running a family restaurant, or a small restaurant, surely when Valentine’s comes, you have thought of Valentine decoration ideas for restaurants, right? It’s hard to do business if you don’t decorate your restaurant for these special occasions.

On Valentine’s Day, the need to go out to eat and date increases dramatically. The criteria of users at this time is to want a restaurant decorated for this holiday that is eye-catching. To increase sales I think you should refer to how to decorate to match your restaurant from now on. We will come up with ideas from the heart to help you decorate restaurant for valentine’s day and have a happy Valentine’s season with towering sales.

Valentine’s Day Decoration Ideas For Restaurants

1. Flower On The Wall


An indispensable part of Valentine’s Day is roses. By decorating the bouquets of roses on the wall in a harmonious way, these flowers will give the restaurant a romantic love atmosphere. You can add red pillows on the sofa, as well as decorate with red ceiling lights to create romance.

You can prepare a small vase to attach to the wall and decorate it with roses and some eye-catching decorations and you will have a very beautiful flower pot on the wall. This is also very suitable for Valentine’s Day, the day when surely the diners are couples who are dating and want to find a suitable space. This type of Valentine decoration ideas for restaurants would attract more customers to your restaurant.

2. Red Plate


Red is a very seductive colour and it also brings out very romantic emotions. You should replace the normal plates with heart-shaped red plates and red plates to bring the most romantic feelings. This is sure to please the diners as this is exactly what they expect. Right from the layout suitable for this romantic atmosphere is a big plus point in the eyes of customers.

These plates are completely available to order. Choosing a reputable and quality establishment to order plates like this for valentine’s will not cost too much but certainly bring unexpected decorative effects. If you don’t want to decorate too flashy, you can try this basic Valentine decoration idea for restaurants.

3. Heart-Everywhere


There is a very simple and also very cute way to decorate the restaurant which is to stick heart shapes everywhere. As everyone knows, the heart shape is a symbol of love, so decorating this way will definitely be very suitable for Valentine’s Day. The lovely red hearts decorated throughout the store will make any couple going on a date here happy and can make them feel good about the place and will come back for more in the future.

This type of decoration is very suitable for young people and teenagers because it has a lovely beauty, suitable for school age. Depending on the audience, the decoration effect will be different, but this design is certainly very suitable for Valentine’s Day decoration ideas for restaurants.

4. Rose At Middle


Roses are considered the flower of love and beauty of a woman. Roses can replace love confessions and promises and also contribute to adorning the great occasions of people. Therefore, a place for dating or confession cannot be without fresh roses. Preparing a delicate dinner table for Valentine’s Day will surely make the customers who come here happy. Roses will also increase the romantic atmosphere between two people and make the restaurant’s atmosphere even sweeter.

This idea will have the best decorative effect when the new customer is sitting at the table and when both are waiting for the chef to prepare the dish, then it may slightly affect the customer’s meal so they can You may or may not want to leave it out. You should pay attention to supporting customers in this to make sure customers will be satisfied with the service of the restaurant.

5. Rose Tree


The charming roses decorated together into a small tree full of love flavour will surely be a potted plant that any customer wants to have on his or her dinner table on Valentine’s Day. This unique valentine decoration for restaurant will make the roses look more interesting and neat but not so that it reduces their romance.

Bringing a very delicate but also lovely beauty will definitely make a good impression on customers dating here. With its compactness, Rose Tree can be decorated anywhere without fear of entangling customers. This small planter is very suitable for restaurant table decoration, turning each dining table into a romantic world of its own.

6. Love Candle


If you’re still wondering how to decorate a restaurant for valentine’s day, here’s a suggestion for you: Love Candle. Basically, this is a scented candle, but it is made in red colour and has a heart shape, two symbols of love. Love Candle has a sweet look, a taste of love and a pleasant scent that is sure to make customers fall in love.

And the warm flame from the candle is also indispensable to making a date warm and romantic. Love Candles can add a pleasant fragrance to your restaurant and help set the mood for a romantic evening. Choose a scent that is subtle and not overpowering, such as a blend of rose and jasmine. Therefore, scented candles are one of the perfect ideas for restaurant decoration.

7. Special Gift

special gift

A red gift box is a classic symbol of love and can make a memorable and thoughtful gift for your customers. You could fill the box with small treats, such as chocolates or a scented candle, or choose a more substantial gift, such as a gift card or promotional item.

