21+ Private Gender Reveal Ideas for Husband

private gender reveal ideas for husband

The gender of your baby may be revealed to you and your partner at the same time, but you can also decide to find out on your own first. If you go with this option, you can tell the soon-to-be dad in a surprising and creative way that he won’t expect.

So, What are cute private gender reveal ideas for husband?

Check out our top 21+ gender reveal ideas for husband to create a special occasion that he can share with your child during those future story times.

Cute Gender Reveal Ideas for Husband

1. Poping the Balloon

Since the beginning of the trend, balloons have been a staple of baby gender reveals, but this concept adds a distinctive twist to a tradition. Ask the shop assistant to fill an opaque balloon with blue or pink confetti after ordering one.

The balloon needs to be opaque in order to prevent your husband from seeing the color inside. When it’s time to explode the balloon, either pop it during a party or ask a loved one to capture a photo of you and your spouse doing it.

Poping the Balloon

2. Getting Pets Involved

For pets are considered members of the family, you might wish to use this simple idea to ask them to assist in revealing the gender of your unborn child.

All you have to do is arrange a cute picture shoot with your pets posing next to a few gender-revealing objects, like a blue balloon or a pink costume. You might make the announcement on a chalkboard sign with your pet’s paws on it to tie everything together. When you’re done, send them as an announcement letter to your lovely husband.

Getting Pets Involved

3. Baby Clothes Pose

You only need a camera and some of your baby’s new clothes for this really easy gender reveal idea for husband. You’ll need to identify your kid’s gender before buying a T-shirt, hat, baby shoes, or other piece of clothing that does so.

Pink and blue or anything more unique to you could be used to distinguish. Putting a jumpsuit over your belly or holding baby shoes is a common option.

Baby Clothes Pose

4. Cutting the Cake

Order a cake from your favorite bakery and ask the baker to color the cake’s interior blue for a boy or pink for a girl, depending on the baby’s gender, and then cover it with frosting in a neutral color.

This straightforward gender reveal concept works nicely in any situation. Do it in private and take pictures if you want to turn this into a priceless memory.

Cutting the Cake

5. Breakable Chocolate

For a baby gender reveal, breakable chocolate is not only a smart idea, but it’s also creative! Chocolates that can break must be purchased, and they can be any form. (Choosing hearts is never a bad idea.) 

You might ask the baker to fill them with colored crème or sprinkles, or to use food paints to decorate the inside. 

To find out the gender of your newborn, break the chocolate simultaneously with your partner, a friend, or a family member. This can be done at a party or by taking pictures to transmit later.

Breakable Chocolate

6. Glittering News

Get a friend to take a photo of you blowing pink or blue glitter from your hands. Use picture editing software or social media filters to add creative effects to the photograph.

Think of making the glitter appear to be moving or using black and white on everything but the glitter! Share your cute gender reveal idea for your husband.

Glittering News

7. Hair Dye

To reveal the gender of your kid, temporarily color your hair pink or blue. You can only colour the ends of your hair, pull it back, or don a hat to increase the surprise factor of this gender reveal concept. Your husband will be surprised when coming home.

Hair Dye

8. Fortune Cookie

Although this gender reveal concept is private, it is also quite entertaining and unique. You’ll need to place a special order for a fortune cookie that contains a strip of paper that reveals the gender of your unborn child. 

When your husband is ready, take a bite of the fortune cookie. If you want to tell the world your baby’s gender, take pictures for social media.

Fortune Cookie to reveal gender

9. Showering Him in Confetti

A sudden confetti explosion is the perfect trigger for surprise (or celebration). With the help of gender reveal confetti cannons, you may literally surprise your husband or partner with the gender of your unborn child.

This is a particularly enjoyable concept for couples that enjoy pulling practical jokes on one another. Catch him when he least expects it, such as when he gets out of the shower or returns from work. His surprise will soon be followed by ecstatic delight.

10. Water Balloon Fight

Set up a water balloon fight with your family in the backyard. First, let your family engage in a water balloon fight. And at the end, prepare ten clear water-filled balloons and one blue or pink water-filled balloon in a row.

Let members vote on which one to throw next. So, the gender is revealed when the colored water balloon bursts.

Water Balloon Fight

11. Discovering a Dragon Egg

This handcrafted color-changing dragon egg is likely to please your husband or partner if they enjoy watching Game of Thrones or playing D&D frequently. This elaborately patterned egg begins as black. Then it turns a lovely ethereal magenta or cerulean when heated by the body or warm water.

It’s a creative gender reveal concept that you may use to decorate your nursery and serve as a reminder of your greatest adventure yet-parenthood.

Discovering a Dragon Egg

12. Designing a Scavenger Hunt

Is your husband a hunter? He might simply enjoy a good puzzle. In either case, creating a scavenger hunt that reveals the gender of your child is a creative, entertaining way to present your partner with the greatest gift. Place hints all throughout your house or area, with each hints pointing to the next hints’ position.

As for the last hint? Any of the adorable gender reveal suggestions from above, like a box holding a dad shirt and baby onesie, a surprise location stuffed with balloons, or a cake ready to be cut, can be used to surprise your husband.

Designing a Scavenger Hunt

3. Choosing Daddy & Baby Matching Outfits

Choose a dad shirt and an accompanying onesie for a cute gender reveal idea that your father can proudly wear about town (for his new stylish wingman or woman). There are many cute shirts and onesies to pick from at online stores like Etsy.

If you’re having a boy, think about getting your spouse identical clothes that say, “Dad’s Little Dude” or “Dad’s Little Man” for a dapper father and son ensemble they won’t want to take off.

