25+ Funny Christmas Gift Ideas For Classmates

christmas gift ideas for classmates

As the festive season draws near, many students find themselves contemplating the ideal gifts to bestow upon their classmates as a token of appreciation and camaraderie.

Selecting the perfect Christmas gift for classmates can be a stimulating and enjoyable task, but it can also pose a challenge, especially if you have a restricted budget or limited knowledge about your classmates’ preferences.

When deciding on Christmas gifts for classmates, it is imperative to factor in their hobbies, interests, and any shared experiences throughout the school year. Personalized ornaments and mugs, along with practical items such as journals and stationery, are only a few of the numerous gift possibilities for every taste and preference.

Furthermore, DIY gifts offer an exceptional opportunity to add a personal touch while saving money. Handcrafted presents like cookies, DIY keychains, and friendship bracelets are simple yet considerate offerings that are bound to be cherished by classmates.

In this article, we will give you some Christmas gift ideas for classmates that make them excited.

Ideas For Christmas Gifts For Classmates

1. Bon-Bons

Bon-bons present themselves as a splendid and festive Christmas gift to bestow upon classmates. These petite confections allure the senses with their scrumptious taste and vibrant hues, encompassing a vast array of flavors to cater to individual preferences. Each bonbon is individually wrapped, rendering them an ideal choice for sharing and distributing amongst friends, creating an aura of mirthful festivity.

Apart from their palatable appeal, bonbons possess an inherent charm, stirring up fond recollections of yuletides gone by. They contribute an air of sophistication to any holiday gathering or gift exchange, imparting a sense of grandeur to the occasion.


2. Bubble Wands

Bubble wands are a delightful and whimsical Christmas gift to present to classmates. These charming toys provide countless hours of entertainment, inspiring imaginative exploration and fostering a sense of childlike wonder. Their simplicity also allows for seamless sharing and group play, promoting a sense of camaraderie and fun amongst friends.

Beyond their entertainment value, bubble wands possess a nostalgic quality that can transport one back to cherished childhood memories. They encapsulate a simpler time, free from the complexities of modern-day living, providing a refreshing escape from the stresses of daily routine.

For those concerned about the environment, bubble wands serve as a sustainable gift option that can be enjoyed and reused for years to come.

Bubble Wands

3. Graduation Hats

The gift of graduation hats bestows upon classmates a unique and profoundly meaningful gesture of recognition and accomplishment during the Christmas season. Beyond their symbolic significance, graduation hats also serve as a tangible reminder of this monumental moment, a practical keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.

They serve as a physical representation of the hard work, diligence, and perseverance required to obtain a degree or diploma, a lasting symbol of the recipient’s scholarly journey. By personalizing these hats with messages of inspiration and well-wishes, one can imbue them with a sense of sentimental value that will remain cherished by recipients for a lifetime.

All in all, graduation hats are a truly unique and unforgettable gift option for classmates, an elegant and meaningful tribute to their scholastic triumphs.

Graduation Hats

4. Biscuits With Holly

Biscuits adorned with holly offer a delectable and aesthetically pleasing Christmas gift option for classmates. Their unique twist on a classic treat distinguishes them as a thoughtful and memorable gift, sure to impress and delight recipients.

For those with a passion for baking, biscuits with holly present a chance to showcase their culinary skills and creativity. Personalizing the recipe or adding a personal touch to the presentation elevates the gift’s thoughtfulness, making it a perfect expression of warmth and affection. Their unique twist on a classic treat distinguishes them as a thoughtful and memorable gift, sure to impress and delight recipients.

Biscuits with Holly

5. Snowman Hot Chocolate

Snowman hot chocolate is a charming and delightful Christmas gift option for classmates that exudes a playful and imaginative flair. This creative and whimsical beverage provides a delicious and heartwarming treat that can spread warmth and comfort during the chilly winter months.

The adorable snowman design of the hot chocolate is a visual feast that creates a festive and inviting atmosphere, evoking the playful spirit of the season. Its creamy and rich taste, combined with the fun presentation, make for a unique and memorable experience that is perfect for sharing with classmates.

Customizable and versatile, snowman hot chocolate can be tailored to individual preferences, adding marshmallows or whipped cream to enhance the flavor or customizing the presentation with a personalized note.

Snowman Hot Chocolate

6. Scrunchies Or Hair Clips

They are perfect for keeping hair out of the face during physical activities or for adding a touch of flair to an everyday hairstyle. And let’s face it, who doesn’t need a little help taming their wild mane? These accessories are a lifesaver for bad hair days and lazy mornings when you just can’t be bothered to do anything fancy with your locks.

Plus, with so many fun and funky designs available, you can give your classmates a chance to showcase their individuality and personal style. Whether they’re a glitter and glam queen or a minimalist with a love for muted colors, there’s a scrunchie or hair clip out there to suit every taste.

So, why not gift your classmates some hair accessories this Christmas? It’s a fun and practical way to show them that you care, and who knows, you might just spark a new hair trend in the process!

