21+ Exciting Valentine’s Day Box Ideas For Boy

Valentine's Day Box Ideas For Boy

If you are seeking some creative Valentine’s Day box ideas for boy, don’t miss the DIY gift boxes. Valentine’s Day is not only a day of romance between you and your love, but it’s also a special day for kids to celebrate love and friendship. It is also a good opportunity for you to show your care and love for the boys. The gifts below will help you do just that.

Valentines Day Box Ideas For Boy

1. Fantastic Rainbow Box

Looking for a way to put a smile on a boy’s face? Yeah! There’s not a more straightforward box design than a rainbow. These colorful Valentine’s Day box ideas for boys are over-the-top fun and will brighten kids’ day and create magical memories.

Fantastic Rainbow Box

2. Lovely Train Box

Are you looking for Valentine’s Day box ideas for boy? If the boy has a dream of becoming a train driver or simply loves to ride a train, this is a very special gift for him. A lovely little train for the holidays to be more interesting.

Lovely Train Box

3. DIY Dinosaur Box Craft Idea

Even though dinosaurs went extinct millions of years ago, they remain to rank among the coolest animals in the eyes of many children. Kids are fascinated by these extinct creatures, so you shouldn’t miss this gift. You can refer to the youtube channel attached below to create many creative items with your boy on Valentine’s Day.

4.  Spider Man Box

Being close friends with Spider-Man is fantastic, isn’t it? Spiderman boxes are always cool Valentine box ideas for boys. If the boy is a fan of superheroes, this spiderman gift box will surely make him more excited. He will be happy to show off this gift to his friends at school or at home.

Spider Man Box

5. R2-D2 Bin Box

Have you never thought that a bin can be one of the great Valentines box ideas for boy? This R2-D2 Valentine box would be a hit with any fan of the Star Wars sci-fi series, especially boys.

With a unique, sophisticatedly designed R2-D2 robot model with the ability to program right on a smartphone, this is definitely a surprise gift for creative science enthusiasts as well as people who are passionate about science and technology, and love sci-fi robot models.

With the programmability, along with the ability to move, and play sounds and unique LED lights from this small robot, it will make you feel like you are the master of space.

R2-D2 Bin Box

6. Pugs and Kisses Box

These “Pugs and Kisses” boxes will be wonderful Valentines box ideas for boys. The box is beautifully designed and surrounded by many hearts and kisses that will make the boy’s day. In addition, the box also helps him a lot in storing small items. And your house will look neater with this box.

Pugs and Kisses Box

7. Harry Potter Valentine Box

Perhaps today’s young people all know Harry Potter. Boys will usually love to watch and read Harry Potter. Obviously, Valentine’s Day is the perfect occasion to give him a Harry Potter box, so he can display it anywhere in the house that he wants.

Harry Potter Valentine Box

8. Lego Valentine Heart

Easy Valentine box ideas for boys? Don’t worry! Now you have a heart lego gift box. This simple idea is perfect for little LEGO fans and great when you wait last minute and need one in a hurry.

 Lego Valentine Heart

9. Unicorn Valentine Box

Shhh, who says unicorns are not real? That’s crazy talk! If you are wondering how boys will like a box? Try this unicorn box. It is the best way for your little unicorn lover to collect their cards on Valentine’s Day. It’s easy and fun to make and is sure to be the cutest valentine’s box. I believe that any boy who receives this gift on Valentine’s Day will be very happy.

Unicorn Valentine Box

10. Star Wars Darth Box 

Looking for Valentine box for boy ideas? New Star Wars movies always leave a bit of an impression on young boys. I remember that although my son had only just seen this movie, he enjoyed it very much. So the boy will surely be delighted to receive this gift.

Star Wars Darth Box 

11. Mailbox Ideas For Boy

If you’re searching for a thoughtful little Valentine’s gift for the boys in your life, these mailing boxes will not let you down. This box can help him keep cards or letters, even small diaries. It will be a secret place for him to keep things that only he knows about. Mailboxes are cheap Valentine’s Day box ideas for boy.

