13+ Adorable DIY Valentine Gifts For Classmates

diy valentine gifts for classmates

DIY Valentine gifts for classmates? Sounds weird right? But for some people, Valentine’s Day is a day to show affection, not just a day for men and women to express their own love. Maybe he wants to show his love and affection to his classmates. Therefore, this article will help you find the most suitable gift ideas to give to your classmates.

Easy Homemade Valentines For Classmates

popcorn treats

1. Popcorn Treats

Popcorn will definitely be easy homemade valentines for classmates. It can be said that making popcorn is very simple, you just need to buy corn kernels available at the store with sugar, if you want to be sweeter for Valentine, you can add caramel. Cook the corn kernels until it swells into popcorn, then you can pack them and give them to your classmates.

Candy packs

2. Candy packs

You can make your own marshmallows from online video tutorials or you can buy ready-made candies and make your own candy wrappers that can also make a gift. There are many very simple ways for you to make sweet candy for Valentine’s Day. If you have time you can try to make this gift to give to your friends. This is a gift that can be made in large quantities, so you don’t have to worry about missing any friends.

Donut Printable

3. Donut Printable

Donuts will again be a perfect choice for DIY Valentine’s day gifts for classmates because this is a super easy cake to make and takes no time. Donut easily captures the hearts of people who like sweets. Don’t worry if you are not skillful or have never made cakes because there are already sets of ingredients available, you just need to follow the instructions to create delicious cakes for this Valentine.


4. Hershey Kisses

Hershey is definitely a famous chocolate company that everyone knows, right? No one does not like the sweet taste with a bit of bitterness of this brand. If you don’t have too much time, you can buy their Kisses line and make boxes or gift bags to pack these candies for Valentine’s Day. A way to save time, as well as make your classmates’ Valentine’s Day more fun.

Lolipop Candy

5. Lolipop Candy

Another easy DIY Valentine’s for classmates is Lolipop Candy. This is an easy sweet that can be made with just a few simple ingredients. You can make a heart or round shape depending on your preference because this candy is made from soft sponge cake. The outside of the cake layer will be covered with a layer of chocolate to form a candy cane. You can also use sponge cakes or nuts to shape this Lolipop dish.

Heart Bookmark

6. Heart Bookmark

If you are a person who likes to make crafts, then surely you will easily make bookmarks to give to your classmates on Valentine’s Day. There are many bookmark templates online, so you can easily search and refer to them to be able to make lovely bookmarks. Surely all your friends will love this gift because of its convenience. Every student has a need to read a lot of books, but can’t read them all in one day. Therefore, the bookmark will mark the passages you stop reading.

7. Woven Bracelet

The bracelets are knitted by you so it will definitely be a great homemade valentine idea for classmates. This is a somewhat complicated gift, but you can also choose simple patterns that can be made in large quantities. You can find knitting kits to create beautiful bracelets in stores, as well as online stores. Because this gift is a bit time consuming, you should prepare it early. The results obtained will make you very satisfied.


8. Love Notebook

A notebook is also a gift you should consider. You can buy notebooks without a cover so you can unleash your creativity on the notebook. Students must take notes very much, so this gift will definitely be useful, not only for male classmates but also for girls. You can buy paints and notebooks in bulk at stores to prepare as gifts. If you can’t decorate by drawing, you can also buy other materials to glue together, creating fancy decorations.

Crayon and Card

9. Crayon and Card

This gift will look quite funny, right? A card that can be painted with crayons is included. Surely the whole class will be surprised by your creativity for DIY valentines gifts for classmates. You can design simple patterns and then number them in order of color so that your friends can sit and color them. A gift that can both reminisce about childhood and warm the hearts of classmates on Valentine’s Day. The color you can buy at the store, and the shape on the card, you can refer to the images related to Valentine to draw on the card.

10. Animal Card

Cards for Valentine’s Day but shaped like cute animals? This would be a great homemade gift for Valentine’s Day. Lovely gifts will surely brighten everyone’s mood. Even if the gift may not be suitable for some of you with different interests, your heart will still be warmly acknowledged. No one doesn’t like homemade gifts. You can buy paper and draw cards if you have drawing skills, or you can design and print it out. Printing it out will save you time to do other things.


