15+ Wonderful DIY Mother’s Day Decoration Ideas

DIY Mother's Day Decoration

Mother’s Day is approaching, are you worried about what to do because just giving gifts is too boring? So what about DIY Mother’s Day decoration? We bring you the most simple and quick decoration designs, suitable for those of you who are too busy or are not skillful. Your mother will be very touched by what you do for her.

Since this is self-decorated, no one has an opinion on the outcome. Even if you are a newbie, you can make pretty simple decorations after reading this article.

DIY Mother’s Day Decoration Ideas

1. Balloon Arch

Balloon arches are the most accessible Mother’s Day decoration ideas DIY to make because the materials are easy to find and easy to shape. Plus, the balloons come in so many colours, you can easily pick out the colour your mom likes. You can check out our how-to guide and sample video below.

  1. Choose a color for the balloons
  2. Inflate the ball
  3. Attach the ball to the string to create a shape on the wall
  4. Stick to the wall
  5. Decorate with flowers, ribbons

2. Scented Candles

A scented candle is sure to be an attractive DIY Mother’s Day decoration ideas for a mother, especially when she is an office worker. After a hard-working day, they will need to relax. You can use your creativity to create lovely shapes or a message you want to send to your mother.

  1. Add a cotton wick to place in the middle of the bowl
  2. Fix the cotton wick with skewers
  3. Melt the perfect amount of wax then put it into the bowl
  4. Cool down to the right temperature to add some dried flowers for decoration
  5. Wait until it totally hardening

3. Photo Clip String Lights

Photo Clip String Lights are fun and inexpensive Mother’s Day DIY decorations to create an accent in your mother’s room. Hanging them up with sentimental photos of your family. These decor items can also be bought on the Internet or in any shop.

  1. Prepare all the materials: family photos, string lights
  2. Fix the photo on the string with a wooden clip
  3. Put the wire lights on the wall according to the shape you want

4. Pretty Tea Party Set Up

Surely any mother would love a tea party organized by their own children. Enjoying a cup of hot tea and delicious cakes while confiding in life stories will help strengthen the mother-child relationship. Surely any mother would love a tea party organized by their own children. Enjoying a cup of hot tea and delicious cakes while confiding in life stories will help strengthen the mother-child relationship. Preparing a tea party is very simple:

  1. First prepare the necessary items such as a teapot, a tea cup, and a cake tray
  2. Prepare delicious tea and buy some favourite pastries or you can also make your own if you can
  3. Make the tea, arrange the cake on the tray, decorate the tea table and enjoy

5. Mini Garland

A lovely headband DIY decoration ideas made of red roses will make your mother stand out at the mother’s day party. It’s not too difficult with materials that can be purchased, you just need to follow the instructions:

  1. Use steel wire to wrap the first flower in the steel ring
  2. Continue attaching the remaining flowers to the steel ring until you are satisfied
  3. Tie the ribbon at the end of the wreath and put it on the head.

6. DIY Cupcake Stand

A party on Mother’s Day must not be complete without cakes, arranged haphazardly on the table is not beautiful. Why don’t you try making a simple cupcake stand? Only with cardboard and toilet paper core, a little decorative paper and stickers are enough.

  1. Three pieces of the round cover of your choice
  2. Use decorative paper to cover the cover
  3. Use empty tissue rolls to make the pillar for the stand
  4. Add stickers to decorate

7. Butterfly Bouquet

Another homemade Mother’s Day decoration ideas is a flower pot of Gypsophila Paniculata, also known as the pure white baby flower decorated with a few colourful butterflies, is sure to be an extremely delicate gift for any mother.

  1. Prepare a medium-sized vase of white flowers
  2. Buy a number of Baby flowers as needed
  3. Decorate with butterfly stickers or decorative butterflies

8. Scalloped Paper Lantern

A lantern is an indispensable item at the party. With just enough soft light and eye-catching shapes, it must have been a great Mother’s Day DIY decoration. With easy-to-find and easy-to-make materials, what are you waiting for without embarking on implementation?

  1. Prepare all the materials
  2. Use wire to wrap it into a circle
  3. Wrap the fabric around the wire to create the lantern shape
  4. Cut small circles from coloured paper
  5. Paste around the lantern
  6. Insert the LED light inside

9. Decoupage Floral Tray

Mothers will surely love to drink tea and coffee. A tray that is sure to be suitable for parties. It’s not difficult to decorate a tray as Mother’s Day decoration ideas DIY for mom by yourself with just a few simple steps.

  1. Buy necessary materials
  2. Mix resin and pour it into the selected mould to make a tray
  3. Add dried flowers to the surface of the resin when they are not yet set
  4. Pour another layer of resin on the surface of the dried flower
  5. Wait for the tray to harden

10. Ruffle Tablecloth

Tablecloths are funny Mother’s Day DIY decorations and indispensable items at parties. It will be more special if there are lovely floating pleats on the pink tablecloth. Your mom will love this table decoration.

  1. Measure the table size to choose the right fabric
  2. Fold the towel in folds like in the video
  3. Use sticky tape to fix the folds

11. Fabric Flowers

The indispensable DIY Mother’s Day decoration item is fabric flowers. Flowers arranged from fabric will be a simple gift, requiring only a little bit of your dexterity. That much will make for a wonderful Mother’s Day for your mother.

  1. Buy fabric or get old fabric from home
  2. Cut the fabric to the size you want
  3. Fold according to the instructions to create a flower shape

12. Pottery Vase

A vase for flower arrangements will be very ordinary, but what if it is a ceramic vase that you moulded and decorated yourself? Surely your mother will be surprised by this decoration. With clay for making pottery at home, it is not difficult for you to shape a vase.

  1. Buy the set of materials at the stores
  2. Making pots from clay
  3. Trim the pattern you like
  4. Let dry until the jar is hardened solid
  5. Paint the vase
  6. Let dry until fully hardened

13. Love Box

A love box, no one can guess what could be inside is also a reasonable DIY Mother’s Day decoration. If you have the box ready, your mother will be surprised by what is inside, or you can leave it as decoration and wait for your mother to open it.

  1. Buy necessary materials
  2. Cut and shape the box
  3. Paste the photo inside the box
  4. Paste more decorations
  5. Boxed

14. Photobook

The photo album is a thoughtful DIY Mother’s Day decor idea that will help moms capture the most beautiful moments to the fullest. This will be a warm and delicate decoration for your mother as well as hope that everyone in your family will always love and be happy together. When you put the album on the decorative table, your mother will see your love.

  1. Buy full materials
  2. Cut the cardboard to make the album cover
  3. Cut the post thinner to make the paper inside the album
  4. Get the attached photo
  5. Decoration around the album
  6. Binding for the album

15. Dreamcatcher

The dreamcatcher is a wall decoration that is both protective and can make your mother excited because of the beauty of the bracelet. More special is the bracelet you made for your mother. It’s also the special DIY Mother’s Day decor ideas.

  1. Buy all materials
  2. Use a cloth string to wrap around the hoop
  3. Wrap the string into the shape you like
  4. Add dried flowers or feathers for decoration


DIY Mother’s Day decoration is very variable, the way you decorate it is up to you. Above we have given the best suggestions. Your mom will be so happy to know how well-prepared her day was.

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