19+ Amazing Mother’s Day Cake Decoration Ideas

mother's day cake decoration ideas

Mother’s Day cake decoration ideas is another topic we want to provide you for Mother’s Day. Rarely do we have the opportunity to express our love and respect for our amazing mother. That’s why Mother’s Day is the right day to do it. During the holidays, it is indispensable for the appearance of a cake. To make it more meaningful, you can decorate the cake yourself to give to your mother or you can do it with her to increase mother-child love.

Here we suggest you some simple decorations that you can make at home to show how much you care for your mom.

Easy Mother’s Day Cake Decoration Ideas

1. Buttercream Cake

Painted with whipped cream and Color Right Performance food colouring. This is an excellent tool for anyone from amateurs to professional bakers to decorate their cakes as they please. This is also a great one for kids to help with, too.

 Buttercream Cake

2. Spirit of Spring Floral Cake

A simple and pretty cake that mom will surely love, even more, special when this cake has the beauty and vitality of spring inside. The first thing to do is outline your flowers on the cake with a toothpick or special tool, then trace over your marks with fresh buttercream frosting. This beautiful and delicate cake will make a great gift to celebrate Mother’s Day.

Spirit of Spring Floral Cake

3. Lilac Flower Cake

A purple cake with the scent of lilac will surely make Mother’s Day even more meaningful. Using lilac flowers to make the cake will give the cake a beautiful purple colour and a very pleasant scent. After the cake is done, you can decorate it with real lilac flowers that have been washed or painted with fresh cream and food colouring.

Lilac Flower Cake

4. Dogwood Blossom Cake

This Dogwood Blossom Cake is dainty and delicate, making it ideal for a Mother’s Day brunch or breakfast. The delicate dogwood flowers are piped with royal icing and can be made a day or two ahead of time to save time. Best of all, this method works on any round or square-shaped cake! Remember to make a few extra flowers just in case.

Dogwood Blossom Cake

5. The Gradient Cake

American-style buttercream or Meringue-style buttercream can be used to create a gradient effect but you will need a batch with extra buttercream because you’re tinting multiple colours. Make sure that each colour looks distinct from the others, especially with more contrasting colours or more romantic with lighter colours the cake will be more dramatic.

The Gradient Cake

6. Floral Garden Cake

Don’t worry if you forget the store-bought flowers; instead, treat mum to this delicious bouquet of buttercream rosettes, drop flowers, stars, and more. This Floral Garden Cake will make her happier than a real flower, it’s also the easy Mother’s Day cake decorating ideas.

 Floral Garden Cake

7. Family cake

Your mother will be moved by a cake filled with wonderful family affection. If you are not a professional baker capable of crafting exquisite statues, you can still embellish it with a family portrait. This is undoubtedly a one-of-a-kind cake and also the meaningful Mother’s Day cake decoration ideas.

Family cake

8. Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Cake

A cake with sour cream on top decorated with berries and chocolate seeds will be an extremely attractive dessert for your mother and also the simple Mother’s Day cake decorating ideas. The combination of sour and sweet will make the taste of the cake more delicious. To make sour cream we can use ingredients such as passion fruit, orange, lemon, or strawberry.

Sour Cream Chocolate Chip Cake

9. Pink and Purple Rosette Cake

This Pink and Purple Rosette Cake is quick and easy to make, making it ideal for decorators on the move! Make a sheet cake with your favourite cake mix or recipe, then top it with pink and purple buttercream rosettes. This floral sheet cake is simple but lovely, and it’s the ideal cake decoration for Mother’s Day.

Pink and Purple Rosette Cake

10. Green Garden Cake

Other Mother’s Day cake design ideas are simple cakes with twigs and leaves for a fresh, summery feel will probably delight your mother. Nothing can bring peace when contemplating this simple but mellow cake. The cake will make the mother feel comfortable after a long day.

Green Garden Cake

11. Summer-Inspired Cake

A cake with summer colors decorated with tropical fruits will suit the taste of mothers on Mother’s Day. You don’t need to decorate too much, just cover the cake with a layer of cream cheese, The surface is decorated with fruits such as strawberries, oranges, etc. If you don’t have time, this is a great option for Mother’s Day cake design ideas.

Summer-Inspired Cake

12. Rosebud Cake

A dark blue cake decorated with lovely little roses would be a good idea to create a cake for any mother who loves roses. You only need 2 large bags of buttercream with 2 colours the dark one, rosebud pink, and a small green bag to be able to create a beautiful cake for mom.

Rosebud Cake

13. Pineapple Carrot Cake

A soft moist cake with sweet and sour pineapple cream will melt your mother’s heart. You just need to cover the cake with pineapple cream, the carrot on top can be bought at any candy store to decorate. It’s another example for Mother’s Day decoration ideas.

Pineapple Carrot Cake

14. Cherry Blossom Cake

White vanilla ice cream cake adorned with cherry blossoms will probably melt the hearts of mothers because of the tenderness that the cake brings. Don’t worry if you’re not skillful, because cherry blossoms can be soaked and served as a side dish, so it’s not difficult to buy flowers that have been processed to embellish your cake.

Cherry Blossom Cake

15. Fleur de Lis Cake

The fleur de lys cake brings the French atmosphere to your home through lovely stylized iris flower icons on a light blue cake background. You can top it with dried flowers or macarons to make the cake look sweeter. Just with the ice cream bags with the right cream tip, the cake can be completed

Fleur de Lis Cake

16. Tiramisu Cake

A cake with a typical Italian flavour, combining both sweet, fatty, bitter, and passionate flavours of wine. With the cool feature that the cake brings, no mother can refuse. Especially the cake is very easy to make, the cream layer only needs Mascarpone cheese, whipping cream, and eggs. You can add alcohol to enhance the taste, and top it with cocoa powder and you’re done.

Tiramisu Cake

17. Field of Daisies Cake

Another easy Mother’s Day cake decorating ideas. Daisy is the name of a flower symbolizing pure beauty. It is a white chrysanthemum with evenly spaced white petals and a yellow pistil in the middle, The flower is small and very fragile. Therefore, it is not difficult to decorate white chrysanthemums on the background of the cake, with just the right tubes of cream.

Field of Daisies Cake

18. Sun Flower Cake

Next Mother’s Day cake decoration ideas is Sun Flower Cake. Cream cakes with bright colours and sunflowers will make your mother feel like she has regained her youthful enthusiasm. Sunflowers with many meanings are especially suitable to express affection on congratulatory occasions and to send messages of joy and excitement about Mother’s Day.

Sun Flower Cake

19. Blue Night Cake

The colour of the night sky is both seductive and mysterious which will surely attract the mother’s eyes. In addition, this cake decoration is not complicated, you can use a toothpick to draw star spots on the dark blue cream background to create a fanciful starry sky.

Blue Night Cake


Do you want to prepare something nice for your mother on Mother’s Day? Whatever your skill level – novice, buttercream addict, fondant fanatic, or gum paste genius – there are certain to be some Mother’s Day cake decoration ideas here that you can make with love for your mother.

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