Scrunchies Or Hair Clips

7. Bouncy Balls

Bouncy balls are a superb Christmas gift for classmates for several reasons. Firstly, they offer an affordable option for students on a tight budget. Secondly, these delightful and playful gifts are guaranteed to bring joy to your classmates. Bouncy balls come in an array of colors and sizes, offering the ability to personalize each gift to suit individual personalities.

Furthermore, bouncy balls are an excellent stress reliever, especially during the busy and often overwhelming holiday season. They offer a quick distraction during study breaks or moments of frustration. Therefore, consider adding them to your Christmas gift list this year, and delight in the smiles and laughter they will bring.

Bouncy Balls

8. Homemade Popsicles

Crafting homemade popsicles is a thoughtful and delightful Christmas gift idea for classmates. These sweet treats are easily customizable, affordable, and simple to make, rendering them the perfect option for students seeking to bestow a meaningful gift without incurring substantial costs.

Creating homemade popsicles empowers you to unleash your creativity with various flavors, incorporating fresh fruits, juices, and yogurt into your recipes. Experimenting with different molds and shapes can add a unique and personal touch to each popsicle.

Beyond their scrumptious taste, homemade popsicles offer a healthier alternative to their store-bought counterparts, often infused with an excessive amount of sugar and artificial ingredients. By preparing them at home, you guarantee that your classmates will relish a healthier delicacy, crafted from authentic ingredients.

Homemade Popsicles

9. Candy Cane Lip Balm

Candy cane lip balm presents a delightful and charming Christmas gift option for classmates, offering a creative spin on the classic candy cane while providing a practical and appreciated present.

This festive lip balm not only imparts a delightful holiday flavor and aroma, but it also provides a nourishing and moisturizing treatment for dry, chapped lips that are prevalent during the colder months. It is a thoughtful gesture, showcasing your care and consideration for your classmates’ well-being.

Furthermore, candy cane lip balm boasts compact and cute packaging, rendering it effortless to wrap and distribute to your peers. It is a fantastic option for students desiring an affordable and distinctive gift idea.

Candy Cane Lip Balm

10. Fluffy Santa Slime

Fluffy Santa slime presents a unique and delightful Christmas gift idea for classmates. It is a playful and interactive gift that will undoubtedly evoke smiles and joy from your peers.

This festive slime features an innovative design that resembles Santa’s traditional red and white attire, complemented by a fluffy texture that adds an extra layer of excitement. It delivers an enjoyable sensory experience that enables your classmates to stretch, mold, and manipulate the slime into various shapes and designs, fostering creativity and imagination.

Moreover, fluffy Santa slime functions as a remarkable stress reliever, presenting a fun and engaging activity that can be enjoyed both individually and as a group. It is a fantastic gift option for students desiring to infuse a dose of holiday cheer and excitement into their classmates’ lives.

Fluffy Santa Slime

11. Nail Polish

Nail polish presents a timeless and flexible Christmas gift option for classmates. It is a considerate gesture that is both practical, budget-friendly, and enjoyable.

Nail polish offers an extensive range of shades and finishes, enabling you to tailor the gift to your classmates’ preferences and personalities. The diverse color spectrum includes vibrant, attention-grabbing shades, as well as soft and subtle tones, ensuring that there is a hue of nail polish to suit everyone’s tastes.

Moreover, nail polish serves as an invaluable item that can be used daily or on special occasions. It is a small yet valuable gift that can assist your classmates in feeling polished and elevated.

Nail Polish

12. Clay Miniatures

Clay miniatures offer a truly unique and personalized Christmas gift option for classmates. These carefully crafted creations allow you to tailor each gift to your classmates’ individual interests and hobbies, resulting in a truly customized present.

Using clay, you can create delightful miniatures of animals, food items, and other objects, making it a versatile gift that can suit a variety of tastes. Each miniature is unique, and your classmates will appreciate the time and effort you have put into creating a gift that is tailored specifically to them.

Not only are clay miniatures visually appealing, but they also provide a tactile and sensory experience. Your classmates can hold and manipulate their miniature gifts, making them an interactive and enjoyable present. The creativity and personalization involved in creating clay miniatures make them a thoughtful and special gift that your classmates will cherish.

Clay Miniatures

13. Personalised Santa Hat

A personalized Santa hat is a charming and exclusive Christmas gift idea for classmates. It adds a delightful and whimsical element to any holiday outfit and is sure to spread joy among your classmates.

A personalized Santa hat can be tailored with your classmates’ names or initials, making it a thoughtful and individualized gift that showcases your attention to detail. It is an excellent way to make your classmates feel exceptional and included in the holiday celebrations.

In addition to being a fun accessory, a personalized Santa hat is also practical and versatile. It can be worn to school events, holiday parties, or even used as a decorative piece for your classmates’ rooms. Moreover, a personalized Santa hat is a budget-friendly and easy gift option for students who want to give their classmates a meaningful present without spending too much.

Personalised Santa Hat

14. Homemade Bird Feeder

A DIY bird feeder is a thoughtful and eco-conscious Christmas gift option for classmates. It is a meaningful way to demonstrate your appreciation for the environment and an opportunity to connect with nature.