Giving customers gifts like this on Christmas day is like a happy greeting to couples in love, This will definitely leave an indelible impression on them, besides it also will be a very unique decoration. A small gift arranged in harmony with love items will make the restaurant much more romantic. This surprise decoration idea for a restaurant on Valentine’s day will make them feel happy.

8. Heart Balloon


Heart Balloon is also a very suitable restaurant decor idea for valentine’s day. They are a simple yet effective way to add a festive touch to your restaurant on Valentine’s Day. By choosing the right size and quantity and combining them with other decorations, you can create a romantic and welcoming atmosphere for your customers.

Lovely balloons full of love colours will make the restaurant more lovely and romantic. The preparation of balloons like this is also very simple and cheap, but it is very effective in making the atmosphere of the restaurant on Valentine’s Day become romantic and happy.

9. I Love You


A very simple but also very effective way for restaurant decoration for valentine’s day is the words “I love you”. With just a small size string with the stylized “I Love You” words, you have a perfect decoration for your restaurant. This text can convey the romantic atmosphere of Valentine’s Day and can also help customers feel more confident in expressing their feelings.

This will definitely leave an impression on the customers who come here on valentine’s day, becoming a precious memory for them. The “I Love You” letter string can be used as a focal point for your Valentine’s Day decorations for restaurant. You also could hang it from the ceiling, drape it over a wall, or use it to highlight a specific area of your restaurant, such as the entrance or the bar.

10. Fairy Lights


These Fairy Lights strings are always one of the best ideas for decorating anything. So if you want to decorate your restaurant then you can use Fairy Lights. Bringing a sparkle that is very suitable for decoration along with creativity will definitely make the valentine’s day atmosphere more romantic and fairy.

Fairy Lights strings also have many different colors, so choosing a color for decoration is also important. Yellow or red Fairy Lights strings will be very suitable to decorate the dining table of couples, making everything more impressive and beautiful. In addition to just a simple string of lights, you can combine them with fresh vines to add splendor to the party table. And a small vase of roses is also a good idea.

11. Led Quotes


A quote or a confession written on led lights will surely surprise and impress customers. You can decorate a main Led Quotes for the restaurant and also receive orders to make Led Quotes with individual sayings for each customer and decorate at their table. This will help customers appreciate the care and service as well as the sophistication that the restaurant brings. The words are like a sincere confession for a happy day.

To make the led light not alone, you can also decorate more flowers around the led area. Only a few roses should be left on the table, because too many will create a feeling of cramped dining space. This is also a sweet and romantic love word for Valentine’s Day.

12. Marry Me


The words of the kiss express sincere affection, ready to be together for the rest of their lives. Because of that, nothing can be more romantic than a marriage proposal. This is a special word so you can only prepare it for customers who have already booked. But with it, the atmosphere of the restaurant will become more romantic than ever and also make this place the most memorable place for two people.

Any first time will leave an important mark in everyone’s memory and this proposal too will help the restaurant become a testament to your vows. To help customers who need to propose on this occasion, the restaurant can prepare a string with the word “marry me” to hang next to each table. In addition, you should also prepare some roses and wine on the table. The rest will depend on your preferences or what you want to bring and leave on the table.

13. Rose And Light


Roses are present in all the sweetest and happiest moments of life today. And Valentine’s Day is one of those moments. This is the day when lovers date each other and give each other words of love and even words of lifelong commitment, so it is also a very special day. Roses are also an indispensable “mascot” in any event related to love, so decorating with roses is always a top choice. In harmony with the lights, the roses seem to shine brightly, creating a romantic picture and turning the restaurant into another world, a world of love and happiness.

With this decoration, the dining table will not be cramped because there are too many flowers on the table, just a flower pot placed in the middle of the hall is enough. Can add light from candles and from spotlights. Spotlights can project romantic songs with the right backdrop for this Valentine’s Day.


With Valentine decoration ideas for restaurants that we provide, we hope to help you a bit when decorating your restaurant for this special holiday. The holidays are an opportunity for you to earn higher profits than normal days. Because at these times customer demand will be higher than usual. We hope our ideas can be put to good use for your restaurant.

Every holiday needs shimmering decorations to attract customers, if you want to find more decoration ideas, you can visit WanaTrendy right away.

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