15+ Simple Christmas Decoration Ideas For Church

simple christmas decoration ideas for church

For many individuals all across the world, the Christmas season is a time of joy, celebration, and introspection. As they get ready to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ, churches are in a particular season at this time of year. One way churches can celebrate the holiday season is by adding a few inexpensive Christmas decorations to their interiors.

For a church, it’s crucial to think about the significance and meaning behind each piece of basic Christmas décor. The nativity scene, for instance, symbolizes Jesus’ birth and the hope he brings to the world. A Christmas tree may represent hope for new beginnings and eternal existence.

Simple Christmas decorations are used in churches to foster a welcoming ambiance that promotes introspection and contemplation. Churches may support their congregants in connecting with the actual spirit of the season and celebrating the reason for the holiday by introducing meaningful decorations into their facilities.

In this article today, we will suggest you some simple Christmas decoration ideas for church to make this big event more meaningful.

Simple Church Christmas Decoration Ideas

1. Christmas Wreath

Churches frequently decorate for the holidays with Christmas wreaths. The wreath’s circular form symbolizes God’s eternality and His love for everyone. Usually, evergreen branches are used to make the wreath to represent the promise of the perpetual life that Christ gives.

The foliage is frequently embellished with white blossoms, which stand for purity and fresh life, and red berries, which symbolise the blood of Christ. Christmas wreaths not only have symbolic importance, but they also give the church a festive feel.

Congregants will experience a warm and welcoming atmosphere thanks to the striking contrast between the vibrant green and red and the white walls and pews. Attending a Christmas service enhances one’s sensory experience with the aroma of fresh pine needles.

Christmas Wreath

2. Christmas Tree 

Another well-liked holiday adornment for churches is the Christmas tree. Usually, there are lights, decorations, and a star or angel perched atop the tree. The tree has symbolic significance for Christians, much as the Christmas wreath. The star or angel on top symbolizes the birth of Jesus, while the evergreen tree signifies the promise of eternal life in Christ.

Further to the holiday cheer in the church is the Christmas tree. Worshippers are encouraged to pause and consider the joy and hope of the season through the dazzling lights and vibrant decorations that create a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Several churches encourage their members to contribute ornaments or help hang the lights as part of the tree-decorating process.

Christmas Tree

3. Christmas Crib

A Nativity scene, commonly referred to as a Christmas crib, is a well-liked Christmas decoration for churches. Figures of Mary, Joseph, the infant Jesus, and various animals, like sheep and donkeys, are frequently found in cribs. The crib is frequently positioned inside the church, either close to the altar or in a conspicuous spot where worshippers can see it and consider the scenario.

Christians attach great significance to the Christmas crib because it symbolizes the birth of Jesus Christ. It serves as a reminder of the Savior’s lowly beginnings and God’s love for all people. Several churches encourage their members to give figures or assist in setting up the scene, involving the community in the construction of the crib.

Christmas Crib

4. Red Poinsettia

During this season, red poinsettias are one of the especially simple Christmas decoration ideas for church. These colorful plants, with their vivid red flowers, provide the inside of the church with a touch of color and beauty. Since they represent the Bethlehem Star, which led the wise men to the manger where Jesus was born, poinsettias have special significance during the Christmas season.

Congregants are reminded of Jesus’ sacrifice for humanity by the crimson poinsettias that are used in churches as a representation of the blood of Christ. The plant’s connection to the holiday and its extensive symbolism make it a meaningful and appropriate decoration for the church during this time of joy and introspection.

Red Pointsettia

5. The Lighted Crucifix 

A strong and important church ornament is the lit crucifix. This representation of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion serves as a reminder of the ultimate offering made in order to atone for sins. The illumination of the cross enhances its symbolic significance by depicting the light of Christ piercing the shadows of sin and death.

At the church, the lit crucifix is frequently on display in a conspicuous spot, like over the altar. Congregants’ attention is drawn to it at times of prayer and reflection, serving as a reminder of the extent of God’s love for all people. The usage of a lit crucifix during the Christmas season also enhances the overall ambiance of the church.

