28+ Wonderful 30th Wedding Anniversary Gift Ideas For My Husband

30th wedding anniversary gift ideas for my husband

Your husband and you have spent 30 years of your life together. This is definitely something to celebrate. 30th wedding anniversary gift ideas for my husband are something every wife should think about. Picking out great gifts to give to the person you’ve been with over the past 30 years is a very meaningful thing.

30 years is a very long time, surely there are many memories between the two of you. Sometimes there are quarrels but not without sweet things. Therefore, giving gifts is also a way to celebrate the time with many stories between the two. The gift can follow traditional gift styles, but can also vary with today’s modern times.

Traditional Anniversary Gifts

Gifts made from pearls are considered traditional gifts. Indeed, in any country, pearls are jewelry from very early on. Pearls also have many meanings for couples. Pearls are known to be born from grains of sand, which symbolizes purity, and innocence, like the love of your husband and wife.

In addition, pearls are also a symbol of luck, joy, and loyalty. That symbol seems to wish the love of both of you forever and always be happy every day. Pearls are a meaningful traditional gift for the 30th wedding anniversary.

Modern Anniversary Gifts

In addition to pearls representing fidelity, with modern gifts, diamonds are also a good idea. Diamonds must be forged for a long time, able to withstand great pressure. What better way to denote a love that is steadfast, enduring the wear and tear of time?

Diamonds also show modernity, in order to shape diamonds at will, it is necessary to have machines that modern times have. Therefore, no gift shows more modernity than this gift. Although when it comes to diamonds, everyone immediately thinks of jewelry, in fact, it can also have many other forms of memorabilia.

Which is the Best Gift for Your Husband?

In summary, based on the appropriate symbols for the 30th wedding anniversary, there are also simpler options. Depends on many factors that only you and your spouse can know. You can choose gifts related to pearls or diamonds to decorate.

You can also choose other types of utensils, which are more convenient and easy to use, and are used often. Pearls and diamonds can be a bit expensive for some couples, so you can choose from other more suitable gifts that we will recommend below.

Gift for Husband on 30th Wedding Anniversary

Pearl Anniversary Gifts

Pearl Shell Photo Frame

1. Pearl Shell Photo Frame

For the meaning of pearls, an item made from pearls will seem to express your desire for a faithful relationship between husband and wife. A meaningful photo frame like this, with a wedding photo or a 30th wedding anniversary photo, is an even better gift idea for husband on the 30th anniversary. You and your wife can take this opportunity to renew their love with new sets of memories that can be hung by the bed and displayed throughout the house. You can also buy a whole set of different sizes of picture frames so that they can be decorated in many places in the house.

Black Pearl Wireless Earphones

2. Black Pearl Wireless Earphones

This is the 30th wedding anniversary gift for husband. That you can bring to your spouse a pleasant experience. With the most advanced technology will promises to bring a feeling of comfort when enjoyed with clear sounds. In addition, they also have a sharp appearance and are contained in a black box made of stainless metal to ensure the safest and cleanest for users. Not only that, you can personalize the case with the initials of S.O.

Pearl Anniversary Commemorative Sundial

3. Pearl Anniversary Commemorative Sundial

The gold sundial surrounded by sparkling white is a meaningful gift for couples from The Metal Foundry. Simultaneously, the gift is a great success in marriage and it marks their wedding day as successfully as the year they hit the 30th year. It can make your husband speechless and amazed when you hand over this unique piece of garden decor that reads: “30 happy years together.” This will be a meaningful gift for 30th anniversary for my husband.

Mother-of-Pear Ballpoint Pen

4. Mother-of-Pear Ballpoint Pen

If you get married to a writer, this mother-of-pearl ballpoint pen will be an appropriate choice to give to your husband. Why? Easily, because of its value. It is the perfect combination of iridescent panels paired with 18K gold-plated brass fittings and a sterling silver barrel for this flashy and comfortable look. The design is also available as a fountain pen so your husband who is a writer will love it. That is why this is one of the suitable 30th wedding anniversary gifts for husband.

Pearl Anniversary Milestone Tree

5. Pearl Anniversary Milestone Tree

After 30 years of marriage, that’s long enough for the couples to realize one thing: love will grow and increase more and more. This adorable tree sculpture represents unlimited growth. The vine artwork on a wooden base is decorated with leaves made of white recycled glass to represent the 30th wedding anniversary theme. The tree is encircled in a metal heart for protection, for the sentiment.