Choosing Daddy & Baby Matching Outfits

14. Cute Scrapbook

The ideal secret and private gender reveal idea for husband is a scrapbook. You and your spouse can compile a scrapbook of images from the beginning of your pregnancy to the present.

Enjoy flipping through the pages to relive special occasions like learning you were expecting, your first ultrasound, first-time viewing your baby bulge, or getting your baby’s crib.

On the final filled page, attach the most recent sonogram with something indicating that you are having a girl or boy. You may, for instance, place a pink or blue heart on the image. Leave plenty of additional pages for the remainder of your pregnancy and the day you meet your baby!

Cute Scrapbook

15. Revealing with Bath Bomb

Get into the tub with your husband and enjoy the moisturizing, fruity-scented bath bomb while you get the happy news. You won’t have to worry about cleaning up the mess because this bath bomb will turn your bath’s watercolor blue or pink without staining your bathtub.

16. Colored Candles

Get this color-changing candle for a private and very intimate gender reveal, and light it during dinner. The gender will be revealed to your husband when the candle burns for 20 minutes and turns blue or pink.

Colored Candles

17. Camping Trip

If your spouse enjoys camping, the best gender reveal idea is with a vibrant fire flame. Simply scatter one or two packets of this upon some firewood, and the color of the flame will indicate the gender.

Disclaimer: When you sprinkle the powder on the log, blue is the primary color. So you’re lucky if you’re having a boy!

Camping Trip

18. Creating a Gender Reveal Playlist 

Does your partner enjoy jamming to his favorite music? He can find out whether his new dancing companion will be a young girl or boy with the help of a gender reveal soundtrack, and he can also start practicing those (embarrassing) dad dance routines.

For this gender reveal idea for husband, we advise telling your husband or partner that you have something special in store for them but need a little more time to prepare. While he waits, tell him to wait while you make the surprise so he can listen to this awesome new playlist you produced. Once you’ve done that, exit the room and wait to watch when he realizes the surprise has already begun.

Think about include these timeless songs on your playlist if you’re expecting a girl:

  • “All-American Girl,” by Carrie Underwood
  • “Girls Just Wanna Have Fun,” by Cyndi Lauper
  • “Isn’t She Lovely,” by Stevie Wonder 
  • “My Girl,” by The Temptations 
  • “Uptown Girl,” by Billy Joel

If you’re expecting a baby boy, you can choose songs such as: 

  • “Boogie Woogie Bugle Boy,” by The Andrews Sisters 
  • “If I Were a Boy,” by Beyonce 
  • “It’s Raining Men,” by The Weather Girls
  • “Let’s Hear it For the Boy,” by Deniece Williams 
  • “The Boys Are Back in Town,” by Thin Lizzy
Creating a Gender Reveal Playlist 

19. Kicking the Ball Around 

Does your husband or partner begin his Saturday mornings by screaming about kickoffs or end his Sunday afternoons by stretching in the seventh inning? If this sounds familiar to you, think about utilizing a gender reveal sports ball to shock him with the gender of your unborn child.

These specifically made balls contain powder that upon hit, either blue or pink, bursts. Any sports fan can choose from options offered by Gender Reveal Celebrations, which include:

  • Baseballs
  • Soccer balls
  • Basketballs
  • Golf balls
  • And footballs

Ask your husband or partner to play a friendly game with you while you prepare for this revelation. Watch his face as the ball begins to erupt in color. It’s a gender reveal with a sports theme that will undoubtedly be a hit (you know we had to).

Kicking the Ball Around 

20. DIY Gender Reveal Paint Canvas

A wonderful method to keep memories alive for a lifetime is to create your own gender reveal paint on canvas. Squirt guns, acrylic paint, and vinyl stickers are all you need to make this painted canvas.

You may personalize your gender reveal by writing a message on the canvas and squirting blue or pink paint on it to disclose the gender. The canvas can be hung in your nursery afterwards.

DIY Gender Reveal Paint Canvas

21. Gender Reveal Word Search Game

Games that reveal gender are popular all the time. This word search option is straightforward and sweet. It’s full of the words “girl” and  “boy,” but there are nine of one and ten of the other. As it is a digital download, you can print as many as you wish and mail them to loved ones.

Gender Reveal Word Search Game

22. Revealing it with Fireworks

Fireworks can be enjoyed at any time; you don’t not need to wait until July 4th. To determine the gender of your child, get pink or blue fireworks and set them off in your garden or backyard.

Reveal it with Fireworks

FAQS at a glance

What week of pregnancy can you find out the gender of your baby?

At 18 to 20 weeks into your pregnancy, your doctor or an ultrasound technician might be able to tell what gender your baby is. Make sure to let your doctor or technician know in advance if you don’t want to know the sex. Choose one of our 21+ gender reveal ideas for husband if you want to tell your family and friends the sex!

How can you surprise yourself with a gender reveal?

The simplest method is to have the doctor or ultrasound technician put the gender information in an envelope. After that, you can deliver the envelope to a friend or family member and ask them to handle the planning.


It can be a lot of fun to reveal the gender of a baby, and we hope that these suggestions of private gender reveal ideas for husband will help you decide how to make this important news. Find out more at our website WanaTrendy to get inspired.

Whether you’re expecting a boy or a girl, sharing your baby’s gender can be a private time with your partner or a more public event shared with your family, friends, and coworkers digitally, via mail, or at a party. Whatever you choose, there are many memorable methods to announce the sex of your unborn child.

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