26+ Good Christmas Gifts For Pregnant Women

Good Christmas Gifts For Pregnant Women

Christmas is coming to town. What have you prepared for this special day? Your wife or your friends are pregnant and you want to give them Christmas gifts but still don’t have an idea? Take a look at good Christmas gifts for pregnant women that we would like to suggest to you. You will certainly not be disappointed.

Why Do We Need To Give Christmas Gifts For Pregnant Women?

Pregnant women experience hormonal changes that affect the nervous system, in which mood-enhancing substances (such as serotonin) cause psychological disturbances. Therefore, many pregnant women feel tired, stressed, anxious, nauseated, unreasonably hungry, uncomfortable, forgetful, irritable… At this time, pregnant women are very sensitive, so we need to take care of their mood and make them feel loved and appreciated.

Because of this, on the important occasions of the year, especially big holidays like Christmas, we should give practical and meaningful gifts to the pregnant women we love, because it will help them to be more motivated and be able to go through the pregnancy with joy and excitement.

You can think about giving gifts that are good for mom and baby (nursing bra, newborn gift box), or help to take care of women’s beauty (masks, body lotion), improve their mood (headphones, decorative trees),… Surely, they will feel extremely touched because she is so cared for and understood.

Christmas Gifts For Pregnant Woman


1. Headphone

During pregnancy, listening to music will not only help the mother feel comfortable and uplifted, but also positively affect the fetus. The positive vibes generated by listening to music create prenatal stimulation that helps mothers bond with their babies. These vibrations have the ability to reduce the stress and anxiety of the mother which in turn also reduces the stress that the fetus may feel in the womb. Therefore, music headphones are definitely a great Christmas gift for pregnant women that we would like to recommend to you.

Mini Speaker

2. Mini Speaker

Because of the positive effects of music on the fetus, the mini speaker is also one of the unique gifts you can give to a pregnant woman at Christmas. The mini speaker with colorful lights and good sound can help pregnant women relieve stress, relax with their favorite music and play music for the fetus to help improve reflexes and senses of hearing

Nourishing Masks

3. Nourishing Masks

Taking care of beauty during pregnancy is also extremely important for women. Pregnancy changes the hormone levels in a woman’s body, which easily leads to skin problems such as acne, dry skin lacking moisture, dehydrated skin, etc. Thus, using nourishing masks is such an effective solution for pregnant women that helps them improve skin condition, provide enough moisture and nutrients to the skin. In addition, nourishing masks also have a relaxing effect and relieves stress for pregnant women

Body Lotion

4. Body Lotion

Body lotion provides enough nutrients and necessary moisture for the skin and easily absorbs into the skin thanks to its light, soft liquid texture. Body lotion helps skin soften and increase elasticity, preventing aging to keep skin youthful. This is definitely a Christmas gift that makes pregnant women feel extremely loved.

Drawing Tools

5. Drawing Tools

During pregnancy, women are prone to stress, fatigue, anxiety, long-term adverse effects on the fetus. Due to that fact, a set of drawing tools will be a very unique Christmas gift for pregnant women. It helps relieve stress, express their thoughts and feelings, and is a very meaningful way to record the time of pregnancy. Later, when looking back at the pictures she drew, she will recall the emotions and memories that she had experienced with her baby.

Newborn Gift Box

6. Newborn Gift Box

Newborn Gift Box is a necessary gift for pregnant women, because it includes all the essential items to help them prepare for childbirth, from baby clothes, diapers, to bottles, towels, etc. Pregnant women won’t have to worry that they won’t prepare enough, therefore saving their time and money

Maternity Dress

7. Maternity Dress

When a woman gets pregnant, her usual clothes will gradually become tight. So, giving a maternity dress as a Christmas gift for a pregnant mother is a very appropriate and thoughtful idea. Depending on the style of the pregnant woman, you can choose the right type of dress: lovely babydoll dress, gentle and feminine off-shoulder dress, sexy woolen skirt, etc. You should prioritize choosing a dress with a design and material easy to move.

Maternity Belt

8. Maternity Belt

Maternity belt is also an ideal gift for pregnant women. Thanks to this, they will be able to reduce back pain, joint pain, hip pain,… and can move more easily

Cotton Slippers

9. Cotton Slippers

For the safety of the fetus, pregnant women need to avoid wearing high heels or shoes with soles that are inconvenient to move. You can give them cotton slippers to help them walk more conveniently. Besides, the soft and extremely warm cotton slippers will help keep the pregnant mother’s feet warm, ensuring the health of both mother and baby.

Nursing Bra

10. Nursing Bra

Giving pregnant women a nursing bra to help them breastfeed more easily in the future is also a very thoughtful preparation. Nursing bra with specialized designs will be a very useful item for new mothers’ wardrobe


11. Blankets

A warm blanket that helps keep the pregnant woman’s body warm will be a gift that you should consider for this Christmas. You can choose between woolen blankets or duvets with fun patterns and eye-catching colors

Pregnancy Pillow

12. Pregnancy Pillow

A U-shaped pregnancy pillow will support the sleeping process of pregnant women, thereby helping them have a better and deeper sleep. This will surely be a meaningful gift that you can give to them.


