30+ Unique Birthday Gifts For New Moms

Birthday Gifts For New Moms

Birthday is an important occasion for everyone. Therefore, choosing gifts, especially unique birthday gifts for new moms, is an extremely difficult task. If you are still wondering, check out the list below, maybe you will come up with intoxicating gift ideas and make their birthday become memorable.

Why Do We Need To Give Birthday Gift To New Mom?

Pregnancy and childbirth are not easy, and having a baby has completely changed the whole life of the mother. New moms have to focus 100% on their children and have no time for themselves. They tend to be fatigued, sensitive, and physically exhausted, which may lead to postpartum depression. Thus, it is crucial to pay attention to the mental health of new mothers.

We can give praise to them and their children, encourage them, help them take care of their children, and especially, give them meaningful gifts so that they always feel appreciated and cherished. Birthday is an ideal occasion for you to give the woman you love wonderful presents to tell how grateful you are to her for giving birth to your lovely baby angels.

Birthday Gift Ideas For New Moms

1. Baby Strollers

Baby stroller is a great birthday gift for new moms. Instead of having to carry the baby in their arms all day, new moms can let the baby lie down or sit in the stroller and move to anywhere they want safely and conveniently.

Baby Strollers

2. Fruit Basket

For new moms, it is critical to supplement the essential nutrients. So, giving them the fruit basket as the birthday gift is not a bad idea because it provides numerous nutrients that are often consumed sparingly, including potassium, fiber, vitamin C and folate (folic acid), which help new moms have brighter and smoother skin, maintain good health and improve their mood.

Fruit Basket

3. Home Outfit

New mothers must be very confused because their usual clothes become inconvenient. At this time, the postpartum outfit will be a simple but essential birthday gift idea for them to make them feel more comfortable and confident during the breastfeeding time. You should buy cotton fabric clothes, which are cool and easy to move.

Home Oufit

4. Cosmetic

For modern women, beautifying themselves is a must, even for mothers who have just given birth. Therefore, on their birthday, you can give them some cosmetics to care for, improve and restore their skin.

However, you need to choose products that are of natural organic origin, safe and do not contain substances harmful to the mothers and their babies. Products labeled safe for pregnant and lactating women are highly recommended.


5. Scrapbook

Having a baby is such an important milestone in a woman’s life. Helping her own a set of pictures with her baby that documented every moment will surely make her feel more appreciated and grateful.


6. Air Purifier

During pregnancy, women often change hormones inside and outside, so they tend to be more sensitive when there is dust, mold, etc,… in the air, which is one of the factors that make them allergic. When she receives an air purifier as a birthday gift to help circulate the air, creating a comfortable living space, she will feel that you are delicate and care about her health.

Air Purifier

7. Baby Bottles

This is a useful birthday gift for new moms and their babies. However, you need to pay attention to choosing a bottle with a capacity suitable for the age of the baby. If you buy a bottle that is too large or too small, it will be challenging for parents to use them for their children.

Baby Bottle

8. Baby Bottle Sterilizer

This gift will help new moms save lots of effort and time. Moreover, this machine ensures the sterilization process as well as heating the milk according to the standards, assuring the safety of the baby.

Baby Bottle Sterilizer

9. Books For New Moms

For new moms who are bookworms, this is absolutely a meaningful birthday gift. You can choose books about nutritious food for mothers after giving birth, how to understand what babies need, the art of raising children,…

10. Nuts And Seeds

Breast milk is the best food for babies. Nuts and seeds have the ability to enhance both the quality and quantity of milk. Some of the types on the list you should choose are lotus seeds, sesame seeds, walnuts, almonds, etc. The nutritional content of these seeds also helps mothers lose weight quickly, aid in digestion, improve resistance for better postpartum recovery.

Nuts And Seeds

11. Shower Gel

You can never go wrong with showel gel. This is a must-have item for every child, and definitely one of great birthday gifts for new moms. Yet, you should choose products of good quality, preferably of natural origin to limit irritation to the baby’s sensitive skin.

Shower Gel

12. Scented Candles

The scent is the best thing to store memories and evoke emotions. The faint scent of candle will help her relax and stimulate concentration easily.

Scented Candles

13. DHA Supplements

DHA has always been recognized as one of the important ingredients for health, helping to support brain and visual development for infants and young children. During pregnancy and breastfeeding, the baby will continuously absorb the amount of DHA in the mother’s body, so it is essential to maintain DHA and blood levels before, during and after pregnancy

DHA Supplements

14. Multi-Purpose Hot Packs

Hot packs keep her warm in winter, relieve spasms in the cervix. Besides, the hot compress will help blood circulation better and support blood vessels, muscles, uterine vessels to recover to their original size faster to help the abdomen shrink. Therefore, giving hot packs to new mothers on their birthday shows your thoughtfulness and concern for them, helping them feel more understood.

