20+ Special Unique 50th Birthday Gifts For Husband

Unique 50th Birthday Gifts For Husband

Your husband’s 50th birthday is coming up, isn’t it? Surely unique 50th birthday gifts for husband is a topic you are very interested in. A great gift is one that is both meaningful and long-lasting and useful.

Because at this age of 50, valuable gifts are no longer what a man needs. They need something simple but more meaningful than that. If you can’t find the right gift, we’re here to help. If you are looking for this and come to this blog, surely you have not chosen a gift, right? You will need the ideas we recommend.

What Kind of Gift Should Be Choose?

To give to a husband is really too difficult for wives, isn’t it? Normally, it is easier for women to choose gifts for each other than it is to choose gifts for the opposite sex. And this is a gift for her husband, everything will be more difficult. So often gifts will favor gifts that are useful or related to family or couple memories. A useful gift for everyday use will also be a great choice for birthday gifts.

50th Birthday Gift Ideas for Husband

1. Wooden Docking Station

The docking station is sure to be the unique 50th birthday gift for husband that every busy husband needs when it has many integrated features. With just a docking station, your husband can put away frequently used items such as pens, watches, and notebooks so things do not fall around.

You can also plug in the phone if you buy one that has a built-in charger specifically for your husband’s phone line. With this item, his desk will be neater, and finding compact items is also easier when everything can be placed on the docking station.

Wooden Docking Station

2. Film Camera

Or if your husband is a hobbyist taking pictures for every family trip, or simply shooting landscapes, this camera will make him happy all day. Color photos from film cameras will make each photo more nostalgic and romantic. It is very suitable for him to keep family photos.

In addition, you need to buy an extra film if you are going to give him this camera. Without the film roll, the image will not be preserved. It is quite similar to the old cameras. It will be a bit heavy, so you can consider which model is best for your husband.

Film Camera

3. 3D Printed Night Light

An extremely meaningful gift to give your husband on his birthday is not to mention 3D printed night light. A night light to use every night, printed with family photos or wedding anniversary photos of the two of you will definitely be great. The light yellow color of the lamp creates a feeling of warmth and nostalgia.

And the beautiful memories printed on the night light will help your husband relax his mind and fall asleep more easily. You can order lamps with many different designs, as long as it suits your and your husband’s taste. You can also choose a light bulb with the right brightness for your husband to easily fall asleep.

3D Printed Night Light

4. Customized Beer Mug

For a husband who has a habit of drinking beer or not, gifting a specially designed beer with the words as a loving message to the husband will be a good choice for his birthday. If he’s addicted to alcohol, you can use the message to remind him to limit drinking too much, or else the message is as simple as encouraging him to drink more water each day with that cup.

Whenever he meets friends, he will also have the opportunity to use the cup and show his friends how much your care and love for him is still the same as when you first met him.

Customized Beer Mug

5. Personalized Butcher Block

If your husband loves to cook, buying a personalized butcher block is also a good idea. And since it’s an item that shows only your husband can have it, he’ll be even happier to receive this gift. It will make him excited every time he goes to the kitchen to prepare food.

In addition, because of personal items, you can choose messages and encouragement so that your husband has the motivation to make delicious dishes for the family. You should also consider the right type of wood to avoid in the long run, your gift will be moldy, causing an unpleasant smell every time you use it.

Personalized Butcher Block

6. Cigar Gift Set

Smoking is not a strange thing nowadays. So if your husband has a habit of using tobacco, you can also give him a luxury item such as a cigar gift set. This type of use is also quite long so he does not have to change many times a day.

This type of cigarette if he smokes this around the house don’t worry because people around will not be affected when he inhales But because tobacco is not good anyway, you should remind him to limit its use because of your husband’s health in the long run. This is also just a special 50th birthday gifts for husband to consider.

Cigar Gift Set

7. Valhalla Watch

If your husband is a fan of Viking movies, you will not be able to pass up this watch. A watch inspired by the Viking’s weapons more precisely their axe and shield. If the case of the watch is inspired by the battle axe, the bezel is inspired by the shield.

What a gift not to be missed for Viking movie enthusiasts, right? Hurry up and order him this watch as a birthday gift this time. When he opens the gift, he will be very surprised. This watch is surely a best 50th birthday gift for husband.

Valhalla Watch

8. Customized T-shirt

A comfortable cotton t-shirt will make your husband feel comfortable every time he moves or does anything. Such a t-shirt, he can change every time he comes home from work, it will be more comfortable than wearing tight business clothes.

He can even take it to parties at friends’ houses. As a way for him to show that his wife gave him this unique shirt. Only he has this t-shirt. He may also be busy every time he goes to the gym or goes for a walk.

Customized T-shirt

9. Coffee Mug

A coffee lover, how can you not use a cup of coffee every day, right? If you do not know what to buy for his birthday, this is also a 50th birthday gift ideas for your husband that should be considered. The coffee cup will be different from other types, it has enough weight to use coffee every day.

If you want to buy a cup that is more amazing than the usual ones, then it is also a good idea to buy a thermos coffee mug. If hot coffee gets cold, the drinker’s experience will also feel worse. As with those who like to drink cold, if the ice melts, the taste will be pale.

