15+ Special Valentine Snack Ideas For Classroom

valentine snack ideas for classroom

Valentine’s is also a holiday to give gifts to each other, not only couples, children can also come up with Valentine snack ideas for classroom for giving candy to the whole class on Valentine’s day. Everyone loves to receive gifts around the holidays, from adults to children. Giving Valentine’s gifts to the whole class will make the whole class happy on this day. It’s not just the loved ones who have gifts, this is the whole team. This will bring the whole class together.

Valentine Snacks For The Classroom

Lovely Lollipops

1. Lovely Lollipops

This is a very popular candy and easy to make with basic ingredients, you can even buy it for a cheap price. Lollipops also come in many varieties, be it sugar candies or even sponge cakes shaped and covered with chocolate to look like candy. If you want to do something for the class then you can try this candy because it won’t take you too much time and effort. You can also invite more friends to prepare together.

Mini Donut Printable

2. Mini Donut Printable

To increase the solidarity between class members, you can buy Valentine Mini Donut Printable, if you buy individual packages, it’s too normal. You can buy a whole box that is enough for 4-5 friends to eat together so that you can share with each other and chat when sharing the cake box with each other. Sweets are the key to each person’s story, when eating sweets everyone will feel happier and easier to communicate. This will be a nice kind of Valentine snacks for the classroom.

Fruit Candy

3. Fruit Candy

Fruit marshmallows are definitely a very reasonable snack to give to classmates. Eye-catching colourful marshmallows with the sweetness of sugar and fruit will successfully make the whole class admire their sweetness. Eye-catching colours can also create a happy atmosphere for class members. Valentine will be happier with candy and classmates.

4. Cereal Milk

Instead of the usual sweets, you could try buying each of your classmate a box of cereal milk. Cereal milk with many nutrients but no less sweet taste than cereals, surely classmates can not refuse. You can also make your own cereal milk. Currently, there are many types of milk machines for sale, just pour the ingredients in and wait to be able to produce delicious milk products. Classmates will surely be surprised by the healthy Valentine snacks for the classroom like this.

Hershey Chocolate

5. Hershey’s Chocolate

And this will be a good candidate for snacks for classmates. A bag of Hershey’s Kisses each will delight everyone. Chocolate is a gift that is true to the spirit of Valentine’s Day, and also Hershey’s chocolate. There is no chocolate lover who does not know the famous chocolate company with products that must be said to be great. All products with different levels of chocolate sweetness will conquer even the most demanding people.

6. Goldfish Crackers

Fish cake will be suitable for you who like a snack that is both salty and crispy. However, salty food is also very easy to conquer. Cake with fish shape looks both funny and eye-catching, with eye-catching yellow color that will make your friends just want to eat it right away. It’s not every Valentine’s Day that you have to give sweets, right? Let’s quickly prepare cake bags for the whole class!

Teddy Cookies

7. Teddy Cookies

If you’re clever enough, you can try baking your own teddy bear cookies to give to the class these easy Valentine snacks for the classroom. Detailed instructions on how to do this appear a lot on the web, you can choose a video that you can follow easily. Believe me, a lovely cake will make everyone enjoy it, especially if it is homemade, the love will be more.

Bubble Gum

8. Bubble Gum

It sounds funny, but if you give your classmates gum, your class teacher will probably be happier than you. Chewing gum will limit the problem of talking privately while the teacher is teaching. Why? Because every student is busy with candy. In addition, chewing gum also has many unexpected benefits.

Mini Pack of Raisins

9. Mini Pack of Raisins

Raisins are definitely a snack that you can’t help but know. Especially this raisin brand, Sun-Maid raisins’ popularity in the market from the past to now is undeniable. From the time your parents had this type of raisin, to your time it became a snack that can be easily bought anywhere. This will be the right Valentine’s snack for classroom for those of you who both want to snack and want to stay healthy.

Fruit Jelly Pudding

10. Fruit Jelly Pudding

Jelly candy that is both soft and sweet, with a fruity aroma will surely win the love of the whole class this Valentine’s Day. This is definitely not a picky snack because of its softness and deliciousness. You can giving away jelly candy can make the whole class happier by letting everyone pick up candy with their eyes closed, the taste of the candy will be messed up in the box.

Valentine's Popcorn

11. Valentine’s Popcorn

Popcorn is a snack that no one can refuse. The sweet smell of butter when opening the popcorn bag will make the whole class forget to study and eat it right away. If you go to the movies a lot, you will understand how attractive the aroma of popcorn is. Quickly order cute bags of popcorn to give to the whole class.

Oatmeal Bars

12. Oatmeal Bars

Another super nutritious and healthy snack is Oatmeal Bars. This sweet and nutritious gift is sure to make your classmates fall in love with you. No one can refuse a gift made by a friend. This cake also helps you to replenish the energy needed for a learning day. The ingredients to make Oatmeal Bars are super easy, can be bought at any supermarket, the method is not difficult, suitable for those who are not too skillful.

Cherry Chocolate-Dipped

13. Cherry Chocolate-Dipped

What could be simpler than buying a box of cherries and chocolate to make Cherry Pop Chocolate-Dipped. With this snack, you just need to wash the cherries after you buy them, and then melt the chocolate at the right temperature. Dip cherries in chocolate and let cool. When cooled, the chocolate will form a hard coating on the outside of the cherry, which can balance the sour taste of the cherry. This would be a great snack for classroom on Valentine.

Heart Apple Pies

14. Heart Apple Pies

If you are skillful and passionate about baking, you can make heart-shaped apple cakes to give to your classmates. Apple cake must be the childhood dish of many of you. A cake that is both sweet and slightly sour from apples will surely make other friends enjoy. You can order from bakeries if you don’t have time, or try making your own at home with your mom or friends for extra bonding.

Emoji Fruit

15. Emoji Fruit

This will be a snack that is both healthy and simple to make. You can buy the fruit you like, cut it into pieces and then use the cutter to shape it into the popular emojis on social networks and you have created a snack to bring to the whole class.


Traditional Valentine’s Day is often known as a day to honour the love of the couple, but no one rules that it has to be a couple to give each other gifts, friends in the class can give gifts but can also give gifts. each other snacks. These Valentine snack ideas for classroom will bring joy to your entire class on this special day.

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