14+ Adorable Valentine Gifts For College Students

valentine gifts for college students

Valentine gifts for college students must be a rather strange topic this Valentine’s Day, right? Typically, people will care about what to give their lover, crush, etc on Valentine’s Day, not thinking about other cases. This article will bring a fresher idea of gift ideas this holiday. Surely this theme will not let you down in terms of content.

Valentine’s Gifts For College Students


1. Hot chocolate Stick

Valentine’s Day without chocolate would lose its meaning. If you want to do something for your college student this Valentine, think about making chocolate sticks. Both are easy to make and delicious. This dish can be served with hot milk for a warm Valentine’s season. With basic ingredients and a super quick recipe, these would be great Valentine’s gifts for college students.

Handmade Bracelet

2. Handmade Bracelet

These Valentine’s day gifts for college students are also low-budget gifts but very easy to make, and your college student male or female can also use them comfortably. With leather straps, or maybe fabric, you can create a simple but eye-catching bracelet. If you like to have accents, you can buy more charms to attach to the bracelet. Currently, the materials to make this bracelet are sold a lot in stores. It is not difficult for you to buy in bulk.

Heart Cookie

3. Heart Cookie

If you are a crafty person and have a passion for baking, you can try baking delicious batches of cookies as Valentine’s gifts for college students. This would be a great idea because no one doesn’t love sweet cookies. If you don’t have much time to do it, you can also buy it from bakeries or shopping malls. This cake, no matter where it is made, will bring a delicious taste that can satisfy anyone.

Basic Socks

4. Basic Socks

If you can’t think of anything, a pair of socks that look simple but not bland would be reasonable Valentine’s ideas for college students. These socks can be used by both boys and girls because the top half has no shape, just plain colours like black, white or pink,… But the bottom half has quotes or icons related to it regarding the super cute Valentine. Surely your college students will be surprised by this lovely gift.

Leather Wallet

5. Leather Wallet

A convenient, compact gift that is suitable for modern students will be Valentine’s gift for college student worth considering. Students now no longer like to carry cash or important documents in their wallets with small sizes. They will prefer to use cards, and use card wallets to dispose of different cards. Neat and cute at the same time. You can buy this wallet at a reasonable price at any store for Valentine’s Day gifts.

Lip Balm

6. Lip Balm

Many people think that lipstick is only for girls, even though lip balm is the same. But actually, lip balm is to protect lips from weather or bad effects. Therefore, both men and women can use lip balm. This will be a very reasonable Valentine’s for college students if you don’t know what to buy for something special and convenient. On this Valentine’s Day, you can change a little bit of prejudice about using lip balm with male students.

Truffle Kit

7. Truffle Kit

Instead of buying regular chocolate candies, you can buy a truffle kit to give to your college students. This is a simple idea that you can easily find in any store. You can also buy your own boxes and make chocolates at home to give to your students. Currently, there are many recipes for making truffles online, and many ways to make them very quickly and conveniently, and even when you are busy, you can do it quickly.

8. Heart Shaped Pillow

A pillow that is both romantic and lovely can make students fall asleep instantly. If you want to give these pillows to your college students to have a better night’s sleep after a tiring study, this is a good Valentine’s day gift for college students. In addition, a dark red heart-shaped pillow will create a feeling of the atmosphere of Valentine’s Day for those of you who have or do not have a lover. Hurry up and buy it at Valentine’s gift shops.

Roses Candle

9. Roses Candle

A suitable relaxing gift for any college student is scented candles. Scented candles can make the mind relax after a tiring day of studying and working. Scented candles are also used to promote a good night’s sleep. You can consider this gift to make Valentine’s Day with some friends more relaxing. Your college students can use it to make a baby party at home with their lover.

Wooden Frame

10. Wooden Frame

Wooden photo frames are probably items that anyone has to decorate their room with memorable photos. You can give your college students a wooden photo frame so they can insert a photo of their college class. This is a gift that is easy to find and give because no matter what gender can love this gift. So these will be Valentine gift ideas for college students.

11. Bubble Tea Kit

Milk tea has probably become a famous drink for young people today, right? Instead of buying milk tea to give away with the risk that the ice will melt, it will lose its taste or the sweetness is not suitable for some people, you can buy a bubble tea kit to give to your college students. With a full package of ingredients and specific instructions, anyone can make a delicious cup of milk tea to suit their taste. These will be Valentine’s day ideas for college students that hit the young minds the most.

Succulent Plant

12. Succulent Plant

Giving a succulent plant on Valentine’s Day can be very special. Succulent plant has a small, weird appearance, some are beautiful, and some are not but is succulent on the inside, showing the meaning that on the outside, it seems tough and difficult to approach, but inside it is emotional and soft. And don’t look at the outside to judge the person on the inside. This will be a lovely Valentine’s day gifts for college students as well as a reminder for college students who are gradually coming into contact with a busy society.


13. Friendship Lamp

A love saying can have many meanings, sometimes it is the love of friends or other. Sometimes also seen as encouragement. Give your college student a lamp that can be used during the day or as a night light. This is a pretty handy gift for any friend. With a specially placed lamp, your message to students will be even more meaningful.


14. Wooden Box

A wooden box filled with wooden cards with messages and wishes for college students is also a great gift. This will be a gift that both male and female students will be touched to receive. There’s nothing like receiving a gift that can make you happy this Valentine’s Day. It’s not just chocolate that makes a great Valentine’s Day. Sometimes a simple gift like this does it better. This will be the best Valentine gift for college students.

Valentine Mug

15. Valentine Mug

A super fun Valentine’s gift for college students and still in love for Valentine’s Day, it is impossible not to mention this pair of heart cups with two lovely red and white colours. Cups are certainly very useful items that can be used every day. So why not quickly give the students a pair of these cups? It has Valentine’s atmosphere, can be used at any time, and also has a very strange and eye-catching design.


Are you sure you’ve read the whole thing? We understand that not everyone thinks of this Valentine Gifts For College Students, but if you’ve made it this far, give it a try this Valentine’s Day.

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