Mailbox Ideas For Boy

12. Basketball Valentine Box

Basketball Box is considered a simple Valentine’s Day box idea for boy.

To make: a 12-inch spherical paper lantern with orange tissue paper paper-mâché. Create segments with black pipe cleaners and adhere them with a heat gun. To write words, use a black marker. To hang the lantern, wrap twine around the wire at the top.

Basketball Valentine Box

13. Carnivorous Plant Box

You’re looking for Valentine’s Day box ideas for boys? You’re in the right place. Carnivorous plant special boxes serve as both a location for them to store their favorite Valentine’s Day cards and true memories that they will want to keep on display in their homes for years.

Carnivorous Plant Box

14. Tie-Dye Box

This box is wrapped in a tie-dye fabric to spread love and peace. These are easy Valentine box ideas for boys.

How to make: Make a slit in a box’s top (you can use a two-part box or a folding lid box). The box is wrapped in tie-dye fabric and secured with spray glue or double-sided tape. Felt decals should be cut out and adhered to the box’s top.

Tie-Dye Box

15. Sticker Box

Boys will love going crazy with stickers for this simple but super fun idea. Surely, it will help your boy have a wonderful Valentine’s Day. 

How to make: Slit the top of a shoebox, then wrap pink paper over the top and bottom of the box. Then use stickers to decorate it. With just a few simple steps, you already have creative and meaningful Valentine’s Day box ideas for boys.

Sticker Box

16. Pom-Pom Heart Box

Nothing is more cheerful than this pom-pom-filled box, which will instantly put your child in the Valentine’s Day mood. This gift is sure to stick with him for many years to come. Moreover, this box also helps him decorate his study corner or souvenir cabinet. These would be unique Valentine’s Day box ideas for boy.

Pom-Pom Heart Box

17. Floral Wooden Box

You won’t believe that Valentine’s Day box ideas for boys can come from the simplest items. A pink and red mailbox is the ideal place for Valentine’s Day cards, after all. Purchase a pre-made mailbox so all you have to do is decorate it. Another wonderful approach to getting creative when thinking of fun, family-friendly Valentine’s Day activities is to make these adorable boxes together.

Floral Wooden Box

18. Beautiful Birdhouse Box

Do you think Valentine’s Day box ideas for boy are a great gift? With your kids, construct this vibrant pink birdhouse. At home, the boy will undoubtedly have the most unique Valentine’s box. As a humorous Valentine’s Day decoration, you may even use them to add a festive touch to other parts of your home.

Beautiful Birdhouse Box

19. Balloon Box

This gift is really like a basket that you can put the whole world in. Plus, the hot air balloon makes your gift extra special. What’s the reason not to buy these hot air balloon boxes as great Valentine’s Day box ideas for boys?

Balloon Box

20. Lovely Bug Box

A car? It’s really not just a car, but it also helps you store a lot of things inside. A car-shaped box is always the most sought-after gift by boyfriends. Sometimes, it is the most useful Valentine’s Day box ideas for boy.

Lovely Bug Box

21. Submarine Holder Box

A box that resembles a bag. These are very unique holiday ideas for boys. The boy can take it anywhere he wants. These boxes are the perfect choice for Valentine’s Day box ideas for boy. He will be very proud to show his friends that it is a gift you gave him.

Submarine Holder Box

22. Gumball Machine Box

You can create Valentine’s Day box inspired by a gumball machine with your kids! This one can begin with an empty oatmeal canister and a plastic fish bowl. The most exciting part is that your kids will love giving gumballs to their friends.

Gumball Machine Box


When it comes to looking for Valentine’s Day box ideas for boy, consider how you want to make him feel. Loved and appreciated? If you’re still wondering what would be the best gift for him, I’m here for you. WanaTrendy will suggest you the best suggestions that you can refer to through the links below.

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