15+ Happy Mother’s Day Decoration Ideas

Mother's Day decoration ideas

Have you considered what you’ll do to surprise your mom on Mother’s Day? How about Mother’s Day decoration ideas? Here are the greatest decorating ideas if you’re seeking useful and simple home design inspiration!

You may utilize these suggestions to decorate your home and make the ideal Mother’s Day surprise for your mother. Even if you are a novice, you can make home décor appear stunning by using these fantastic ideas. The extra effort you took to make her feel special on Mother’s Day will be much appreciated by her.

Mother’s Day Decoration Ideas At Home

1. Fresh Flowers

Do you intend to decorate your dear home to celebrate Mother’s Day? People always want to find meaningful gifts to give each other on this special day. But perhaps decorating with fresh flowers will definitely make a new change not only for your home but also for the loved ones around you.  

Fresh flowers will bring life to your home, even making it more beautiful than ever. You can completely change the type of flower or flower color every day according to your own wishes. Surely, this will be the perfect Mother’s Day decoration idea at home. 

Fresh Flowers

2. Personalized Graphic Cake Toppers

Sometimes, Mother’s Day party decoration ideas can be a daunting task. You won’t believe how a personalized graphic cake topper can make Mother’s Day memorable.

With these wonderful impressionist cake toppers, you may customize your dessert. Simply print, cut, tape, and insert into a baked good to make them; you don’t need to be a fantastic artist. These lovely and unique cakes contribute to making your home and loved ones more interesting. 

Personalized Graphic Cake Toppers

3. Lanterns With Fairy Lights

A joyful and simple method to adorn your house or outdoor spaces is with fairy lights and lanterns. They’re especially fantastic if you’re seeking inexpensive and simple Mother’s Day wall decoration ideas for your house. Even if the calm summer nights are coming to an end, you may still have cozy fairy lanterns in your house all year round. It looks very lovely to hang them outside beside organic foliage.

Use lovely fairy lights to amaze your guests by lighting up the stunning space. To prevent lanterns from falling, hang them from trees and balconies using a sturdy rope or wire. For a stunning show, turn on all of your lanterns simultaneously!

You can do the decorations with the simple steps below

  1. Choose the colorful lanterns.
  2. Put fairy lights across the room or anywhere with tape or nails. 
  3. Utilizing the kit’s instructions and unfolding the lanterns.
  4. Hang the lanterns on the led lights.
Lanterns With Fairy Lights

4. Great Mother’s Day Decoration Ideas – Balloon

On Mother’s Day, there are many lovely ways to decorate with balloons to adorn your apartment or home. You may arrange a bouquet of heart-shaped balloons, tie up several balloons and hang them from a window or door, or write some kind words on a balloon and leave it in front of your mother’s house.

How to create the ideal wall balloon heart

  1. Choose a mix of the balloon colors you desire to use for the decorations.
  2. Determine how many you’ll need by measuring the wall’s space.
  3. With the balloons and some tape, form the shape of a heart. Once the heart is formed, fill it with balloons of all various colors or add another outline of a different color.

5. Scented Candles

One of the Mother’s Day home decoration gifts that you cannot ignore is scented candles. Each type of scented candle will have a different scent. Your home will become more beautiful and fragrant with these candles, especially at night. It not only warms your home but also makes your loved ones feel like you’re always there.

Scented Candles

6. Floral Throw Pillow

Surprise women with flower pillows. A flowery throw cushion is a wonderful way to help her enjoy spring and express her appreciation. Trust me! Your home will become more beautiful with this pillow. In addition, the guests coming to the house may love these Mother’s Day decoration ideas. It is both practical, useful, and usable for a very long time.

Floral Throw Pillow

7.  Hand Carved Wood Tray

Mother’s Day home decoration space will become more elegant with the presence of this unique multi-purpose tray. She can use it to serve appetizers or use it to store anything she wants. With different designs, she can completely put this decoration anywhere. I am sure that they will be great home decor Mother’s Day gift ideas.

Hand Carved Wood Tray

8. Pretty Tea Party Set

A tea party would be adored by any mom. Therefore, the most interesting Mother’s Day decoration ideas are the pretty tea party sets. A tea party would be adored by any mom. Let her relax with her preferred cup of tea while she enjoys the beauty of pink blooms and savors colorful macaroons.

Pretty Tea Party Set

9. Three Tier Serving Stands

Most likely, a Mother’s Day brunch will feature adorable pastries, lovely cupcakes, or spectacular sweets that need to be displayed. These three-tier serving stands are perfect for setting up on the brunch table or service areas so that people can enjoy the treats. This item contributes to making Mother’s Day table decoration ideas more wonderful than ever.

Three Tier Serving Stands

10. Blooming Coffee Mugs

With this mug, you don’t have to go far to order a glass of water. You absolutely can make yourself a cup of coffee or tea, then find a comfortable place and enjoy relaxing moments. Additionally, these cups also contribute to adorning the space in your home. You can display it on a table or glass cabinet. So, they deserve to be unique Mother’s Day decoration ideas.

Blooming Coffee Mugs

11. Personalized Mother’s Day Wine Bottle Label

I’m sure you’re all looking for the perfect Mother’s Day decoration ideas as that day approaches. For a mom with a sense of humor, choose personalized bottles of wine to give her. These are also ideal for use as bar decorations during a Mother’s Day party.

Personalized Mother's Day Wine Bottle Label

12. Lovely Vase

Flower vases are also considered interesting Mother’s Day decoration ideas for your home. Even if you’re giving a gorgeous bunch you found at the grocery store or farmer’s market as a gift, putting it in one of these vases will make it into a beautiful, eye-catching centerpiece.

Lovely Vase

13. Mother’s Day Card Decoration IdeasCute Gift Tags

People often leave gift boxes as souvenirs as well as beautify their homes. Of course, a decorative gift tag is an indispensable item. Or you might not even think that a small piece of paper can bring so much love to your gift or home.

Mother's Day Card Decoration Ideas - Cute Gift Tags

14. Dish Towel

You might not believe that dish towels turn out to be the best Mother’s Day decoration ideas. The beloved women in your family definitely need this item. It not only helps her clean the plates and bowls but also can somewhat decorate your kitchen more beautiful.

Dish Towel

15. Custom Black And White Photos – Simple Mother’s Day Decoration Ideas

By framing one of her favorite pictures and placing it on a party table, you may demonstrate how much you genuinely care for her. You can print the image in black and white for a more beautiful touch. Moreover, you can also hang it on the wall of the house to make the wall less empty and add more color.

Custom Black And White Photos - Simple Mother's Day Decoration Ideas

16. Linen Napkins

A little more special than setting out your usual paper napkins, these napkins make a Mother’s Day without particular plans or schedules feel like the special occasion that it is. 

This item is also particularly environmentally friendly. You can reuse it many times without worrying about anything. These will really be very appropriate Mother’s Day decoration ideas at home that you can’t miss.

Linen Napkins


Another fantastic thing about this day? Since it occurs in the height of spring, there are not only indoor decorations but also many outdoor decorations possibilities! The above suggestions are the greatest Mother’s Day decoration ideas that enhance the mood, all for rewarding the one who deserves it most. If you are still wondering which idea suits you best, you can refer to other ideas in the links below of WanaTrendy. We are always with you.