21+ Special Mother’s Day Gift For Ex-Wife

What about Mother’s Day gift for ex-wife? Have you tried buying gifts for your ex-wife on this day? Buying gifts for ex-wife is not a big deal. There is no need to be too proud, or embarrassed because the two have been divorced.

I think there are some marriages that have to be separated just because the two sides don’t get along, and can still talk to each other later. So why can’t you buy a present for your ex-wife on Mother’s Day? But it should still be encouraged, if you and her have not had any new relationships, you should give it.

If you both already have someone new, this is not very convenient. Newbies will feel uncomfortable knowing this. Either way, we’ll give you the best ideas for what to gift your ex-wife on this coming day.

Mother’s Day Gift Ideas for Ex-Wife

1. Golden Necklace

A gold chain is a pretty meaningful gift if you are looking for something to give your ex-wife. Giving a gold necklace will show that you want money and a smooth career with your ex-wife. In addition, gold also brings good luck in all things.

Gold chain with an age-appropriate design will elevate your ex-wife’s elegance higher. There is not a girl who does not like jewelry, especially jewelry with special materials like this. If you give it to her, she will be very happy to receive it. Not to mention which ring model should be suitable for her age.

Golden Necklace

2. Body wash

The indispensable item for any girl is a bottle of shower gel. If you intend to give your ex-wife a bottle of shower gel, congratulations, you have scored in her eyes. Women are very focused on choosing the right shower gel. Besides, shower gel is an item that is often used every day.

If she receives a shower gel that smells good and has many good effects on her skin, she will be happy that you still care about her so much. Every time she uses it, she will also remember you. This is undeniably a rather unique mother’s day gift idea for ex-wife.

Body wash

3. Body lotion

Taking care of and moisturizing the skin right after bathing is also a way to make the skin smooth and shiny. After bathing, women’s skin will easily dry out. A bottle of body lotion will be the savior for the girls. If you choose a body lotion that matches your ex-wife’s skin tone, she will be delighted to receive this gift.

A variety of body lotions can also help protect against the sun and limit the harmful effects of ultraviolet rays on the skin. You can buy body lotion for day and night for your ex-wife as well. With a practical gift like this, she won’t be able to help but love you.

Body lotion

4. Smartwatch

Nowadays, people prefer to use smartwatches rather than regular watches. Smartwatches can both make calls and also measure heart rate, health advice for users. If your ex-wife is a person who regularly exercises as well as sports activities, a smartwatch will be very reasonable.

The smartwatch is almost a miniature phone, she just needs to carry it and use it when she goes to the gym. It is both convenient and limited to carrying too many important items, which are easy to be stolen. A useful Mother’s Day gift for an ex-wife like this will make her appreciate it.


5. Pleasant Smell Perfume

Perfume is also almost a gift that any woman wants. If you are wondering what to buy is the perfect choice to buy for your ex-wife, hurry up and go to the perfume shop to choose a bottle right away. But one main note is the scent of the perfume.

Each person will be suitable for a different type of scent. If you choose one that is not suitable for your ex-wife, she will have a slight headache when inhaled. If you’ve decided on this gift to give, remember the scents she used to use when the two of you were together. You should go to the store to buy.

Pleasant Smell Perfume

6. Energetic Sport Shoes

A pair of sneakers would be ideal Mother’s day gifts for ex-wife. Especially when your ex-wife is an active person, passionate about sports activities. A sports shoe with a non-slip sole and comfortable fabric construction. When using it, she will not hurt her feet if she moves for too long.

A good pair of shoes can make its owner healthier and more loving. The shoe will stick with its owner through many walks of life. So choosing a pair of shoes that suit your ex-wife will surprise her.

But keep an eye on the shoe size she usually wears, those kinds of sports. Because walking shoes will be different from sports shoes.

Energetic Sport Shoes

7. Useful Canvas Bag

If your ex-wife loves to collect bags, or simply needs to bring too many things every time you go out. You can buy her a canvas bag for her to take with her when she goes out. A canvas bag is also a suitable item for going to the supermarket or going to the market.

Currently, the use of self-carrying bags instead of plastic bags to protect the environment is becoming more and more popular. Few supermarkets want to sell plastic bags when customers come to buy things. You should also see what color she likes, what style she likes to choose one that suits her fashion sense.

Useful Canvas Bag

8. Electric Hot Air Fryer

An electric hot air fryer is also a good Mother’s day gift for ex-wife or someone who is following a clean or low-fat diet. Because with that pot, frying and baking dishes will not consume too much oil. Even just a few drops or nothing is enough to make a delicious dish.

No fat will limit disease. And it will be appropriate if your ex-wife is a person who is exercising or following a certain diet. You can choose a machine with many suitable functions for her to save cooking time.

Electric Hot Air Fryer

9. Sparkly Earrings

Sparkling accessories and jewelry are the love of every woman. No girl can refuse stylish sparkles. Although there are a few girls who only like simple accessories and jewelry. But if your ex-wife is a sparkler, you should quickly run to a jewelry store to pick up some beautiful earrings.

Don’t worry if you don’t know which model to choose, the staff there will enthusiastically advise you. And you can also buy a variety of piercings if your ex-wife likes constant change.

Sparkly Earrings

10. Necessary Tea Set

A box of tea is also a gift you should consider. Tea has many types that work to help brighten skin, sleep better, as well as many other good uses. Giving tea also brings good health meanings. A tea box with a luxurious and sophisticated design will make a great gift to give to your ex-wife.

You can try consulting friends or counselors to choose a tea that is good for your ex-wife’s health. Regular use of tea will see the obvious improvement of users.