11. Chocolate Muffin

An easy-to-make sweet treat that everyone loves is the muffin. For a more Valentine atmosphere, you can make it with chocolate. This baking ingredient is now widely available in stores. Don’t worry if you are not skillful or know how to make cakes. Cakes can be easily made with readily available ingredients, just follow the right recipe. There’s nothing better than getting sweets on Valentine’s Day, right? Try making this cake to give to your classmates, it will be a lovely homemade Valentine’s gift for classmates.

12. Heartshape Keychain

Do you like embroidery and sewing? If you like it, this is definitely a gift you should try to make for this special day. Even if you don’t have a knack for crafting, you can still make simple patterns to give to your friends. Keychains are also frequently used items. Keychains are not only to keep your keys from being confused with others, but they are also the perfect accessory for everyone’s bag or backpack. Try buying fabric and sewing. Keychains are usually small in size, so it won’t be difficult for you.


13. Heartshape Dreamcatcher

Heartshape Dreamcatchers would be unique DIY valentine ideas for classmates. This is certainly a spiritual item but very attractive to modern youth. Dreamcatcher is considered an item to protect the user’s sleep. Currently, the ingredients for making dreamcatchers are very popular, so it is not difficult for you to find and buy them at home to try to make them yourself. There are many templates that are quite simple for first-timers so you don’t have to worry about it being too difficult. Your friends will be very surprised by this unique Valentine’s Day gift. Because maybe no one has ever given this gift on Valentine’s Day.


14. Valentine Sock

It’s not too difficult if you want to make your own socks as a gift for this Valentine. There are many tutorials online that can help you sew socks at home very simply and quickly. It may sound strange to give socks on this day, but the gift is often both the heart and the love of the giver. No one cares too much about what they get. So don’t worry if anyone hates the gift, because after all, socks are indispensable everyday items


15. Chocolate Box

Chocolate must be a super popular gift this Valentine’s Day, right? You can even make your own chocolate to give as a gift. Chocolate is very easy to make so you don’t have to worry about what you make being bad. You can also buy ready-made boxes, when you finish shaping the chocolate, you can put it in the box, pack it and give it to your classmates. This would be a meaningful homemade valentine for classmate’s idea.


16. Heart Candle

Have you tried making candles? This is quite an interesting subject. You can make small candle jars to give to your friends. To add Valentine’s atmosphere, you can buy heart-shaped jars. As for candle wax, it is easy to buy everywhere, in addition, if you want to make the candle when lit, it has a pleasant and relaxing scent, and you can use more perfume. Scented wax can make everyone’s spirit relax after a tiring day of studying. I’m sure everyone will love this gift.


17. Dried Rose Frame

Are you worried that if you give fresh flowers, they will not be preserved for a long time, and can only be discarded after use? If so, you can try drying these flowers and framing them. Surely everyone will be surprised by this gift. These are special DIY Valentine ideas for classmates. If you don’t know what to do, you can try making this gift to give to your classmates. Flowers you can buy them in bulk at the store, but you should prepare them early because drying flowers take a lot of time.


18. Customized Cup

How about a special cup for your classmates? Have you thought about making this gift? If not, you can challenge yourself with this gift. Because you have to give it to many people, you can buy white porcelain cups at glass shops. After that, you can buy more decorative paints on porcelain so you can write romantic quotes for valentine or simply draw on the typical shapes of this day. Since you only have to draw, it doesn’t take too much time. You can refer to the drawing samples on the website.

19. Single Rose

Rose – symbol of love. If you don’t know what to give your classmates, you can give each person a rose for this day. You can buy flowers at the store and then come home and pack the flowers yourself. How to wrap flowers so beautifully, you can refer to more online. Materials for wrapping decorative flowers can be found in cultural stores or at the flower shop you buy. Try doing this surprise to make Valentine’s Day more interesting. No one can deny this is the lovely DIY valentine gifts for classmates

20. Mini Wish Bottle

The wish jar? You must have heard of this cute little gift, right? With the name of the wish jar, the recipient can write his wish on a small piece of paper and put it in the box. Maybe Valentine’s Day wishes come true? You can buy baby bottles at stores or online shops, and the decorations inside will depend on your creativity. This will definitely be the most interesting Valentine’s gift for classmates.


What’s more wonderful and meaningful than handmade gifts to give to classmates? Surely when receiving this gift, your classmates will be very touched by what you have spent to make this gift and give it to the whole class. We hope these DIY Valentine gifts for classmates help you to be better prepared.

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