19+ Amazing Valentine Ideas For Teenage Son

Valentine Ideas For Teenage Son

Valentine’s Day is coming very soon. You are planning Valentine ideas for teenage son or helping your daughter to choose a Valentine gift for their boyfriend, we are here to help. Below are some carefully selected ideas for this Valentine season.

Valentine Gift For Teenage Son

Games And Toys

1. Spill Proof Washable Paint Set

This is a very suitable gift for boys, it can give your teenage son some relaxing time after a school day. It allows them to be creative without worrying about getting their clothes dirty (because they are completely washable). In addition, it will help stimulate your son’s creativity. This Spill Proof Washable Paint Set makes an excellent Valentine idea for teenage son.

Spill Proof Washable Paint Set

2. Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

This is an interesting Valentine gift regardless of adults or children because it’s not easy to solve. If your little boy loves to explore and discover, this gift is a perfect choice for you. Besides, it can stimulate the creativity and intelligence of young children, helping them to avoid too much exposure to technological devices. Therefore, it could be one of the best Valentine ideas for teenage son.

Infinity Cube Fidget Toy

3. Scrimish Strategy Card Game

This game is easy to play, it requires strategy, memory, and misdirection. Moreover, it is also suitable for playing in groups such as playing with family and friends. This Scrimish strategy card game is perfect to play in the Valentine season because it can help with emotional bonding between family members so that everyone can understand each other’s personalities better after each game. It is especially suitable for your teenage son on this Valentine’s Day.

Scrimish Strategy Card Game

4. Hookey Game

This is also a group game, a home version of the classic pub game, Rings, Hookey is a hook toss game from BS Toys, so it is very suitable for family gatherings. This game can be very dramatic and stimulate the child’s competitiveness. As all the boys will definitely love this game, it is a smart Valentine ideas for teenage son.

Hookey Game

Accessories And Clothes

1. Athletic Socks

This is a very practical gift for your teenage son on Valentine’s Day because they are often very absent-minded and forget a sock somewhere, or have a hole in the sock. Socks for boys are never enough, especially athlete socks for sporty boys. Moreover, the Valentine gift can also become a reminder for them to remember the giver every time they use it.

Athletic Socks

2. Funny Graphic Tee 

Funny graphic tees are trending in recent years. You can order a shirt and print whatever picture or thing you want. Moreover, you can buy multiple shirts and wear them together to make it couple shirt or group shirt. This will be a very interesting Valentine gift for teenage son, I guaranteed that they will love it and laugh so hard when they get the gift from you.

Funny Graphic Tee 

3. Nike Slides

Nowadays, slides are extremely trendy. They are convenient items and can be used on many occasions. You should choose slides from reputable brands to ensure the best quality and choose neutral colors because it will make it easier to mix-match. This Valentine gift for teenage son is well worth the investment!

Nike Slides

4. Winter Hoodie

Hoodie makes an excellent Valentine gift for teenage sons or any boys at any age. He will love getting this very practical gift for Valentine’s Day and a hoodie in his favorite color will be the perfect addition to his Winter wardrobe.

Sport Shoes

5. Sport Shoes

Entering teenage years, boys will start to be more active and sport is indispensable for them, so a good pair of durable sneakers is a perfect choice for your teenage son on Valentine’s Day. A good pair of sports shoes will nurture your child’s feet, allowing him to play to his fullest.

Sport Shoes

Technological Devices

1. Wireless Earbuds

People no longer use conventional wired headphones but switch to wireless earbuds. Moreover, it is also considered a fashionable item. I’m sure that any teenage boy would love to receive such a wireless headset on Valentine’s Day. Wireless earbuds are convenient, compact, and deliver great sound quality, who can refuse?

Wireless Earbuds

2. Smart Watch

Smartwatch is one of the best Valentine ideas for teenage son. At this age, your boy can get caught up in games and forget about studying, this is probably a device that can remind him at such times. Smartwatches also have other useful functions to help monitor health such as measuring heart rate, steps taken, calories burned … This amazing little device can help him stay active and healthy.

Smart Watch

3. Nintendo Switch Gaming Console

This is a new product that surely every teenage boy would love to have. Not only is it trendy, but it’s also fun, so it’s an ideal Valentine gift for teenage son. This product is available for purchase at any tech store. A brand new Nintendo switch gaming console would be perfect for Valentine Gift idea to satisfy your teenage son who loves playing games.

Nintendo Switch Gaming Console

4. Film Camera

In recent years, the trend of photography with film cameras has started to return. Teenagers nowadays value authenticity, and nothing is more authentic than real film photography so let’s have this as an interesting Valentine gift for teenage son. The film cameras could bring back the old-school vibe. Whatever photos you shoot with it, they’ll come out looking like they’re one-of-a-kind.

Film Camera

5. Mechanical Keyboard

Today, studying and working online is becoming more and more popular, so it is very necessary to give your teenage son a set of mechanical keyboard on Valentine’s Day. Mechanical keyboards give a distinct tactile and audible response as you type, which many users swear has helped them work faster and more efficiently – useful skills for any 21st century teen.

6. A Smart Phone

Smartphones are an indispensable item in today modern life. It can help your teenage son with his studies, entertainment, and connection with people. Moreover, a smart phone can also be used as a trendy accessory. This gift can definitely e a great Valentine idea for teenage boy.

7. A Tablet

Besides smartphones, this is also a very real gift to help in the learning process. This will certainly be a very useful gift for taking notes while studying. If your teenage son is an inquisitive and tech-loving boy, this gift is a great choice for Valentine gift. Unlike phones, tablets have a bigger screen, so all operations on them are easier and more convenient.

A Tablet

Food And Wellness Care

1. Chocolate Candy

Chocolate is the symbol of Valentine’s Day, this is also an indispensable sweet gift on this holiday. This gift is suitable for teenage boys of all ages, even the most pickies person will love this gift. But be careful to choose a chocolate with moderate sweetness that suits your son’s taste.

Chocolate Candy

2. Vitamin Supplements

Teenage is the period when your son develops the most. In this period, it is easy for him to lack of essential vitamins and minerals, so supplements are essential at this time. This reason makes vitamin and mineral supplements a thoughtful Valentine idea for teenage son. You should buy supplements containing vitamins and minerals that are easily deficient in this age group such as calcium, vitamin d, …

Vitamin Supplements

3. Skincare Kit

Is your teenage boy struggling with acne and breakouts? This skincare kit is ne of the most suitable Valentine ideas for teenage son because when kids enter puberty, pimples and breakouts are inevitable, it makes your kids uncomfortable and insecure, so the thing you need to do right now is to buy a skincare kit and show him how to take care of his skin.

Skincare Kit


Thank you for reading this far. We’ve dug through all the Valentine ideas that might be right for your teenage son, and hope that can help you in choosing gifts. If you need more options for gift selection, please visit WanaTrendy. Hope you can find the most meaningful gifts for your son soon!

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