Diamond Anniversary Gifts

Diamond-Cut Crystal Champagne Flutes

6. Diamond-Cut Crystal Champagne Flutes

Toast to 30 years of marriage with wonderful diamond-Cut crystal champagne flutes is also a good choice to congratulate a crucial anniversary. This set consists of two glasses that are cut with a diamond cross shape. Their shape is as sparkling as the stars. Pure but also passionate in love. Therefore, on a special occasion like the 30th anniversary, a pair of champagne glasses increases the couple’s affection. And it will also be the knot that connects the two of you forever. All of that answers why this gift is one of the best gift ideas for husband 30th wedding anniversary

Stainless Steel and Diamond Watch

7. Stainless Steel and Diamond Watch

Time is unlimited but with someone, time is limited so time is really important and significant to everyone in the world. That is why a present involved in time will be one of the wonderful 30th wedding anniversary gift ideas for husband. The bracelet is made of stainless steel and is encrusted with flashy crystals designed to ensure optimum durability for the consumer. Meanwhile, the dial is inlaid with diamonds even more exalting the infinite value of time. It was an emotional way to tacitly acknowledge the happy time that had passed since agreeing to marry one’s destiny.

Black Diamond Anniversary Ring

8. Black Diamond Anniversary Ring

It’s been 30 years since the agreement, and now is a perfect time to refresh your wedding ring or add a pair of wedding rings to your collection. With the main color of black highlighting the mystery and charm of the man combined with bright diamonds, it shows that in a man there is always a path to success. There is no doubt that the gift will jump out to your husband.

Leather Anniversary Gifts

Leather Smart Wallet

9. Leather Smart Wallet

Sending a wallet to your husband means that you want your gift to be a companion, sharing happiness and sadness with him. When you can’t go with him, the wallet you give him will always be with him, a friend to share every step of the way. At the same time, you give a wallet to him and also want that, it will be a motivational gift for successful development. Because, the wallet is not simply a fashion accessory for his style, but it is also a wallet that helps him distribute money and fame even more. Besides, with a neat design made of durable leather that makes the user feel comfortable and convenient

Leather Shoes

10. Leather Shoes

A pair of leather shoes can be a great choice for the person next to you and accompany you throughout your life for 30 years. The stronger the shoe, the stronger the love. In addition, you can also combine it with the dominant black tone to show a bottomless deep love, an eternal love that always follows. That’s why these leather shoes are considered a 30th wedding anniversary gift for my husband

Silk Anniversary Gifts

Personalized Suit

11. Personalized Suit

A personalized suit exudes the hidden beauty of a man. If your husband does office work and is always in contact with many customers, this gift is like a help, helping them make a good impression in the eyes of customers and then work more smoothly. Above all, the suit is like you or you will always be by your side, a great motivation to help your husband in difficult times. Therefore, you should choose a suit with comfortable fabric and suitable for your husband

Green Cashmere Sweater

12. Green Cashmere Sweater

Cashmere is one of the most expensive and luxurious wools available today. With sturdy construction and soft, smooth fabric. So a sweater made of Cashmere wool will create a feeling of warmth but not stuffy hips and be extremely comfortable. As a husband, you will always be surrounded by your warm, comfortable arms, and also let others know that it is your husband who has the owner. The love between the two of you will be more and more cultivated and more solid than anything else

Embroidered Monogram Throw Scarf

13. Embroidered Monogram Throw Scarf

The cold of winter is like a spiritual blow to the man. So the appearance of a scarf made of wool will warm up that cold atmosphere. It also warms up the couple’s love in a cold winter. Above all, the scarf will represent you, the connection, and the protection that gives your husband the strength to tackle big challenges. With great material and the right style, your man will stand out from the crowd with more confidence.

Anniversary T-shirt

14. Anniversary T-shirt

Couple shirt is a trend among young people, especially couples in love. Since it is a symbol of possession, it means that two people belong to each other and claim the other as their own. In addition, they also show a strong love, always with each other. Therefore, a pair of T-shirts will be a lock that locks both sides, keeping the love forever warm. Choose for yourself the most comfortable, comfortable, and the best quality shirt that is worthy of your great love.

Wooden Anniversary Gifts

Custom Wooden Family Sign

15. Custom Wooden Family Sign

Wooden board with family name engraved is an essential item in every home. Hanging a board in front of the house will create a highlight for your family, bringing a cozy, familiar, and homely feeling while informing people around you more about your family members. You can design and create your own family picture woodcarving with loving messages for your beloved husband.

Italian Lilies Wood Music Box

16. Italian Lilies Wood Music Box

The classical phonograph music box is inspired by the ancient phonograph, also known as the phonograph, often seen in the old aristocratic royal family with ancient and noble beauty. Classic wooden music box is not only a decoration for your space to add an outstanding impression, but the sounds from this classical phonograph wooden music box will help dispel all the troubles of life. Therefore, this gift is like a prescription to help your husband feel more comfortable after hard working days and also increase their mettle. So I think it can be the Pearl Wedding Anniversary gift ideas for my husband

Engraved board

17. Engraved board

Words are the window of all emotions, the place to express all the feelings deep down in the heart. So things like the engraved boards will highlight those feelings, increase its value and be more durable making it last longer. So a plaque with the wife’s words full of true love and affection will warm the husband’s heart and will be the spiritual support for them. let’s engrave a wooden board full of sincere affection and give it to your husband.

