25+ Easy DIY Valentine Gifts For Coworkers

DIY Valentine Gifts For Coworkers

Certainly, Valentine’s Day is all about honoring the people you love, but the typical individual spends 90,000 hours at work in their lifetime, which means they spend a third of their lives with coworkers.

Give them a Valentine’s Day gift to express your gratitude for their contributions, advice, aid, or whatever else they may have given you because whether you love them, just kind of like them, or really despise them, you’re sort of stuck with them.

So, if you are looking for DIY Valentine gifts for coworkers, then this post is for you. Read on to learn more and start crafting!

The Dos and Don’ts of Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Coworkers

For many of us, Valentine’s Day is a memorable occasion. It makes sense that you would want to express your gratitude to your coworkers in light of Valentine’s Day. There are several dos and don’ts to take into account before making your present selection, though. You want to ensure that your coworkers know how much you value them without making them uncomfortable. We’ll go over some guidelines to remember as you select Valentine’s Day gifts for your workplace. Recognizing what is and isn’t appropriate in the workplace can be difficult.


When purchasing presents for your coworkers, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, consider the dynamics and culture of the workplace. Review your company’s gift-giving policy before making any purchases because different businesses have different rules.

Second, think about the person you’re giving the gift to’s preferences. Find out, and from there, make the most suitable choice. Find inspiration and create the highest-quality gifts you can.


Valentine’s Day is a special moment to show your loved ones how much you care, but it may also be stressful at work. Purchasing gifts for coworkers on Valentine’s Day can be challenging if you don’t know them well or at all. If you want to give a gift that will be appreciated, you must give it serious thought.

First, don’t make or choose gifts that are too romantic.
Second, give priority to choosing traditional gifts such as homemade chocolates, flowers, cards,…
Third, don’t give a gift to a specific colleague. Consider giving gifts to your team members. It is like saying “thank you” to colleagues for their help and hard work.
Finally, do not make items that are too expensive or items that could be perceived as workplace bias.

DIY Valentine Gift Ideas For Coworkers

1. Valentine’s Day Wine Glasses

Why not give a coworker something special you made yourself this year? Making your own presents is a thoughtful approach to let your employees know how much you value them. Wine glasses make the perfect gift for any event, and you can personalize them even more for Valentine’s Day.

Make your wine glass even more special by pasting or drawing hearts, flowers, and words like “Love, Happy Valentine” “Valentine’s Day”,..

Valentine's Day Wine Glasses

2. Tic Tac Toe

A simple game like tic tac toe is ideal for your coworkers who need a little entertainment during the workweek. You can make these inexpensive DIY Valentine’s Day gifts that your coworkers will love with a few easy materials and instructions.

Tic Tac Toe

3. Chocolate Dipped Cherry Macaroons

For many people, Valentine’s Day can occasionally be stressful, especially if you’re looking for a specific present to give a coworker as a token of appreciation. Be at ease, though! This Valentine’s Day, you should give creating chocolate-dipped cherry macaroons a serious thought if you want to show your coworkers how much you value them. These straightforward yet tasty snacks are quick and simple to create, making them the ideal present for anyone who is busy.

You can prepare a lovely batch of cherry macaroons that will cheer up your coworkers this Valentine’s Day with just a few basic ingredients. Now put on your apron, turn the oven on, and get to baking!

Chocolate Dipped Cherry Macaroons

4. Handmade Heart Cards 

Making your own handmade heart cards is a great way to let your coworkers know how much you care. Moreover, this is also an environmentally friendly and especially meaningful gift.

DIY Valentine’s Day presents like handmade love cards can be readily tailored to the recipient’s tastes and preferences. Making your own handmade heart cards is a wonderful way to show your appreciation for your coworkers this Valentine’s Day if you’re seeking for a unique approach to show your love.

You can make thoughtful presents for your coworkers with a little imagination and some simple materials.

5. Pebble Heart Wall Decor 

A simple DIY Valentine’s Day present for employees is pebble heart wall decor. This quick and simple DIY project will produce stunning wall decor that will impress your coworkers. You can quickly create this heart-shaped pebble wall decoration as a Valentine’s Day gift using a lovely heart pattern and some materials from the craft store.

These make for simple yet elegant gifts that are guaranteed to make your coworker grin, and the colors and patterns may be customized to match any environment.

Pebble Heart Wall Decor 

6. DIY Envelope Clutch

Do you wish to express your gratitude to your coworkers? The best way to do this is with homemade presents! Why not give your coworkers a handcrafted envelope wallet as a Valentine’s Day gift? Your coworkers will like receiving this straightforward yet fashionable bag for Valentine’s Day because it is useful and simple to make.

