15+ Awesome Mother’s Day Gift For Church

Mother's Day Gift For Church

Looking for a Mother’s Day gift for church? Do you think Mother’s Day is not necessarily just for your mother? Then our topic will give you the right gifts for you to give to the women in the church, or the nuns on Mother’s Day.

How to choose a suitable gift for the church?

Choosing gifts for one person is already a problem, you will have to choose gifts for a group of people at church will not be easy. A gift cannot be of great value because not everyone is economically good. The gift must also be simple, in keeping with the modesty of the believer.

Below we’ll list a few gifts that might fit the above criteria.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas For Church

Blessed Gold Metal Key Chain

1. Blessed Gold Metal Key Chain

A small but delicate and meaningful gift is a good idea to give to the nuns in the church. The keychain with the meaning of blessing the owner will be a more suitable gift for believers and pious people who believe in Jesus. When wearing the bracelet, it will be like praying for good things every day, every moment in life.

Jesus Coffee Mug

2. Jesus Coffee Mug

A personalized coffee cup printed with Jesus or prayers, quotes, or a blessing will surely be a gift that any pious person would love to own, so Giving these coffee mugs to the nuns is sure to make them very happy.

Cross Signal Candle

3. Cross Signal Candle

According to Christianity, candles are symbols of light illuminating the world, dispelling darkness and death. When the candles are lit, it is as if the Lord himself is present in the ceremony. Therefore, giving a believer a candle will show your respect for the other person, as well as ask God to always be there to help enlighten them.

Jesus is my joy tote bag

4. “Jesus is my joy” Tote Bag

It is a useful accessory that helps the nuns show their devotion to Jesus and a convenient bag to store personal belongings. This bag is an adorable and practical gift for any woman on Mother’s Day.

5. Fresh Flowers or Succulents

Religious believers will certainly love things and plants, so fresh flowers or berries will be a lovely gift for them as a Mother’s Day greeting. When raising a bonsai, the mother’s soul will also feel comfortable and happy.

6. Cookies, Doughnuts, or Muffins

Sweets are never a bad idea to use as gifts. So Cookies, Doughnuts, or Muffins are all simple cakes that are suitable for mothers’ day gifts. These cakes are not difficult to find, you can also make them yourself, sending love and sincere wishes to the nuns through these cakes.

“Pray more, worry less” Tea Towel

7. “Pray more, worry less” Tea Towel

Enjoying tea to purify before praying can also be a habit of many believers. A towel to use when drinking tea is also a great gift. Tailor-made scarves with messages with many meanings of luck will be a great choice when you want to give your mothers a gift.

Cross Bracelet

8. Cross Bracelet

Like the necklace, the cross bracelet is also a gift worth considering. Because for believers, the cross will make them feel more secure and safe when they have to go out. They can also use it to pray for themselves in their spare time. This would be a reasonable Mother’s Day gift for church.

Bible Verse Bookmarks

9. Bible Verse Bookmarks

Bookmarks are also great Mother’s Day gifts for church. When reading a book, not everyone has the time to finish reading it in one day. Therefore, bookmarks will help them bookmark the pages they have read so that they can continue reading the book in their spare time. The bookmarks that also carry good words from God are even more meaningful.

Cross Bracelet

10. Cross Necklace

Small items related to Taoism are indispensable for any believer. Many people will have their own items to carry with them at all times. A cross necklace is also a gift that should be considered because it can be taken anywhere and is also meant to protect the wearer.

11. Journal Notebook

Taoists will surely get into the habit of taking notes on the bible so that they can pray every day themselves at home. A notebook will become a useful tool for them when needed. What are you waiting for without adding this gift to your list of must-buy gifts?


12. Dreamcatcher

The dreamcatcher is the thing that can watch over your sleep, banishing evil things that come near when you are asleep. A dreamcatcher with a cross in the middle for Christians is even more protective. This is also a perfect Mother’s Day gift for moms at church.

Faith Hope Love Socks

13. Faith Hope Love Socks

If your hands have protective gloves, your feet need a sock. A sock will keep their feet clean before entering the church to pray. A sock carrying a good word from God means even more to them. These will be the cheap Mother’s Day gift ideas for church.


14. White Gloves

A pair of white gloves will be a suitable Mother’s Day gift idea for church members because when believers come to pray, they want their hands to be clean before God. The hands have to come into contact with a lot of things outside, so it is necessary to have a glove to protect them. In addition, giving white gloves is also to show respect to other believers.


15. “Jesus Names” Pen

Taoists will probably have the habit of taking notes on the bible or simply quoting dogmas for study and memorization. Therefore, buying a pen engraved with words related to God will be a suitable Mother’s Day idea for church ladies.

16. Jesus Mini Statue

Buying a small statue of God that can be kept in your room or taken with you is a gift that has a profound meaning. Christians will certainly favour gifts related to their faith. A statue of God so that they can conveniently pray even when they are not at home would be a gift worth considering.


The Mother’s Day gift for church above is the ones we have researched and consulted to be able to choose the ones that suit the needs of the majority of readers. Therefore, we hope that after reading this article, you can find the right gifts for this day.

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