Wooden Docking Station

18. Wooden Docking Station

This wooden docking station can help you to arrange items such as phones, wallets, keys, watches, etc in an orderly and clear manner. Thanks to such a convenient feature, you can find them easily in the most time-saving manner. So a wooden stand can be a Pearl Wedding Anniversary gift for my husband. And they help your husband better manage their items as well as you will spend less time cleaning than your husband’s room.

Alternative gifts

30th Anniversary Keepsake Candle

19. 30th Anniversary Keepsake Candle

A candle that shines in the dark and this light represents faith and hope in a turbulent life. Hoping for your love to be as bright as a candle at night. Although it is only a small gift, it has almost no effect, but has a great meaning, symbolizing love as intense and filled with intense vitality. How meaningful it would be for the couple to sit by the small fire and talk about their 30 years together

Smart Indoor Garden

20. Smart Indoor Garden

For those who have a hobby of taking care of plants, the smart indoor garden will be a perfect choice to become a gift for your husband on the pearl wedding day. It is like an artificial garden with a much smaller scale than nature, but specifically shows the features of nature. Taking care of it also makes your husband relax and have an interesting job in his spare time to help them have more love for life.

Grilling Tools

21. Grilling Tools

In addition to the important holidays, wedding anniversaries are equally significant. And it becomes even more important if the marriage has lasted 30 years or even more. Therefore, a large party is indispensable and the baking tools will help the preparations go more smoothly. But not only can those utensils be seen as an affirmation that the husband is only allowed to cook delicious dishes filled with love for his wife.

Film Camera

22. Film Camera

A camera is an object that can capture and produce vivid images of an object that we aim to. If your husband is given a camera, he or she can take pictures of the family, the growth of the children, or the memories of you both and the family together making them never forget their memories in the past. So it is easy to choose cameras that are suitable 30th wedding anniversary gift ideas for my husband.

Cigar Gift Set

23. Cigar Gift Set

Smoking a cigar isn’t as simple as lighting it up and slowly blowing it out. It symbolizes an art, polite style with a long culture. Needless to say, when you have a memorable anniversary, enjoying a cigar is indispensable because it helps you to engrave those memories. If there are lots of snacks, good wine, and a well-dressed wife, those things will make the experience even better.

Congratulations Video Montage

24. Congratulations Video Montage

How meaningful it is to look back on the memories of the past, the memories of being together and helping each other. You can collect pictures taken together before, or samples of stories, typical sayings that you and your soulmate have said. Put them all together into one video and watch it on your anniversary. I ensure that will be one of the unforgettable Pearl Wedding Anniversary gifts for my husband.

Preserved Rose Bouquet

25. Preserved Rose Bouquet

Everyone knows that roses are a symbol of love and it also represents a message that: “I love you”. So having a bouquet of roses on the big anniversary will make the love of two people redder and more favorable. And depending on the number of flowers, love has many different positive thinking directions. For example, 1 flower is a heart that has only you, 3 flowers are love from the bottom of the heart, etc. Although it is only true for red roses, you can alternate other roses to enhance the brilliant beauty of flowers as well as the eternity of love. So let’s start that anniversary with the freshest, most brilliant rose.

 Luxury Red Wine

26. Luxury Red Wine

One of the must-have gifts for your husband on pearl wedding anniversary is red wine. On important occasions, a bottle of red wine is indispensable. Because it represents elegance and sophistication. Besides, red wine with deep red color as a symbol of deep love will definitely be a meaningful gift on the wedding day. When both of them drink alcohol delivery, this will make the feelings of both parties burn more, even unable to take their eyes off each other. That’s why prepare now.

Travel Bag

27. Travel Bag

A travel bag for your husband on the occasion of the wedding anniversary, suitable for those who often go on business trips, or family trips. Choosing a travel bag that suits your partner’s needs will show that you are a sophisticated person who always cares about the person next to you. And even more affectionate if you are the one who prepares the necessary things for your husband because this makes your husband know that you always give him all your love, take care of him meticulously and always let him be most comfortable.

 Essential Whiskey Accessories

28. Essential Whiskey Accessories

Essential whiskey accessories will make a pretty sophisticated gift if your husband is a whiskey enthusiast. Because it could be just the items your husband needs to enjoy a full glass of fine whiskey. It’s even the simplest way to create a memorable memory without accidentally picking up the wrong bottle or flavor of wine they like. This makes it easier for them, creating a comfortable atmosphere during the couple’s toast nights.


What you give as a gift is actually not too sublime or fussy. What matters is what you want to show your husband. Obviously, It is love, concern, and worry, or it can also be a prayer or blessing that you want to send to your husband for happiness and peace for the two of you in daily life.

Depending on each person, there will be unique and different ideas for gifts on the 30th wedding anniversary but the same purpose is the best benefit for their husbands. So let’s immediately start the gift selection process.

In addition, you can also visit WanaTrendy to consult creative ideas or unique gifts which are suitable for your relatives and your friends you want to give to on holidays or on special occasions. I wish you two will always stick together to overcome difficulties and challenges in the future. Happy anniversary to you!

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