Multi-Purpose Hot Packs

15. Baby Bag

New moms are always busy with many miscellaneous items when going out. Due to this fact, a multi-purpose baby bag will be very useful for them, and they can add countless other personal essentials.

Baby Bag

16. Baby Carrier

Baby carriers a very useful product for postpartum mothers. They can both take care of their children and do other jobs, besides helping the baby sit up straight in many different angles and positions.

Baby Carrier

17. Nursing Tops For Breastfeeding

New moms are always looking for products that are suitable and convenient when breastfeeding. Be subtle to choose to buy nursing tops for the woman you love as her birthday gift.

Nursing Tops For Breastfeeding

18. Stretch Mark Cream

Stretch marks are a common problem for mothers after giving birth, so stretch marks treatment products can be a great idea when you don’t know which birthday gift to choose, which has the ability to reduce stretch marks, fade scars, offer essential vitamins for skin.

Stretch Mark Cream

19. Breast Pump

A breast pump will be a practical birthday gift for new moms. You should choose a breast pump that is made of BPA-free materials that do not cause irritation to the mother’s skin.

Breast Pump

20. Diapers

Giving diapers to new mothers is an extremely useful birthday gift. Because the cost to buy diapers for babies accounts for a large percentage of the parent’s child-rearing costs. When buying diapers, it should be noted to choose a good absorbent, soft, light, non-irritating for baby’s skin


21. Bath Bomb

Glorious bath bombs are really significant birthday gifts for new moms. Bath bombs that have lavender, chamomile or rose essential oils in the ingredients can help her relax, whereas those contain avocado, coconut oil, almonds and cocoa can moisturize and soften the skin.

Bath Bomb

22. Baby Bodysuit

Infants have a very large excretory frequency, so mothers are often busy washing their children. The selection of clothes that help mothers in cleaning the baby will be very popular. You can consider buying bodysuit clothes to give to mothers as their birthday gift

Baby Bodysuit

23. Massager

Taking care of babies always takes up a lot of mother’s time, so the belly massager will be a great birthday gift for new mothers to help firm the body, support pain treatment.


24. Jewelry

Jewelry is considered a classic gift for women. It shows both preciousness, luxury and high aesthetic value, so if you want to give jewelry to the new mom as a birthday gift, she would love to and feel appreciated. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets are common options that you can consider.


25. Flower Bouquet

Women love flowers, especially on important occasions in life. Brilliant bouquets of flowers carefully wrapped for new mothers on their birthday will make them feel cherished, having a great effect on their mood throughout postpartum period.

Flower Bouquet

26. Spa Or Massage Service Voucher

Women after giving birth are often prone to symptoms such as neck, back, shoulder, and nape pain. Hence, spa or massage service voucher will be a practical birthday gift to help them have time to take care of themselves, relax with treatments and improve vertebral functions.

Spa Or Massage Service Voucher

27. Baby Crib

Babies are used to the tight environment in the womb, so when they are born, they often do not immediately adapt to the large environment, so the crib helps the baby feel comfortable, safe and easily have a deep sleep. This is definitely a birthday gift that all new moms love to have.

Baby Crib

28. A Romantic Dinner

A meal at a luxurious restaurant with flickering candlelight and a red wine will help increase the romance for her birthday and will definitely be a great gift for her. Many new mothers shared: “it takes a long time after giving birth that her husband drove her to a restaurant to dine in a romantic space”. This shows that despite being a mother and busy with infants, women still have the need to be pampered with basic needs and want to feel that their man cares about her.

A Romantic Dinner

29. Crochet Baby Blanket

Baby blankets are also a suitable choice if you still think of a birthday gift idea for new moms that can both be kept as a souvenir and can be used. There are countless crochet blanket with cute designs, but you need to determine soft, non-ruffled products because the baby’s skin is still extremely immature and sensitive

Crochet Baby Blanket

30. Baby Bath With Thermometer

What could be more wonderful than giving new moms baby baths so that they can play with their children during bath time? The collapsible bathtub with thermometer is a handy product, helping moms easily control the temperature, more importantly, the excellent folding ability to save bathroom space.

Baby Bath With Thermometer

31. Essential Oil Diffuser

Essential oils are a natural way to bring a sense of relaxation in the home or apartment, helping relieve stress and promote vibration. Lavender oil can help new moms relax before bed, while eucalyptus oil can help her relax.

Essential Oil Diffuser


Hopefully, our article has helped you come up with the most unique birthday gift ideas for new moms. If you want to have more, please access to our website WanaTrendy to explore wonderful ideas we have drawn for you. Thanks a lot!

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