The Lighted Crucifix 

6. Christmas Centrepiece

During the holiday season, a table or altar in a church would generally have a decorative arrangement on it called a Christmas centerpiece. Candles, foliage, flowers, and ornaments are just a few examples of the many components that can be used in these centerpieces. In addition to completing other Christmas decorations like wreaths, trees, and cribs, they are frequently utilized to bring a festive touch to the inside of churches.

Also, the usage of a Christmas centerpiece can act as a focal point for attendees during times of prayer and reflection, fostering a welcoming atmosphere within the church. Generally speaking, a well- created Christmas centerpiece may be a lovely and significant addition to any church during the holiday season.

Christmas Centrepiece

7. Idols and Figurines

Depending on the faith and tradition, many types of idols and figurines are used as decorations in churches. Some churches show statues and images of saints and other biblical characters to enhance the worship service and aid in concentrating the devotion of the attendees.

While some people feel they may detract from the worship of God alone, the usage of idols and sculptures is discouraged or even outright forbidden in some churches. Regardless of the church’s position on idols and figurines, Christian worship is always centered on God, and any decorations or pictures utilized should help to improve rather than to diminish that worship experience.

Idols and Figurines

8. Shimmering Candles

Shiny candles are a stunning and time-honored addition to church design. During religious rituals or occasions, their dancing flames provide a quiet and tranquil environment that is ideal. They can convey a sense of stability and comfort while also representing hope and faith with the gentle, pleasant light they emanate.

Moreover, candles have been used in religious settings for a very long time—going back many centuries. The candles’ sheen enhances their beauty and intensifies the allure of the scene. Shiny candles are a classic and sophisticated choice for church design overall, adding to the room’s solemnity and devotion.

Shimmering Candles

9. Sparkling Exterior Lights

A church can be beautifully decorated with glistening external lights, especially during the Christmas season. Visitors are drawn in and the festive and friendly ambiance the glittering lights generate contributes to the overall feeling of joy and celebration. The lights can be placed in a variety of patterns and hues to provide a striking display that is visible from a great distance.

They also serve a utilitarian function by illuminating the church’s exterior, which helps tourists walk it more easily and safely. Overall, adorning a church with glistening exterior lights is a common and efficient technique to enhance its attractiveness and festive spirit.

Sparkling Exterior Lights

10. Christmas Gift Boxes

A unique and enjoyable method to decorate a church for the holidays is with Christmas gift boxes. They can be utilized in many different ways, such as stacking them to make a distinctive centerpiece or scattering them throughout the church to up the festive vibe.

The present boxes’ bright bows and wrapping paper contribute to the season’s whimsical and happy atmosphere. The boxes can be used for more than just decoration; they can also be filled with little presents or refreshments.

These can be distributed in the community to show love and goodwill by being given to youngsters or donated to those in need. All things considered, Christmas gift boxes make a lovely and endearing complement to any church’s holiday decorations.

Christmas Gift Boxes

11. Christmas Fireplace

A church over the holidays may benefit from having a Christmas fireplace as a cozy and welcoming touch. A nice and quiet environment is created by the fire’s flickering flames and warm glow, making it ideal for gathering and contemplating the actual meaning of the holiday. The room can be made more joyful and cheery by adorning the fireplace with holiday garlands, stockings, and ornaments.

The warmth of a community and the harmony of faith can also be represented by the fireplace, which can bring people together during a time of celebration and reflection. The beauty and significance of the holiday season in a church can be greatly enhanced by the addition of a Christmas fireplace.

Christmas Fireplace

12. Christmas Cards

Christmas cards can add a special and personal touch to a church’s holiday decor. These can be put out on a table for guests to peruse, hung up on a garland, or exhibited on a bulletin board. The cards’ sincere inscriptions and vibrant graphics can transmit the message of love and goodwill while also enhancing the space’s festive and joyous vibe.

