14+ Creative Valentine’s Day Ideas For Toddlers

Valentine's Day Ideas For Toddlers

Valentine’s Day ideas for toddlers are suitable choices when it comes to bringing your loved children to their first Valentine’s day ever since they were born. Though Valentine’s Day ideas for other groups of people and gender will have to base a lot on their personalities as well as their style.

However, in terms of the little friends who are at the age of walking and talking, choosing ideas according to factors or taste is no longer necessary since they do not have enough mental abilities. Because of that, they are regarded as white papers and curious about the world.

This is why we would like to offer you some creative ideas so that you and your offspring will have unforgettable moments with each other.

Valentines Day Ideas for Toddlers

Finger-made Heart Canvas

1. Finger-made Heart Canvas

Children at this age love to use their hands, so why don’t we just improvise? The first option that we want to offer is an excellent Valentine idea for toddlers. This gift can be made using cheap material at every dollar store that you can find in your area. Besides, you can use it to boost your toddler’s imagination by using your fingers to touch the canvas provided that all of the fingerprints will be in a nice heart shape. This will not only make your children more active but also you will have a while of time with them.

Rainbow Valentine Color Paper

2.  Rainbow Valentine Color Paper

If you do not want your children to do activities then end up washing their hands. In this case, a Valentine’s Day idea for toddlers you can utilize is to buy some watercolor brush for them, and draw the heart shape on the paper, which will help your children improve in the way they see art and color. All of the materials are dirt cheap. Even if you think your children are too small to make it with you, self-making will not take a long time to do.

Love Picture Frame

3. Love Picture Frame

Many people lack many innovations regarding Valentine’s gift ideas for toddlers. In order to solve the problem, in case you do not like other ideas, a picture frame for you and your toddler will be a perfect choice. You can buy a proper valentine-themed picture frame for your children. However, you just need to buy a regular one and some colored paper so that your toddler can learn how to decorate by using heart-shaped paper pieces cut by themselves. This will bring a lot of memories when they reach adulthood.

Crafted love birds

4. Crafted Love Birds

Having awesome Valentine gift ideas for toddlers is crucial because their first Valentine’s Day should be special, right? This choice will be on the list of things to want to amaze your child on this special occasion. Just like other ideas, buying all the stuff needed will not be a financial problem for you since you can create them from paper or just by folding a one-time-use plate in half to make your children’s face filled with joy. You can even instruct them to turn their products the way they want.

Sizzling Hearts From Liquid

5.  Sizzling Hearts From Liquid

You might be wondering what it is, right? All you need is some paper, glue, and some baking soda in order to make the first step of this cute Valentine’s Day idea for your toddler. You should squeeze the glue on the paper so that it will become the shape of a heart. While the glues-made hearts are still sticky and wet, you had better sprinkle baking soda well and evenly on the hearts. Once your hearts are dry enough, let’s show them to your kids

Valentine’s Mystery Box

6. Valentine’s Mystery Box

Valentine box ideas for toddlers are a really interesting topic. Sounds wonderful, right? This is all you need to have: some of the colored paper, some of the colored copies of your baby and your family photo, and a plastic box. The things to do are also really straightforward. You will cut the color paper to make heart-shaped pieces and cut the paper copies of family photos to make the heart-shaped pieces showing each member. Now just mix them all together in the plastic box and show it to your toddler.

Glass Heart Suncatcher

7. Glass Heart Suncatcher

One of Valentine’s ideas for toddlers that I want to recommend to you is a glass heart suncatcher and I guarantee that this kind of suncatcher will satisfy 2 goals, which are easy to make and cheap. Now prepare your wallet and go to buy clear contact paper, some colored paper and sprinkles as well as cutting the heart pieces from colored papers together. After that, you and your children can assemble all the heart pieces onto the contact paper to make them more colorful and your toddler will be happy.

Tree of Love

8. Tree of Love

This is another initiative that you can use, which is the tree of love. This cute Valentine’s idea for toddlers, along with other ideas will help your children boost their imagination. In case you do not know, all the materials for this are only surrounded with paper and glue. You can put your hands on the paper and draw the lines to form the shape of your hands. After that, you can cut the paper hands and cut the hearts. Then just let them stick the heart pieces on the paper, which will complete the work.

Heart jumpsuit

9. Heart Jumpsuit

If you do not have the time to have some hand-crafted presents for your children. I suggest that you buy it because buying things does not make you an irresponsible person at all. The heart jumpsuit can be a cute valentine idea for them. A jumpsuit can satisfy the fashion taste of parents and the point is that the heart drawing on the jumpsuit is adorable. If you like, you can make it a family wear to make it a tradition.

Heart-shaped Stacking Toys

10. Heart-shaped Stacking Toys

This is also another idea if you are a busy parent. The heart-shaped stacking toys provide children with many exercises, including differentiating colors and shapes. This is a classic exercise but fundamental for every toddler. Parents can play with them and guide them about how to make them in the correct order and help them remember the name of colors. Your children will have a blast with the new toy on their first Valentine’s Day!

Baby stuffed animal collection

11. Baby Stuffed Animal Collection

If you are asked “what does a kid like?”, I think most of you will have your answer, which is “stuffed animals”. This gift is also one of the most popular choices of gifts. The collection of stuffed animals will be one of brilliant and cute Valentine’s Day ideas for toddlers. Since this occasion is all about love, why don’t you show your love to your kids. By receiving these presents, they can feel the caring that you have for them and they can also know how to show their love to others when you say the word “I love you” in front of them. Isn’t it meaningful?

Kitchen utensil toys

12. Kitchen Utensil Toys

The purposes of most kids’ toys are to make children happy while letting them have a glimpse of real-life activities. This choice will also benefit your children since this is a set of utensil toys for kids. The kids, especially the girls will definitely enjoy it since they have been fascinated when seeing their mom and dad cooking food. This kind of toy will nourish their imagination and they can have interest in cooking later on when they are older.

Bath Pipe Toys

13. Bath Pipe Toys

Another fun Valentine’s Day ideas for toddlers can be the bath pipe toys. Children always want to play and they will quickly be bored if parents do not find something to play with. To maintain children’s focus, bath pipe toys will be a great choice for them. Since valentine’s do not have much idea of couple love but simply an occasion to celebrate with their parents. This is why this cute valentine’s idea is a great choice for them. Price is not a problem since they are cheap and you can let them play in the bathtub.

Play Doh valentine bags

14. Play Doh valentine bags

The last cute Valentine’s idea for toddlers will also be beneficial for those who want to make a beautiful valentine’s day for your children. If your children like to use clay to make different shapes, a Play Doh Valentine bag is a great choice since many kids love Play Doh. Especially the valentine version will be a surprise for them. After all, a smile from your lovely baby will fuel you up from all tiredness and make all family members gather on this special occasion.


Valentine’s Day is not just a special day for sole couples, its meaning is also more than, which contains the love from all the family members together. The meaning of this day has become a tradition not just in Western countries but also the world.

Even your baby can feel the valentine’s spirit if you consider the valentine’s gift ideas for toddlers that we have mentioned above. I hope that this will be a valuable resource for you to make the best choice for your children.

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