16+ Good Valentine’s Day Gifts For Family

Good Valentines Day Gifts For Family

Surely you have never thought about buying good Valentine’s Day gifts for family right? Usually, Valentine is the day you prepare gifts for your lover or someone you notice to express your feelings to the other person. This time you can try to break the way. Instead of just giving each lover, do something for your family. A surprise gift for a holiday that no one in your family thinks will receive a gift will surprise them with what you do. To buy gifts reasonably, you should also consider who and how the gift is given.

Cute Valentine’s Day Gifts For Family

Gifts For Him – Valentine Gift Ideas For Family

Leather Watch

1. Leather Watch

Watches are both a fashion gift and a gift with deep meaning. Giving a watch as well as showing the time spent with them is always appreciated by you. Why can it be understood with that meaning? Because the clock measures the passage of time, it is thus a testament to the strong bond that lasts forever over the years. It will be even better if the watch you give is engraved with the name of the person being given it. Nowadays, it is easier and more popular to engrave your name on leather watches, so quickly order a watch for your family. They will be very happy if they receive these good Valentine’s day gifts for family.

Luxury Perfume

2. Luxury Perfume

Giving perfume to men shows your sophistication because it is not easy to choose the right perfume for your loved ones. Usually, if the perfume has an inappropriate smell, the gift recipient will have a headache every time he smells the perfume. Therefore, the giver must understand very well to buy the right scent. Through the perfume bottle, the recipient can see the care of the giver for him. This is definitely a great gift to give to a male relative. Many men often do not pay attention to the use of perfume, but in fact, using perfume will make them look more elegant. So please try to buy it and give it as a best valentines gifts for family

Basic Cravat

3. Basic Cravat

A simple piece and flap can also be a gift to win the heart of the recipient. Because giving a tie will show your respect to the recipient. Giving a tie also shows your thoughtfulness, because in order to choose a suitable tie, you must take into account the recipient’s needs, dressing habits, color preferences, and taste. It is difficult to choose the right tie. So when receiving the tie, the recipient will be very surprised because he doesn’t think you care about their dress so much. A way to score points on the holiday.

black suit

4. Black Suit

Giving away a suit is also a great idea. Giving a suit to your father or older brother will make them love you more. Because giving a suit also needs meticulous observation. It’s impossible to buy haphazardly to have a suit that fits your body. It must be observed, measured, and carefully selected. Not to mention if you are not good at choosing colors, you should buy a black suit, black is a very easy color to wear, suitable for all skin tones. It can make busy people look more beautiful and luxurious. But if you want to choose a suit as a gift, you should consider the factors we mentioned to choose the right size for the recipient.

5. Coffee Maker Machine

Drinking coffee every day is definitely a common habit of the majority of men. Without coffee, they will not be able to wake up to start the day and work efficiency will decrease without a cup of coffee every morning. But going to buy coffee early in the morning is quite time consuming to wait in line and can make you late for work. So if you give them a coffee maker machine with just the right size to be able to make the perfect cup of coffee every morning, it will definitely surprise them. By buying a machine at home, they can also choose the type of coffee they like rather than buying it from a store.

Sport Shoes

6. Sport Shoes

A new pair of sports shoes, softer feet will definitely make men love it. If your family, father or brother like to runs, exercises, this is the perfect gift to give to Valentine. They exercise a lot, so their current shoes may have worn out quite a lot and are no longer comfortable. A new pair will make them happy. It will be even more fun if you choose a pair in a color they like. Before giving this gift, you should think or explore what color the recipient’s shoes like to make it easier to choose shoes when buying, and also need to pay attention to the shoe size. This is a good Valentine’s Day Gifts For Family indeed.

Gifts For Her – Best Valentine’s Day Gifts For Family

Personalized Necklace

7. Personalized Necklace

An ordinary necklace will not be able to surprise the recipient. Compared to a bracelet with its name engraved, of course, a gift that is more personal is usually more popular, right? Therefore, with a unique and personal gift, your mother or sister will surely be happy to open the gift box. A lovely, youthful design ring that can be suitable for all ages, no one doesn’t like it, right? Quickly order this gift in advance so that the worker can prepare it according to your request.

