34+ Adorable 3 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For Wife

3 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For Wife

3 year anniversary gift ideas for wife, although this is only a small milestone in marriage, it also makes an important contribution to marking 3 years of the couple living with their responsibilities since the wedding day. Finding a companion you can live with for the rest of your life is priceless on the trip through life.

Hence, each couple is strongly encouraged to celebrate their wedding anniversary each year in order to rekindle their emotions, reflect on the special times they have shared, and further their knowledge of one another. It is also the foundation to go further together on the marriage path.

The following article will offer some helpful gift ideas (concluding leather; crystal and glass; as well as alternative 3-year anniversary gifts) that can aid husbands in making an immediate and suitable decision if they are stuck for something to give to their wives on the occasion of their 3rd wedding anniversary.

3rd Anniversary Gift Ideas For Wife

Leather Anniversary Gifts

Leather Travel Jewelry Case

1. Leather Travel Jewelry Case

When you give your wife this gift, she will undoubtedly thank you since it keeps her jewelry organized and prevents her from losing an earring or losing a ring. It also includes various compartments for various uses. Its compactness is significant.

Monogrammed Leather Cuff Links

2. Monogrammed Leather Cuff Links

You might consider choosing this gift for your beautiful wife. These monogrammed cuff links were handcrafted from tan full-grain leather, stamped with a typewriter typeface, and then set in stainless steel. Most importantly, they arrive in a gift box.

Convenient Leather Wallet

3. Convenient Leather Wallet

Your wife will look wonderfully noble with this small, delicate leather wallet. This is one of the best options for the 3 year anniversary ideas for your wife because of its straightforward style and lovely colors. Sometimes the bag takes on a distinctive highlight to make her outfit a perfect 10.

Tory Burch Leather Bracelet

4. Tory Burch Leather Bracelet

Consider giving her a leather bracelet to add variety to her jewelry collection beyond gold and silver. Two or more leather bracelets can be worn at once to make a statement with her clothing.

Leather Gloves

5. Leather Gloves

In the dead of winter, stay warm by wearing a pair of leather gloves. They work well on smartphones and tablets because they are touchscreen compatible. Who doesn’t enjoy a great pair of gloves for cold days? That may be a really useful 3rd anniversary gift idea for wife.

Chronicle Books Pendleton Chess & Checkers Set

6. Pendleton Chess & Checkers Set

Your favorite games shouldn’t be put on hold because of travel. For picnics, road trips, camping, or any other occasion where carrying a bulky traditional board game is not feasible, consider this leather roll-out.

Leather Belt

7. Leather Belt

The leather belt will add class and refinement to her ensemble while emphasizing her trim waist. Do not think twice before adding this item to your cart.

AirPods Pro Case

8. AirPods Pro Case

As earphones are more likely to be lost than house keys, this vegan, cruelty-free case is ideal for storing them for easy retrieval. This might be one of the best options for 3 year anniversary for wife.

Chic Black Leather Jacket

9. Chic Black Leather Jacket

A stylish leather jacket will spruce up your partner’s wardrobe. Leather is durable enough for daily usage, and leather jackets are always in vogue. You can select this shirt in a variety of hues, including black, brown, and gray.

Customizable Leather Smartwatch

10.  Customizable Leather Smartwatch

Since anniversaries are all about marking the passage of time, a watch is a traditional gift. But despite its sophisticated analog look, this is actually a smartwatch and not a conventional watch. It essentially performs all of the functions you’d anticipate (such as showing notifications, counting your steps, and accepting contactless payments), but maintains the look of a vintage clock.

Crystal and Glass Anniversary Gifts

Crystal Pendant

11.  Crystal Pendant

If your lady enjoys crystals, a thoughtful present like this quartz pendant would be appropriate. According to legend, quartz crystals can improve energies and improve memory and attention. Hence, this gift should be placed on 3 year anniversary gifts for wife.

Crystal-Filled Pen

12. Crystal-Filled Pen

This elegant pen can make writing more joyful if your wife enjoys writing. She will think of you, especially every time she writes. It has Swarovski crystals within, which are quite beautiful to look at. It would be the best 3 year anniversary gift for your wife.

Crystal Rose

13. Crystal Rose

If a leather rose isn’t attractive enough for you, this crystal rose is also a wonderful way to commemorate your third wedding anniversary. She will put it on display in the house to decorate it.

Vodka Set

14. Vodka Gift Set

This vodka set is the ideal complement to your glassware if you enjoy entertaining at home. A glass bottle and crystal shot glasses are included.

Custom Song Plaque With LED Light

15. Custom Song Plaque With LED Light

Do you and your partner have similar musical tastes? If so, this is a special present you can give her. This charming glass plaque with an LED light will display the song as it appears on Spotify with the album cover of your choice. It’s a great 3 year wedding anniversary gift idea for wife that your partner will treasure.


16. Sunglasses For Women

This pair is ideal for your wife if she prefers to keep things simple yet still make a statement. No girl would not desire to wear spectacles to look more beautiful and fashionable.

Crystal Photo Engraving

17. Crystal Photo Engraving

Your favorite image can be preserved in crystal. It is charming and will endure for many years. Every time you look at it, you and your husband will be inspired to work on your relationship and create a satisfying life now.

Alternative Three-Year Anniversary Gifts

Sunflower Bouquet Delivery

18.  Sunflower Bouquet Delivery

The presence of flowers is appropriate for every event. Sunflowers, in particular, stand for optimism, love, and loyalty; as the flower of the third wedding anniversary, this colorful bouquet will have much more significance.