Coffee Mug

10. Black Suit

A suit is also a good gift for you to show your care for your husband. To buy a perfect suit, fit the wearer, it is very necessary to have an observant wife. It will be a gift that shows your love and care for your husband.

A well-fitting suit must be carefully observed, paying attention to body measurements. If it’s too wide, it won’t look good, but if it’s too tight, it won’t be busy. Only when the suit fits well can the wearer look elegant. If your husband receives this gift, he will be very touched, he will definitely show everyone about his psychological wife.

Black Suit

11. Vintage Cravat

An ordinary tie is no longer attractive enough for users. If you change up a vintage tie with a pattern that matches your husband’s age, he will be very happy. It is not enough just to use simple ties, sometimes there must be a change in the items of daily use.

Even a small change makes a difference. If you want to give away a tie, consider it early because there are many patterns with unique patterns to choose from. Gifts are also thoughtful, so take your time to choose the right gift.

Vintage Cravat

12. Leather Shoes

Leather shoes are also a very meaningful gift if you want to give your husband something on this special occasion. Leather shoes must be the item your husband uses a lot. Because going to work takes care, and a pair of leather shoes will make everything look great.

But using leather shoes for a long time, it must have worn out or worn out. Try buying a new pair for your husband. And you should also consider the foot size to choose the perfect shoes for him. If the shoes are too wide, it will be difficult to walk, if they are too tight, they will have to change again. This is one of the best 50th birthday gifts for husband.

Leather Shoes

13. Red Wine Gift Set

A red wine gift set can be a perfect birthday gift for husbands who love red wine. By choosing a high-quality wine and adding some additional items, you can create a gift that is both thoughtful and enjoyable.

To make your red wine gift set even more meaningful, consider personalizing it. This could be as simple as adding a handwritten note or including a custom label on the wine bottle. You can also consider making it a surprise to make the gift even more special.

Red Wine Gift Set

14. Shaving Set

Shaving is a necessity for any gentleman so the Shaving Set makes a very special 50th birthday gifts for husband. This is definitely a gift that your husband will please any man. In addition to choosing a set that is of high quality, a shaving set can be made even more special by including some additional items. You could include a post-shave balm or lotion, a stand for the razor and brush, or a travel bag for the set.

Shaving Set

15. Coffee Maker Machine

A cup of coffee after waking up will be a great start to the day for your husband. For most men, coffee is an indispensable drink in the morning, so a Coffee Maker Machine will be the best 50th birthday gift for husband.

With a few simple steps, this neat machine can help your husband make coffee quickly, while waiting for the coffee to be finished he can prepare his things to go to work. Now he can enjoy his favorite coffee whenever he wants.

Coffee Maker Machine

16. Funny Apron

If your husband is a good cook, you can refer to Funny Apron as 50th birthday gift ideas for your husband. Funny Apron with funny patterns or quotes will definitely make your husband more adorable when wearing it.

When selecting a funny apron, it’s important to choose a design that reflects your husband’s sense of humour. Look for aprons with funny patterns or quotes that will make him laugh or bring a smile to his face. This is definitely an interesting gift that any chef-husband wants to have on his birthday.

Funny Apron

17. Massager Chair

If you still don’t know what to give your husband on his birthday, a massage chair is a very useful and practical idea. After a tiring day at work, what could be better than relaxing on a Massage Chair!

Therefore, this is a very suitable gift for husbands who often have to work hard and hard. Giving a brush massage is also a way to share with your husband to help him relieve stress and fatigue.

Massager Chair

18. Gardening Tool Set

A Gardening Tool Set will definitely be an interesting 50th birthday gift ideas for husband who are passionate about gardening. This little kit includes all the tools you need to take care of your husband’s bonsai or a small garden.

You can easily buy the Gardening Tool Set at supermarkets or home goods stores. Giving your husband this gift is also a way to show your care for your husband even in his smallest hobbies.

Gardening Tool Set

19. Electric Screwdriver Set

It is a fact that men love these handy tools because when something breaks they will find a way to fix it before taking it to the repair shop. So tools like these are needed, typically screwdrivers. Electric Screwdriver Set has everything your husband asks for in a screwdriver, even more.

Electric Screwdriver Set will definitely be a good helper for your husband with its convenience. You can give it as a birthday present to your husband, trust me, he will surely be delighted.

Screwdriver Set

20. Customized Leather Wallet

If you are still wondering what to give your husband on his birthday, then Customized Leather Wallet will be the best choice you can refer to. Unless your husband already has too many wallets, the Customized Leather Wallet will be a very useful and necessary gift.

To make the gift even more special, you can add your own designs. Currently, there are many places that receive engraving on leather wallets that you can easily get information about them. Giving your husband a Customized Leather Wallet will be a best 50th birthday gift for husband.

Customized Leather Wallet


We hope that our suggestions on unique 50th birthday gifts for husband can help you make the most reasonable choices. As well as can help you choose gifts that can make the love between the two of you become more passionate than before.

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