11+ Cute Valentines Day Gifts For Classmates

Valentines Day Gifts For Classmates

It’s almost February 14th! Have you prepared Valentines Day gifts for classmates? If the answer is no, don’t worry too much. Below we have suggestions for presents specifically for boys and girls. Surely your Valentine’s Day will be full of surprises and joy!

Valentine’s gifts for classmates are usually simple and not too fussy. However, those gifts must contain many meanings and feelings of the sender. Check out the list below!

Should you give gifts to your classmates on Valentine’s Day?

As you know, anyone always wants to receive gifts from their loved ones or friends on special occasions. Have you ever wondered if Valentine’s Day is only for lovers or couples? The answer is no, it’s a day for everyone. In fact, Valentine’s Day has many meanings. It is also a day for you to show your love and care to everyone around you, especially your classmates. Sometimes it’s just simple gifts, but you make their Valentine’s Day more memorable. You can consider the habits and interests of your classmates to make the best choice.

Valentine Gift Ideas For Classmates

Valentine Donut

1. Valentine Donut

Donuts with a variety of flavors of chocolate or strawberry dipped in the pink coating will be a delightful gift. The sweetness mixed with a bit of bitterness of chocolate will be wonderful. Better yet, make your own donuts by using a heart-shaped and get used to this adorable pink party donut recipe. These adorable cakes would be the perfect Valentines Day gifts for classmates.

Glow Stars or Crayons

2.  Glow Stars or Crayons

What gift do you give your classmates for Valentine’s Day? Glow Stars or Crayons are a simple but meaningful gift. It’s something your classmates would have used a lot! They will make beautiful pictures. Every time they take out crayons to use, they will always remember the good feelings you have for them. 

Valentine’s Day Bookmark

3. Valentine’s Day Bookmark

If your classmate is a book lover, bookmarks are a must-have gift. On the occasion of Valentines Day gifts for classmates, you can design unique bookmarks according to the preferences of your classmates. This is a gift that has great meaning and sends your heart to receive the gift.

Unicorn Lollipop Printable

4. Unicorn Lollipop Printable

Should you give unique unicorn lollipops as the best Valentines Day gifts to classmates? Yes of course. Colorful lollipops with sweet flavors help you express your love for them. Your classmates will be very happy to receive this gift, they will realize that you cherish your friendship with them.

Heart Soaps

5. Heart Soaps

These heart soaps are a unique Valentine’s Day choice to gift your classmates. The scent of soap makes them lifts their mood and relieves stress after a long day. Moreover, wanting this gift also helps you express the meaning of wanting them to always be healthy and have strong immunity.

Paper Airplanes

6. Paper Airplanes

Have you thought about giving paper airplanes as Valentines Day gifts to classmates? Paper airplanes created from colored sheets of paper were a surprise gift for them. They will have moments of quick entertainment, flying and laughing. This is a gift to celebrate the happiness of childhood, as well as mark the wonderful memories of school days.

7. Hot Chocolate Packet

What could be better than enjoying a cup of hot chocolate in the cold winter? Hot chocolate packet is a great choice to give to classmates. You and they together tell interesting stories and enjoy the great taste of chocolate every day. Believe me, this will help you bond as friends a lot.

Pet Rocks

8. Pet Rocks

If you are looking for Valentine’s Day gift ideas for classmates, pet rocks are a wonderful present. Small rocks with cute animal shapes are meaningful souvenirs for them. They will always smile when they see these colorful beautiful rocks. Trust me, they will be very happy and feel the care you give them.

Valentine's Day Hair Clips

9. Valentine’s Day Hair Clips

Don’t know what to give your classmates on Valentine’s Day? Hair clips is a suggestion for you. A pretty hairpin will help girls look more lovely. This gift is rarely thought of, but it has the meaning of love. Because it shows that you are a meticulous person who always cares about friends from the smallest things.

Valentine’s Stickers

10. Valentine’s Stickers

Stickers are the perfect choice for Valentine gift ideas for classmates. A set of cute and colorful stickers that will make your friend very happy to receive this gift. They use it to decorate laptops, notebooks, study desks, etc. Moreover, this gift also contains meaningful messages showing care.

11. Nail Polish or Nail Stickers

Nail polish or nail stickers are a gift to help your classmates have beautiful and unique nails. Their hands will look more shimmering, more eye-catching. This gift not only helps to highlight the hands but also helps the girls become more confident with their beauty. I was sure that it would be a fun gift.

DIY Cereal Valentines

12. DIY Cereal Valentines

Meaningful Valentines Day gifts for classmates are DIY cereal. This gift brings high nutritional value and health benefits to your friends. They will enjoy delicious cereals every day. Especially, if you make cereal yourself for your classmates, they will feel your interest. Besides, I think the spoon with the name on it is such a perfect (and personal) touch to the present. 

Lego Valentine Card

13. Lego Valentine Card

Do you have a lego set on your list of Valentine’s Day gift ideas for classmates? If not, add it now. A gift that not only helps relieve stress after tiring school hours but also helps players unleash their creativity. Laughter is the best medicine.

 Fashion Sunglasses

14. Fashion Sunglasses

Eyewear for the girl or guy who likes to be cool. Most people will love accessories like this because they can be matched with any outfit without ever going out of style. These will definitely be cool Valentines gifts for classmates.

15. Tic Tac Toe

Who doesn’t love playing tic-tac-toe? Especially, if your classmates like mind games, this is a great gift. Imagine, you and they will have moments of thinking and analyzing together to find the winner of the game. How nice it is to play fun games together after stressful school hours.

Rainbow Bracelet

16. Rainbow Bracelet

Rainbow bracelets are probably lovely gifts for your classmates on Valentine’s Day. A bracelet is suitable for both men and women. You can make it yourself if you want to save something special for your friends.


With the above Valentines Day gifts for classmates suggestions, hope you have chosen for yourself the most suitable gift to give to your classmates on the upcoming Valentine’s Day. Wishing you a happy Valentine’s Day, as sweet as chocolate bars and stronger friendships! If you are still wondering what gift to choose, WanaTrendy will suggest you the best suggestions that you can refer to through the links below.

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