A homemade bird feeder offers an excellent way for your classmates to enjoy the beauty of birds, providing a relaxing and educational experience. The gift can be customized to match your classmates’ interests and tastes, making it a unique and personalized present that shows how much you care.

The possibilities for a homemade bird feeder are endless. You can use recycled materials such as plastic bottles, and wooden boxes, or even repurpose household items, resulting in a creative and eco-friendly gift.

Homemade Bird Feeder

15. Kindness Pencil Toppers

Kindness pencil toppers are a delightful and uplifting Christmas gift idea for classmates that inspires them to spread positivity and kindness in their daily lives. These pencil toppers come in various designs and feature motivational quotes or messages of encouragement. They can be conveniently attached to pencils or pens, making them a useful and practical gift for use at home or school.

Furthermore, kindness pencil toppers contribute to creating a supportive and uplifting classroom environment by encouraging students to treat each other with kindness and respect. The simple act of using a pencil topper with a positive message can help brighten someone’s day and make a difference in their mood and attitude.

Kindness Pencil Toppers

16. Colorful Beaded Bracelets

A colorful and beaded bracelet is an excellent choice for a playful and delightful Christmas gift for your classmates. Each bracelet has its unique design and pattern, which makes it a charming and personalized present that your classmates will cherish.

These bracelets not only serve as a trendy accessory but also as a meaningful expression of your friendship. You can handpick colors and patterns that suit your classmates’ personalities, hobbies, and preferences, resulting in a truly thoughtful gift.

The versatility of beaded bracelets makes them a perfect accessory for any event. They can be worn alone or paired with other bracelets, providing endless opportunities for mix and match. Whether your classmates wear them to school, parties, or lounging around at home, they will surely add a touch of sophistication and elegance to their outfits.

Colorful Beaded Bracelets

17. DIY Snowman Kit 

A do-it-yourself snowman kit makes for a delightful and imaginative Christmas gift idea for classmates. This thoughtful present invites children to exercise their creativity and engage in a tactile activity, crafting their very own snowman from scratch. The kit typically comes complete with all the necessary materials, including a snowman hat, scarf, carrot nose, and buttons, as well as detailed instructions on assembling the snowman.

Bestowing a DIY snowman kit upon classmates is a thoughtful way to inspire the imagination and foster creativity, all while providing a memorable and engaging activity for the holiday season. With its numerous advantages, the snowman kit is certain to be a cherished and lasting gift.

DIY Snowman Kit

18. DIY Picture Frames

Crafting personalized DIY picture frames for classmates during the holiday season is a charming and meaningful gesture that exudes thoughtfulness and a personal touch. This delightful activity not only fosters creativity and problem-solving skills but also encourages students to express their unique personalities through their designs.

The materials required for this craft are readily accessible and economical, including wooden or cardboard frames, paint, glue, stickers, and other decorative items. Each student can infuse their frames with their personal style, and interests, or even consider the preferences of their classmates, rendering each gift as a one-of-a-kind keepsake.

Presenting a DIY picture frame to a classmate allows them to showcase cherished memories or artwork, lending a warm and personalized touch to their surroundings.

DIY Picture Frames

19. DIY Shrinky Dink Keyrings

Crafting a DIY shrinky dink keyring is a brilliant and cost-effective Christmas gift idea for classmates. This inventive project involves using shrinkable plastic to produce personalized keyrings that can be fastened to a backpack, keys, or pencil case.

After completing the design, the plastic sheet is cut to size, and the design is transferred to the sheet. Subsequently, the sheet is heated and shrinks to form a durable, small-sized, and intricate keyring.

Making DIY shrinky dink keyrings offers a fantastic opportunity for students to demonstrate their creativity and design skills while fashioning a unique gift for their classmates. These keyrings can be tailored to incorporate their favorite drinks, hobbies, or sports, contributing a personal touch to their possessions.

DIY Shrinky Dink Keyrings

20. Handmade Snow Globe

Crafting a handmade snow globe is one of the most enchanting and unparalleled Christmas gift ideas for classmates. This DIY project involves creating a delightful winter wonderland within a glass jar, complete with glitter and miniature figurines.

Handmade snow globes are an ideal outlet for students to showcase their creativity and design skills while fashioning a truly unique and personalized gift for their classmates. These snow globes can be tailored to include favorite colors, themes, or seasonal elements, offering a personal touch to their classmates’ holiday decor.

Handmade Snow Globe


In conclusion, Christmas gift ideas for classmates present a delightful opportunity to honor the holiday season in the company of your peers. While it may seem expedient to settle for a generic gift card or pre-packaged present, taking the time to customize your offering conveys to your classmates that you hold their friendship in high esteem and cherish their presence in your life.

When contemplating gifts for your classmates, contemplate their unique interests and passions. A thoughtful, modest present that aligns with a mutual interest can foster enduring connections with your classmates. Alternatively, a functional gift, such as school supplies or scrumptious snacks, may ensure your classmates derive utility from your offering.

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