The cards are a flexible and adaptable décor option because they may be made by hand or purchased from stores, and they can have traditional or contemporary patterns. Members of the church can design their own cards or add unique touches to ones that were purchased from stores, thus the cards can also be utilized to highlight the talent and creativity of the congregation.

Christmas Cards

13. Christmas Ribbon

Christmas ribbon can be a straightforward yet lovely holiday adornment for a church. Christmas trees, wreaths, garlands, and other decorative items can all be adorned with the ribbon to give the room a festive and upscale feel. Many colors and designs are available for the ribbon, providing countless design options.

It can be used to assemble little accent pieces or to make bows and streamers. While many churchgoers might bring their own ribbons to be placed on a collective display, the ribbon can also serve as a symbol of the community’s solidarity. Christmas ribbon is an attractive and versatile choice for a church’s holiday decorations overall.

Christmas Ribbon

14. Laurel Wreath

For centuries, the laurel wreath has held a special place as a Christmas adornment, particularly in Christian churches. Skilfully crafted from the boughs of evergreen trees, often the bay laurel, the wreath is woven in a circular design, symbolizing the eternal cycle of life.

In Christian beliefs, the wreath signifies the arrival of Christ, and each of its four candles represents the weeks leading up to Christmas. The wreath is often displayed on church doors or walls, serving as a constant reminder of the joy and positivity brought forth by Christ’s birth.

The laurel wreath has also held significance in ancient Greek and Roman cultures, representing victory and success. In modern times, it continues to be a popular decoration during the festive season, adorning numerous locations, including homes, businesses, and public areas, each with its own unique twist on the classic design.

Laurel Wreath

15. Mini Christmas Trees

A fantastic complement to any church’s holiday decor is mini Christmas trees. These tiny, cheerful trees can be utilized to bring a little holiday happiness to a number of locations, including the altar and the foyer.

These can be embellished with decorations such as garlands, lights, and ornaments to produce a breathtaking visual spectacle that will excite both worshippers and guests. Although members can be requested to bring in their own decorations to hang on the trees, mini Christmas trees are another excellent method to involve the congregation in the decorating process.

These trees are a practical option for a busy church staff because they are also fairly simple to set up and maintain. Little Christmas trees are the ideal way to enjoy the holiday season in your church, whether they are used alone or in conjunction with bigger ones.

Mini Christmas Trees


1. How can we incorporate a religious message into our Christmas decorations?

By including nativity scenes, putting up scripture quotes, or making decorations that express the meaning of Christmas, you can include a religious message in your holiday decorations. You may, for instance, design a display that focuses on the ideas of pleasure, optimism, and peace.

2. How early should we start planning our Christmas decorations for church?

Planning your church’s Christmas decorations at least a few months in advance is a smart idea. To guarantee that everything is set up in time for the holiday season, you will have time to choose a theme, order any necessary decorations, and work with volunteers.

3. Can we involve the congregation in the Christmas decoration process?

Certainly, integrating the congregation into the Christmas decorating process may be a wonderful way to foster a sense of belonging and community. Members can be enlisted to assist with decorating, a workshop for manufacturing decorations can be held, or you can urge them to bring in their own decorations to exhibit.

4. How can we make our Christmas decorations more eco-friendly?

By using recycled materials, using LED lights over conventional incandescent bulbs, and including natural components like pine cones and branches, you can make your Christmas decorations more environmentally friendly. Using decorations that are made locally and organically is another option.


Simple Christmas decoration ideas for church can be a wonderful way to make the season cozy and joyful. Churches can create a festive ambiance that embodies the season by introducing customary features like wreaths, garlands, candles, and nativity scenes.

Furthermore, integrating the congregation into the decorating process can foster a sense of shared ownership and community. Using recyclable materials and eco-friendly lighting will help churches make their decorations more environmentally friendly.

Early planning and a defined theme can assist make sure that the decorations are effective and coherent. It is crucial to keep in mind that the decorations should convey a religious message, whether it be through scripture quotations, nativity scenes, or themes of hope, peace, and joy.

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