15+ Adorable Easter Gift Ideas For Wife

easter gift ideas for wife

If you find this article, surely your wife is a Christian right? And the theme of Easter gift ideas for wife is giving you a headache. Whether you are religious or not, it can be difficult to choose a gift that is suitable and capable of making your wife fall in love with it.

Buying gifts to give to women is often a problem that every man has to think about a lot. If the gift doesn’t match, your wife will be upset all day. So we’re here to help you decide on the right gifts to give her on this occasion. But we should take a look at the Easter day mascots first.

Ostereier or Easter

Eggs are an integral part of Easter. The main reason why the egg appears on this holiday is its meaning. Eggs represent fertility and reproduction. It has been present in human culture for a long time.

Because of this meaning, the egg is a very appropriate symbol for the holiday celebrating the rebirth of Jesus after his crucifixion and death. On this holiday, people can decorate eggs with many colours to send their best wishes to those close to them.

Osterhase/Easter bunny

In addition to eggs, rabbits are a symbolic mascot for Easter. The simple meaning is that rabbits have abundant vitality and healthy fertility. This holiday is about fertility, so the rabbit is a great symbol.

In addition, rabbits are gentle and lovable animals, never harming any other species, as well as eating only plants instead of meat. But there is also a legend related to the rabbit being chosen as the mascot of Easter.

Easter is named after the spring goddess Eastre. And in one year, the goddess brought a late Spring, all animals were tormented by the cold.

When the goddess arrived, she saw a bird dying of cold, so she saved it and turned it into a rabbit to take with her. She also grants it outstanding mobility and great fertility. In the future, she wants the rabbit to hold her lucky eggs and bring spring to Earth on her behalf.

What gift should be chosen?

Since the two prominent symbols of this Easter season are the rabbit and the egg, so as a loving husband, pick out gifts with these two iconic symbols of this holiday. Women often like pretty accessories or jewellery. You can also choose gifts that are specially made for your wife. Things that are only her own usually make her happier.

Good Easter Gifts for Wife

Spa Gift Box

1. Spa Gift Box

On this holiday, your wife must have been busy preparing all day. She also has to go to church to attend Mass, prepare gifts for friends and relatives. After a long tiring day, your wife definitely needs to relax comfortably. So spa gift box will be the ideal Easter gift ideas for wife. When using this spa set, she will be 100% relaxed, in addition, this gift box is inspired by Easter Day and a bottle of wine to sip. She’ll love a gift that fits the holiday mood and makes her relax after a long, busy day.

Easter Necklace

2. Easter Necklace

Women usually like jewelry and beautiful accessories. Then an easter egg necklace with colorful colors will be a gift that will surprise your wife. Eggs with colorful colors, each color has a meaning that will act as your best wishes to your wife on this day. She is a christian, so she will understand the wishes you want to send to your wife this holiday. This bracelet is also a must-have item, because it takes a long time to make the result. You need to order early to be able to have gifts in time. With such a lovely design, your wife will appreciate this gift very much.

Egg Hunt Bag

3. Egg Hunt Bag

A convenient handbag is also a perfect gift. A bag with eco-friendly materials, and designed specifically for the symbols of the holiday. No wife can criticize this Easter gifts for wife. In addition, this holiday is also a day to welcome the passing of winter and the coming of spring. When spring comes, the trees bloom, the use of plastic bags will not match the spirit of this holiday. That’s why you should choose environmentally friendly materials, as well as can be reused many times. Just big enough for her to carry her essentials.

Bunny Mug

4. Bunny Mug

As we mentioned above, rabbits are an indispensable mascot this Easter. Therefore, the rabbit-shaped cup, with the lid with a pair of lovely rabbit ears, will conquer every fastidious wife. A cup with a lid can limit the evaporation of water, keeping the warmth that your wife needs when using this cup. This mug is sold in many stores this holiday, so you can visit anywhere to buy it right away.

Rabbit Earrings

5. Rabbit Earrings

A pair of bunny earrings, handcrafted with safe, rust-resistant materials. There is also a gem that looks like a rabbit holding an egg. This is a piece of jewelry your wife will love. No girl can refuse a gift that is made just for her, as well as so adorable. If you choose this earring as cute easter gifts for wife, you should order it early so that the craftsman can make it early for Easter. Otherwise, you will not have a gift for your wife.