13. Jewelry

Jewelry is never a Christmas gift that goes out of style. You can give a ring, bracelet or necklace to a pregnant woman in the hope that they will always be beautiful and shining, even during pregnancy. Surely no woman can refuse the charm of this special gift

Baby Bottle Warmer

14. Baby Bottle Warmer

The baby bottle warmer is also a tool to help the mothers take better care of their babies. This machine not only works to warm milk, but also warms baby food. So you can consider this gift at this Christmas.

Bath Soap

15. Bath Soap

Bath soaps now have many designs, diverse in uses and functions, so they are one of good Christmas gifts for pregnant women that you can’t ignore. Bath soaps have an oil-control and cleansing effect on the skin. Besides, they contain glycerin which is a good moisturizing compound and skin-friendly, especially for skin with back acne and allergies. However, glycerin is not commonly found in shower gels.

Instant Camera

16. Instant Camera

Giving pregnant woman an instant camera will definitely make her feel extremely surprised and excited. Currently, on the market there are many types of instant cameras with all sizes, designs and colors, which suit different preferences and needs of users.

Photo Frames

17. Photo Frames

You can give pregnant women photo frames with lovely decorations through which they can keep important photos to celebrate their pregnancy. This is definitely a gift that will melt their hearts

Diaper Bag

18. Diaper Bag

After having a baby, every mother has to carry a lot of things whenever going out: bottles, milk, diapers, clothes for the baby. Because of that, a diaper bag will definitely be a great Christmas gift for them. Besides, this bag is also useful for the delivery of pregnant mothers, helping them to carry more things

Baby Keepsake Box

19. Baby Keepsake Box

If pregnant women have a hobby of keeping memories that only belong to their children, the baby keepsake box will be a Christmas gift that they will love. They can keep in it the ultrasound pictures of their babies through each stage, keep their baby’s cute sock or favorite teddy bear. All these things will help them to recall lovely memories with their children


20. Massager

During pregnancy, women will often have to face with pain in the back, neck and shoulders. These pains can be long-lasting and greatly interfere with daily activities. Because of that, owning a massager will help them reduce pain, have better blood circulation and relax effectively. In particular, regular use helps to enhance skin elasticity, limiting stretch marks symptoms for pregnant women. They will absolutely be touched by your subtlety.

Milk For Pregnant Women

21. Milk For Pregnant Women

Milk or nutritional supplements are extremely necessary for pregnant women, helping them and their baby fully absorb nutrients. So, choosing these products as Christmas gifts will help pregnant mothers take better care of their health.

Multifunction Breakfast Machine

22. Multifunction Breakfast Machine

In order to help pregnant women get more rest during pregnancy, you can give them smart kitchen tools to help them relieve some of the pressure and fatigue when doing housework. The multifunction breakfast machine is a good Christmas gift for pregnant women to help them save time and take better care of themselves.

Decorative Plants

23. Decorative Plants

Decorative plants not only make the house more beautiful and greener, but also help improve the mood of the pregnant women. Seeing and taking care of decorative trees will help them reduce stress, fatigue and relax.

Pregnancy Massage Service Voucher

24. Pregnancy Massage Service Voucher

Massage helps to increase blood circulation, provide oxygen and nutrients to the fetus, help the fetus grow healthy, More specifically, with gentle massage movements, it also helps the baby get a sense of touch, thereby helping to stimulate the baby’s nervous system to feel the world outside the mother’s body, helping to develop the baby’s brain best.
Massage can also help improve labor as well as the health of mother and fetus. Pregnant mothers who are relaxed tend to have an easier and less painful delivery, including less risk of having to undergo obstetric technical intervention during labor and delivery.

Air Purifier

25. Air Purifier

The air purifier can kill all bacteria and viruses that are harmful to health, filters PM2.5 fine dust – a type of dust that is dangerous to human health, filters out unpleasant odors, protects the health of both pregnant women and their babies. This will definitely be a very necessary and useful Christmas gift for them.

Maternity Courses

26. Maternity Courses

Maternity courses are crucial for pregnant women, especially women who are pregnant for the first time because they will provide important knowledge about pregnancy. In this course, the mother will listen to lectures, talk directly with experts and practice the necessary skills. Usually, the Obstetricians and Gynecologists will be the ones who directly teach, helping pregnant women have access to the most practical knowledge.

Vacation Trip

27. Vacation Trip

Pregnancy has a great influence on the state of mind of a pregnant woman. You can help them relieve stress and ease their mood by giving them a vacation trip on Christmas holiday. Surely when they come to another land with completely different atmosphere and Christmas vibe, they will chill out and unwind and have a better mentality for pregnancy and childbirth.


Christmas is a very important occasion of the year that we all wait for and enjoy to the fullest. Also, this is a great opportunity for us to show gratitude and care to our loved ones.

Hopefully, through this article, you have given yourself unique Christmas gift ideas for pregnant women. If you want more new and practical ideas, please visit the WanaTrendy website and let us help you with the best gifts.

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