This present is not only useful, but it is also affordable and can be customized for each recipient. These distinctive and fashionable clutches are easy to make with a little imagination and a few inexpensive supplies.

DIY Envelope Clutch

7. Bath Tea

A heartfelt homemade gift for coworkers this Valentine’s Day is a batch of chocolate Valentine cookies. They’re not only a tasty treat that the whole workplace can enjoy, but they’re also a thoughtful gesture that will make your coworkers feel valued.

Your coworkers won’t just be impressed by these fine dishes; they’ll also be delighted to consume something so carefully made and delectable.

Bath Tea

8. Homemade Candles

What do you think if DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for coworkers are candles? Not only are they simple and inexpensive to make, but they’re also an incredibly versatile craft that gives you the opportunity to be creative and tailor your homemade gifts to your coworkers’ tastes. With just a few supplies, you can create a beautiful, custom candle collection to gift your co-workers this season of love.

Homemade candles will carry your coworker’s favorite scent. You can customize the name or message you want to send to them. 

Homemade Candles

9. Handmade Bouquet Wraps

Handcrafted bouquets are a unique and considerate way to express your gratitude to your coworkers. Your coworkers will treasure the lovely bouquets you make for them for years to come with only a little work and a few inexpensive components.

You can easily search for and choose the ingredients to prepare outside the store. If you want the gift to be more special, choose and make the flower that your colleagues love. Add a light scent to the bouquet after you’re done with them. I believe your colleagues will like this.

Handmade Bouquet Wraps

10. Chocolate Valentine Cookies

Chocolate Valentine cookies are a meaningful homemade gift for colleagues this Valentine’s Day. They’re not only a tasty treat that the whole workplace can enjoy, but they’re also a thoughtful gesture that will make your coworkers feel valued.

Your coworkers won’t just be impressed by these fine dishes; they’ll also be delighted to consume something so carefully made and delectable.

Chocolate Valentine Cookies

11. Balloon Surprise Box

One idea that is sure to impress your co-workers this Valentine’s Day is to create a surprise box of balloons. This is a gift that will undoubtedly make any colleague say “wow.” You can choose balls with different colors or heart-shaped balls. Besides, you can attach cards with wishes like “Happy Valentine’s Day.”

Balloon Surprise Box

12. Paper Succulent

A great and easy DIY Valentine’s Day gift for your coworker is a paper succulent plant. These paper succulents are easy to make and are sure to put a smile on your coworker’s face.

The ingredients to complete this gift are available online or at a store near your town. A succulent plant with the symbolic meaning of strong vitality. What’s more, compared to real succulents, you don’t need care, and this gift will last for many years to come.

Paper Succulent

13. Heart Bookmark

A heart bookmark is a unique homemade gift for colleagues on Valentine’s Day. They are reasonable, affordable, and easy to apply. Making your own heart-shaped bookmarks is a wonderful way to show your coworkers how much you value them.

Every gift can be unique and special thanks to their ability to be tailored for each recipient. With each bookmark, a number of colors are available.

Heart Bookmark

14. Bath Bombs

Bath bombs are not only a thoughtful and practical gift for your co-workers, but they can also be easily crafted with very few ingredients. Bath bombs are an easy and affordable way to show coworkers that you care and are grateful for their contributions to the workplace.

Plus, your co-workers will enjoy the luxury of soaking in a relaxing bath after a long day at work. Homemade bath bombs also make a great gift for any occasion, even if it’s not Valentine’s Day.

Bath Bombs

15. Homemade Lip Balm

An excellent DIY Valentine’s Day gift for coworkers is homemade lip balm. It’s a quick and simple present to make, and you can change the color, flavor, and packaging to make each one special.

Making your own lip balm is a wonderful handcrafted gift that gives your coworkers something beneficial for their skin and lips. You can alter the label and packaging in addition to personalizing it to your preferences to make the present even more unique.

Homemade Lip Balm

16. Clay Embossed Heart Keychains

Clay embossed heart keychains are an excellent DIY gift idea for coworkers who are universally loved and appreciated. They come in a wide variety of colors and patterns and are easy to create. You can add your colleague’s name to the present to make it more unique and meaningful.

Clay Embossed Heart Keychains

17. Takeout Candy Boxes

On Valentine’s Day this year, consider making your own take-out candy boxes as gifts for co-workers. Not only are these boxes simple to make, but they can also simply be tailored to the preferences of coworkers. These presents are not only considerate, but also a special and original way to express your gratitude to your coworkers.