Handwriting Bracelet

8. Handwriting Bracelet

A bracelet with handwritten words that can be a meaningful message or the recipient’s name is the perfect gift to give to the women in the house. This gift can be suitable for any age, for example, your mother, sister or younger sister can wear this bracelet without having to worry about age-appropriate or not. The handwriting that imitates your handwriting will also make them more touched by your heart. If your handwriting is not good, you should consider practising your handwriting before writing. This gift takes time to craft, so you must order early.

Customized Candle - valentine gift ideas for family

9. Customized Candle

Fragrance is definitely a gift that any woman would love. Women often have a greater preference for scented candles than men. The scent of scented candles can make them relax after a long day. It would be great if these were scented candles that you prepared for them yourself. The scent you choose, mix and combine with wax to create candles, the whole jar is also decorated by you, nothing is more wonderful. If you are too busy, you can also order jobs at candle shops, you just need to describe your requirements to the employer. Then just wait for the day to get this Good Valentine’s Day Gifts For Family.

Dior Lipstick

10. Dior Lipstick

An accessory you’ll most likely find in a girl’s bag: lipstick. Nowadays, the beauty needs of women are increasing, so it is understandable that lipstick becomes a girl’s inseparable object. For that reason, lipstick is always a suggestion for you to make a valentine’s gift for her. And Dior lipstick is one of the most famous fashion brands so she is sure to be pleased with this gift. Nhungungbanj should also consider choosing a lipstick color that is suitable for the recipient’s skin so as not to drown the skin.

Personal Dress

11. Personal Dress

If you do not know where to buy a suitable dress, you can order dresses for women in the house. Each person will have a style of dress to suit their preferences. In addition, ordering tailoring requires you to know the necessary measurements, dress taste or favorite color of the recipient to be able to easily produce the right product. This gift will make you score with the women in the house because it shows your care for them. But sewing takes a long time, so you have to arrange it early. If not, you can go to the dress shop and ask for their name to be printed on the flap of the dress.

High heels

12. High heels

One thing is for sure, high heels are a must-have in any lady’s shoe closet. Therefore, high heels are always one of the best valentines gifts for family to give to your girl. Wearing an elegant, seductive beauty, fashionable high heels can conquer any girl, with a pair of high heels as a valentine’s gift you will easily score points in her eyes! There are some models of high-heeled shoes that must depend on the body shape to look good. So you should see if the heels are suitable for the recipient’s figure or not.

Gifts For Kids

Chocolate Box

13. Chocolate Box

Chocolate is the best valentines gifts for family. That is a symbol of love, so it is indispensable for Valentine’s Day. On this day you will see chocolates sold everywhere if you don’t know what to give them, a box of chocolates will definitely not disappoint her. Depending on your girlfriend’s taste, there will be many chocolate flavours, choosing delicious and palatable chocolate will prove that you are a sophisticated man and care about your lover’s preferences.

 Lego Box

14. Lego Box

Lego is not only a children’s toy, for many people it is also a childhood and a passion. If your friend is a lego fan then this is a really fun valentine ideas for family idea. You can give it to her and then the two of you can assemble it and share your secret hobbies together, the final result will be a complete work containing the feelings of both of you. Besides it also has decorative value, she can leave it on her desk or anywhere she wants.

Teddy Bear

15. Teddy Bear – fun valentine ideas for family

If you are still wondering what to give, teddy bears are a suggestion for you. Surely every girl loves soft and weak teddy bears like this. This gift will become even more meaningful when the person giving her is a friend, it will replace you with her to help her feel less lonely when the two of you are not together. Every time she sees a teddy bear she looks like she sees a picture of you, it will be so happy.

Sleep Light

16. Sleep Light

Sleep light with warm colours is a very useful and lovely valentine’s gift. It’s like a pretty decoration on her nightstand. It will also help her have a good night’s sleep with the warm yellow light. Many lamps can also emit light strips of lovely shapes. These will be an interesting valentine gifts for families that you can refer to give to your girl. For boys, you can choose lights with the shape of the universe, for girls, choose cute and soft pictures to make them excited.


Above we have divided gifts into different themes so that you can choose gifts more easily. Because there are some gifts you can give men but cannot give to women or gifts to children in the house. That’s why we categorize you. With good Valentine’s day gifts for family, we are sure to help you get the perfect choice as a gift for your family this holiday.

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