Necessary Tea Set

11. Lipstick In Bright Colors

Lipstick is a great secret weapon that every girl carries with her. A bright lip color is a perfect choice for her to wear when simply going to places close to home. Women hate to be seen as arbitrary by others. A lipstick will help her face look fresher.

That’s why every girl needs lipstick every time she leaves the house. You should choose those that can nourish her lips to limit the chapping on her lips. Your ex-wife will be touched by your concern for her.

Lipstick In Bright Colors

12. Colorful Nail Polish Kits

Beautiful nails are also a hobby of many women. Regardless of age, nail polish is a small pleasure for women. If your wife simply likes to try nail polish, or prefers simple paints. But the cost to go to the nail salon is often very expensive and she does not like that.

Then a set of nail polish will be a good choice for a gift. Currently, there are also many types of nail polish that are safe for nails, not abrasive to nails. You can refer to them to choose a safe paint as well as have a set of colors that match her preferences.

Colorful Nail Polish Kits

13. Luxury Silver Bracelet

A luxury bracelet is also a nice gift for Mother’s Day for ex-wife. Bracelets today are an indispensable beauty accessory for any woman. Maybe your ex-wife is also a fan of those accessories. Try to refer to the pretty accessories, suitable for her age.

Or you can also ask the store staff to advise you. A luxurious and aristocratic bracelet will surely break the heart of any woman. You can choose special meaningful bracelets such as bracelets made of precious stones and diamonds as gifts for her.

Luxury Silver Bracelet

14. Facial Cleansing Machine

Hand washing has not been researched to say that it is not enough to be able to remove all the dirt on my face when using it. A washing machine will do the part that hands can’t. With its superior function, it can make your ex-wife’s facial skin cleaner.

If she is lazy, using a washing machine will still be more convenient than normal washing. Please refer to the face wash models available on the market to choose the right one for your ex-wife’s facial skin. This would be the ideal Mother’s Day gift for ex-wife.

Facial Cleansing Machine

15. Fancy High Heels Shoes

No woman in the house is without a pair of high heels. High heels are shoes that can make a woman look more formal and polite than any other shoe. High heels are women’s shoes. Both can look taller and more beautiful in the eyes of the beholder.

Buy your ex-wife a pair of shoes if you don’t know what to buy a new reasonable gift. You should choose a pair of heels that are smaller than your ex-wife’s usual size. Because high heels if worn properly will slip heels.

Fancy High Heels Shoes

16. Red Roses Box

A very traditional gift that any girl will like and easily win women’s hearts. A box of roses is sure to make her happy. Rose is a symbol of love. If you feel that she and you still have some feelings for her, you can risk giving her a rose.

It’s like a clever message about your feelings for her. If possible, book early so that the flower shop can choose the freshest flowers, as well as arrange flowers perfectly so that you can give them to your ex-wife. This traditional gift for Mother’s Day for ex-wife won’t disappoint you.

Red Roses Box

17. Customized Shirt

A cotton t-shirt printed with the text as a message you send to your ex-wife is also a perfect gift. If you don’t know what to buy, this gift is great because it shows your feelings for your ex-wife. A T-shirt with cool material will make your ex-wife feel comfortable wearing it.

That shirt will make her comfortable every time she takes off her tight business attire. The comfort of the shirt will make her relax when she gets home. Cooking, exercising, walking, etc will all be easier with a soft and absorbent t-shirt. This Mother’s Day gift idea for ex-wife will comfort her.

Customized Shirt

18. Rose Candle

Scented candles are often used for relaxation. It works quite well to relieve stress after a tiring day at work. Scented candles can also help make sleep more comfortable. The gentle scent from the candle, along with the warmth from the fire will make her forget the fatigue of a long and tiring working day.

You can choose a rose scented candle, it will be an exquisite mother’s day gift for ex-wife. The scent of roses is very relaxing. She can relax in the shower with this scented candle.

Or use it every time you read a book or listen to music. You should buy several different flower scents for her to try.

Rose Candle

19. Wall Art

Wall art is also the perfect gift if your ex-wife’s house is too bare and lacks decorations. Wall murals will make everything improve. The right picture also makes the house look warmer. Your ex-wife will also enjoy looking at the wall paintings in her free time.

So try asking the artist to draw a picture that you can give as a gift. Painting will still be more soulful than pre-printed pictures. And because it is a painting, it must be ordered early so that the artist has enough time to complete the work before delivering it to you.

20. Heating Pad

Every girl will experience discomfort during her period, the worst of which is stomach and back pain at the same time. Pretty bad, right? So at these times, it is very necessary to use a compress, which can reduce the pain completely.

It can even help her relax her body after a tiring day at work. The body of hard-working people is always likely to get sore from having to constantly handle the work.

The heating pad can make the body more relaxed, more comfortable. She can use it every night or whenever she has free time. This must be a good gift for Mother’s Day for ex-wife health.

Heating Pad

21. Electric Heating Mug

A cup with a kettle is also a good choice if your ex-wife has a preference for warm water, or can’t drink too cold. A cup can keep the temperature of the drink just right so she can use it for a longer time. No more drinking gold just for fear of the drink getting cold.

She can even make milk, coffee or tea with just the cup and its base. She just presses the power button and adjusts the temperature then waits. That’s more than enough to have a satisfying glass of water. What are you waiting for without ordering her a set right?

Electric Heating Mug


Your ex-wife won’t think twice about receiving a gift from you on Mother’s Day. Try to do something unexpected for her. If the two of you still have feelings for each other, this is also a way to gradually get closer to each other.

Compared to both of you wondering about this relationship, you can actively create opportunities. But if your ex-wife no longer has any romantic feelings for you, consider this as a gift of reconciliation so that later the two of you can be normal friends like in the old days.

The ideas for the theme Mother’s Day gift for ex-wife are carefully consulted and listed by us. Hope to help you.

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