Takeout Candy Boxes

16. Hair Clip Cards

A simple and affordable approach to make a gift your coworkers will like is to make hairpin cards. They’re not only enjoyable and easy to prepare, but they’re a great way to let your staff members know how much you appreciate and care about them. Also, they provide you a ton of customization possibilities so you can make a one-of-a-kind gift.

Hair Clip Cards

18. Personalized Kitchen Container

A customised kitchen container is among the nicest personalized presents you can give your coworkers. They may be used for a variety of kitchen duties and not just because they look wonderful. They are also quite useful.

Personalized Kitchen Container

19. Heart-Shaped Floral Wreath

Making a heart-shaped wreath is a simple and affordable way to express your gratitude to your staff. This is a wonderful way to express your thanks and an opportunity for you to show off your artistic abilities. You can quickly and simply make these adorable and original DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for your coworkers with the correct supplies and a little effort.

This gift would suit a female colleague, because any girl would love flowers. This is a simple gift but is sure to get the coworker’s favourite.

Heart-Shaped Floral Wreath

20. Rope Heart Coasters

Rope heart coasters are the next recommended gift we recommend for you this Valentine’s Day. These coasters are not only simple to make, but they also add a rustic touch to any home or workplace. Plus, you can customize the color and design to match your coworkers’ preferences.

Rope Heart Coasters are made from widely available ingredients and come in a variety of colors. With a few easy steps, you can create these heart-shaped coasters out of rope and make them personalized for your co-workers. I am sure that your colleague will love this gift at first sight. Every time he uses it, he (or she) will definitely remember you.

Rope Heart Coasters

21. Chocolate Heart Boxes

A nice and delicious gift for your coworker is the chocolate heart box. They’re not only simple and affordable to make, but they’re also a wonderful way to make your coworkers feel extra special on Valentine’s Day. In your kitchen, you have complete creative freedom.

Chocolate Heart Boxes

22. Painted Mason Jars

Simple and inexpensive Homemade presents that are sure to make an impression are painted jars. They have a practical purpose and can hold a potted plant or serving utensils, but they also convey your dedication to making something unique. It’s fun to make and you can be as creative as you like with the design, so it’s not just a great way to give your employees a one-of-a-kind, personalized gift.

Mason jars are also an excellent method to keep office materials and other things on the desk organized. You can make these craft jars that your coworkers will adore with a few cheap items and a few hours of your effort.

Painted Mason Jars

23. Heart Button Art

Making your coworkers some handcrafted heart earrings is a simple, kind, and affordable way to show them how much you care this Valentine’s Day. These earrings are not only really fashionable, but they can also be constructed in just an hour using only a few basic materials.

You may make one-of-a-kind gifts that your coworkers will love by mixing buttons, cardboard, and a few other inexpensive supplies.

Heart Button Art

24. Suede Heart Earrings

Make your coworkers some DIY heart earrings if you’re seeking for a quick, kind, and affordable way to express your gratitude this Valentine’s Day. In addition to being really fashionable, these earrings can be constructed in under an hour using only a few basic materials.

Consider your coworker’s favorite color when choosing the main color of this gift. Combine small accessories together for a unique gift. So get started and make some suede heart earrings to brighten up your workspace this Valentine’s Day.

Suede Heart Earrings

25. Bubble Bath Gift Set

The ideal Homemade Valentine’s Day gift for your coworkers is this bubble bath gift set. It’s not only affordable and simple to execute, but it’s also a considerate way to express your gratitude for all the effort your coworkers put forth each day.

You may put together this bubble bath gift set quickly and easily with the perfume of your choice.

Bubble Bath Gift Set

26. DIY Lavender Sachets

A terrific way to add a fragrant accent and aesthetic element to any place is using lavender bags. Give your coworkers a meaningful gift they’ll cherish all day long that’s simple to make with natural materials.

Lavender packs are a great way to show your co-workers that you care. Not only do they smell good and look good, but they also give off a sense of relaxation. You can customize your packages for each colleague by choosing different fabric and ribbon colors, creating a unique and personal gift. 

Plus, they’re simple enough to make even if you don’t have a lot of sewing experience or access to special materials. Best of all, when your co-workers receive your handmade bags, they’ll know you took the time to create something special just for them.


The holiday season can be both happy and stressful. Choosing the ideal presents to express your gratitude to friends, family, and coworkers can be difficult. Making your own Valentine’s Day presents is a terrific way to show your coworkers you care and that you want to make them feel special.

I hope the DIY Valentine’s Day gifts for coworkers ideas presented by WanaTrendy will help you find the right gift for your coworkers. Happy Valentine’s Day!

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