6. Bunny Soap

Rabbit-shaped bath wax, the Easter mascot, is also a good gift. There is no girl who doesn’t need a bath every day. So the thing that runs out quickly is the bath wax. On the occasion of the holiday, you can buy her a set of bath wax which is also very reasonable. You can choose wax with many colors to make the gift more meaningful. As well as choosing waxes with fragrance that you are sure your wife will love. A lovely, colorful gift that will make your wife melt this holiday season.

Easter Glass Bottle

7. Easter Glass Bottle

This Easter glass bottle is not the best easter gift for wife but it’s the creative and cute one. This is totally a gift you can make yourself if you have some free time, otherwise, you can order it at any craft store. With a design that is very suitable for Easter, surely no wife can fault it. In this glass jar, your wife can also put Easter candy in it and then bring it to invite friends, and other Christians when going to church to pray. If you prepare the jar early, you should choose to add delicious candies to put it in.

Easter Egg Holder

8. Easter Egg Holder

It is very inconvenient to prepare decorative eggs without anything to put them in. Not to mention if it’s candy to give away, it’s also quite inconvenient to put it in your pocket. An Easter egg holder will be an extremely practical and reasonable gift to give your wife on this special day. A specially designed box in the shape of a rabbit, the front is closed with a layer of transparent glass to see the color of the eggs. This is a really cute design to give as a gift. Your wife can put eggs inside to bring when going out.

Bunny T-Shirt

9. Bunny T-Shirt

A stretchy, sweat-wicking cotton t-shirt is also the best easter gifts for wife if you don’t know what to buy for your wife at home. On this occasion she will have to dress a little more formal to attend the church prayer. She still has a lot of work to do to prepare well for this important day. A convenient T-shirt will be very suitable for her to move freely without being entangled. A quote that expresses the spirit of this holiday will be very suitable to be printed on the shirt.

Rabbit Bracelet

10. Rabbit Bracelet

How about a pretty bunny bracelet? Surely this will be a lovely gift for you to give your wife. Your girl will love lovely gifts that you choose. The white rabbit and the jewel will surely make her fall in love. This ring will make her confident enough to show off to her friends that her husband has a great eye for aesthetics. He chose a lovely bracelet to give his wife this holiday. With that much enthusiasm, it’s enough to make her love you more

Easter Necklace

11. Easter Bookshelf

A shelf can hold books, notebooks, and can hold Easter decorations. This will definitely be good easter gifts for wife. She will definitely decorate her house to celebrate this holiday. So shelves so she can neatly put decorations on is also a very effective and useful gift. The gift will take your interest in her eyes to another level. Such an ideal and psychological husband, the wife is not proud of the novelty.

Easter Egg Candle

12. Easter Egg Candle

Scented candles to decorate your home this holiday are also a perfect choice as a gift for your wife. It would be even better if it was candles shaped like easter eggs. This can be both a decoration, as well as a gift for her to use to relax. The scent from the candle is very relaxing. After a day of preparing for the holidays, your wife definitely needs to relax. Enjoying sweet treats with a relaxing scent will make her forget her previous fatigue.

Easter Cookie

13. Easter Cookie

This Easter gifts for the wife will be a great choice is your wife love cookie. Cookies are never a bad gift when you want to give someone, even your wife. If you’re smart, you can even do it yourself. What’s more precious than a homemade cake made by your husband? A purchased gift will not equal a homemade gift. If you can, do it for your wife. If you are busy, you can choose to order a cake in the shop with the appropriate holiday shapes and give it to your wife.

Rabbit Keychain

14. Rabbit Keychain

The lovely keychain is also a meaningful gift if you want to give something to your wife. She can often confuse keys with each other, buying her a rabbit keychain is also a good idea. When she was in a hurry to leave in time to prepare for prayer, she just needed to pull out the key with the rabbit keychain and it was the right key. How much time does she save finding the key? This gift is very practical and lovely to give.

Bunny Crochet

15. Bunny Crochet

Bunny Crochet are the Easter gifts for the wife that no wife can deny. A super cute knitted basket. Inside, there are also colorful self-knit eggs, your wife will fall in love with this gift. This is a homemade gift that cannot be purchased at any store. So if you are smart and have free time, then try to follow the instructions online. Otherwise, you have to hire someone to make this gift early to give it in time for the holidays.


Such a meaningful holiday cannot be without gifts, right? So after you finished our article on Easter gift ideas for wife, have you chosen a gift for your wife yet? If so, quickly buy it for her to give as a gift this holiday.

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