Hand-Stitched State Throw Pillow

19. Hand-Stitched State Throw Pillow

These pillows are a wonderful present because they incorporate the couple’s house and home decor. Simply select the details that are printed on the pillow. You won’t be disappointed by the lovely and delicate lines. The bedroom will feel warmer thanks to these pillows.

Deluxe Spices Gift Set

20.  Deluxe Spices Gift Set

Do your spouse enjoy cooking? If so, give her a set of premium condiments that are in high demand and will enhance the flavor of your meals. She will definitely love this gift. This is a suitable 3 year anniversary gift ideas for wife.

Wedding Vows Custom Art Print

21. Wedding Vows Custom Art Print

You can think back to the promise you made to her at your wedding and put your entire heart and soul into this present. She will undoubtedly be deeply touched and thank you when she reads it.

Scented Candle

22. Scented Candle

This cotton-scented candle will undoubtedly set the tone for your night of celebration if you’re looking for something straightforward without deviating too much from a traditional wedding present. Both of your brains will unwind as the candle’s aroma fills the room.

 Personal Concrete Fireplace

23. Personal Concrete Fireplace

It’s made of sturdy concrete and ideal for toasting s’mores or just creating the mood. By employing this tiny fireplace, you can easily create a cozy atmosphere. This kind of thing is an amazing 3 year anniversary gift idea for wife.

Hanky Panky

24.  Hanky Panky

Because of the intricate decorations, this thong pair will give your woman a sexy feeling. Made with a cotton gusset that lowers the risk of infection, enhances breathability, and helps keep bacteria at bay.

Spa-Worthy Plush Bathrobe

25. Spa-Worthy Plush Bathrobe

You can create a spa experience for her at home that you do yourself. Throw this robe on her, and allow her to experience spa-like comfort outside.

Stone Essential Oil Diffuser

26. Stone Essential Oil Diffuser

When a small amount of essential oil is placed in this device, the entire space can be filled with a calming aroma. Its simple style makes it suitable for many uses, including nightstands and living room shelves.

Initial Square Box of Roses

27.  Initial Square Box of Roses

Flowers are an indispensable gift on the 3rd wedding anniversary. This initial rose box will make your anniversary flowers even more unique. After five years, the personalized touch is sure to make your wife’s heart beat faster. You are free to choose any hue you like.


28.  Sneaker For Women

She’ll move more effortlessly if she has some shoes. To make the shoes special, you might engrave her name on them. This kind of present should be considered the best 3 year anniversary gift for wife.

Velvet Lipstick Case

29.  Velvet Lipstick Case

This present will go well with your wife’s sense of style and attractiveness. It’s a carrying case that elevates her lipstick to luxury status. It is fashionable and goes well with any attire or setting.

Delicate Pearl Anniversary Necklace

30.  Delicate Pearl Anniversary Necklace

Pearls are the third anniversary stone, so consider choosing a pearl necklace for her. Better yet, it should be elegant, not fussy so that she can coordinate with any outfit.

Luxe Silk Pajama Set

31.  Luxe Silk Pajama Set

Take advantage of the special occasion to purchase your partner a pair of these expensive pajamas if they haven’t already done so.

West Elm Texttime Clock

32.  West Elm Text Time Clock

This alarm clock, which displays the time in words rather than numbers, will help you get out of bed with style. It is ideal for enthusiasts of contemporary home décor because of its streamlined style.

Sapphire Foliage Necklace

33. Sapphire Foliage Necklace

In this breathtaking ode to nature’s beauty, silver and sapphire are combined. Every item is produced by hand in New York City. This necklace is a meaningful gift on the 3rd wedding anniversary.

Self-Warming Eye Masks

34.  Self-Warming Eye Masks

She will be able to settle in and fall asleep in a matter of minutes with the help of these self-warming eye masks. Many reviews praised the masks’ calming qualities and mentioned how fantastic they are for lowering headaches and settling racing thoughts before rest.


1. What Is the Traditional Three-Year Anniversary Gift?

The gift of leather is regarded as a 3rd wedding anniversary sign. Compared to the first (paper) and second (cotton) keepsakes, it is more rigid and durable yet still flexible like a strengthened hide that no longer yields to frailty.

2. What Is The Modern 3rd Wedding Anniversary Gift?

As we can see, 3 years of marriage is not a long time. Therefore, crystal or glass is considered a modern gift to give on the 3rd wedding anniversary. It is the embodiment of fragility, purity in the early stages of the journey to building happiness. As an alternative, you may draw design ideas from the third anniversary’s color (white or jade), stone (pearl), or flower (sunflower).

3. How To Choose The Right Gift For Your Wife On The 3rd Wedding Anniversary?

Most of the time, wives prefer to get delicate presents from their husbands like silver jewelry, bags, wallets, or even just a quick vacation. You can ask her opinion if you want to know if she enjoys surprises. And let us assist you if you are still unsure of how to spend money on presents for your wife. There are no stopping husbands from satisfying their spouses with the lengthy list of gifts above.


These carefully chosen 3 year anniversary gift ideas for wife can be used by husbands to win over their wives. Leather, crystal, and glass presents as well as non-traditional gifts are included in the article above. They are incredibly varied, practical, and crucial to your daily existence. Every couple places a lot of importance on their wedding anniversaries. You don’t just want to express your love for your wife verbally; you also want the gifts to deepen this feeling.

Please visit WanaTrendy on other wedding anniversaries. We promise to be the place that contains the best gift ideas for you. Guaranteed she will love you like the first day. 

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