22+ Spectacular 17 year Wedding Anniversary Gifts For Husband

17 year Wedding Anniversary Gifts for Husband

17 year wedding anniversary gifts for husband are said to be marvelous ideas for your precious men who always love their precious halves as well as give us their halves the best no matter how hard it is for their life. The fact that after 17 years, we wives have understood our husbands clearly, right?

If you are confident in that, pay attention to the gifts that you may want to give to your husband. In case you are sure whether to choose, these following ideas are worth considering so that you and your husband can have a wonderful time on the special 17 year wedding anniversary.

17 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For Husband

Aromatic Cologne

1. Aromatic Cologne

If your husband likes something that smells charming but they do not want to be thought of as using perfume, a manly cologne is one of the best choices among 17 year anniversary gift ideas for husband. Cologne will not only do  away with the unpleasant smell but also makes your loved one more attractive since a nice body odor will result in more impressions among others. Then you can have the right to brag about your husband! Sounds fun, right?

Cuff Links

2. Cuff Links

If your husband holds important positions in top-notch firms or the executive of brands, it is proper that they must look appropriate as well as elegant. Not many people can be like that, so I will just simplify this one. If you want to help your husband look cooler on important occasions, this is the perfect 17 year anniversary gift for husband. With this on your husband’s cuff, they will be more stylish, which cannot be more wonderful on the 17th anniversary.

Luxury Watch

3. Luxury Watch

Among men’s accessories, watches are considered to be a symbol of style for muscular and bold men; therefore, this 17 year anniversary gift for husband cannot be ignored when thoughtful wives choose. With this, along with its primary function, the layout and decoration of each clock will make your man stand out from other cool-looking guys when you want your husband to take you to, for example a nice restaurant. This accessory will subtly lift up your husband’s appearance and give a more luxurious vibe when they meet others, which is perfect since you want your husband to be the best in the world.

 4. Coffee Table

If your husband likes coffee but he wants something more similar to decorations in a café so that he can deepen himself at the moment while sipping some coffee, A coffee table is a not-to-miss 17 year anniversary gift for husband. These tables are specially made for coffee shops and these can be made according to client’s wishes to enjoy coffee in a more stylish way at home. This kind of table will make your husband happy since they are made to bring the café vibe into your house, which is advantageous for the husband.

Love Seat sofa

5. Love Seat sofa

This idea of 17 year anniversary gift for husband may be one of the easiest ones to do since they are quite popular in many nations. These are suitable for not all kinds of anniversaries, not just this topic. Because of that, if you are still wondering about the gifts, this is a decent option. On top of that, a sofa can benefit both you and your husband since you can watch movies while sitting comfortably on the sofa. Your husband will be so taken aback with the new comfy sofa that you will receive a lot of “special love” from your husband on the special night of the 17th wedding anniversary

Wooden Bookcase

 6. Wooden Bookcase

I guess one of you readers reading this post may have a book-loving husband in the house, right? To be simple, if they need a more appealing thing to hold their books instead of just plain cabinets, a bookcase may be a fine choice among 17 year wedding anniversary gifts for husband that you cannot pass. Apart from the function of holding the books, each bookshelf is made to suit the main architecture of the house; therefore, if you have any requests, just put it forward and you will have a decent bookcase for your precious one.

Standing Desk for Work

7. Standing Desk for Work

Your husband may have to work from home because of an overflowing workload,  right? I guess many of you may be questioning yourself:”which are the best 17 year anniversary gift ideas for husband?” Well, I will give you my answer for this situation, which is a standing desk.  With this, you can ease the pain in your husband’s back caused by long hours of sitting in front of the computer. They can use this kind of desk to stand while working, which is good for their back. Therefore, they can prevent themselves from Osteoarthritis.

Luggage Set

 8. Luggage Set

If your husband is a businessman and they tend to travel multiple times for meetings and conferences, this one is a practical 17 year anniversary gift for husband. This will not only serve many purposes according to your husband’s demands but also helps him carry things more efficiently. Moreover, they have formidable durability so that your husband will not need to change a new one. On top of that, your husband can bring more things in a better way in order to have a better traveling tour with you. What a brilliant idea it is!

Wooden Console

9. Wooden Console

Let me guess, your husband must have a sense of belonging to their living room, right? Since this is a shared space for you and him, you should make it special. This is why a wooden console in front of the TV can be an awesome 17 year anniversary gift for husband. This console will not only blend well with other interiors of the house, but also serves its best function, to hold things, especially popcorn and soda for a movie night or some snacks and game controllers for adventurous gamers rocking the virtual world.

Dart Board

10. Dart Board

Games that are mentioned earlier are not just typical video games. If your husband is a fan of traditional ones, like dartboards. This will be a spectacular gift for them. Since they are usually placed in old-style bars and arcade stations, this will be perfect for creating an old-era atmosphere. Moreover, this will be an awesome decoration for a mancave for its manliness. You can see the joyfulness on your husbands’ face and also the sensation that he has when owns his own dartboard.

Air Hockey Table

11. Air Hockey Table

Air hockey can be a long time favorite hobby for many people, especially your husband. Well, a gift cannot be a gift if you do not hold the information regarding your loved one’s favorite things, right? This is why an air hockey table Is a must-have if your husband is a diehard fan of this thing. Not just the function, these can be well-blended with the room you want to put in. As I just mentioned earlier about man caves, this can also be a nice decoration for their man caves so that they can be rocking with their favorite sports.

Foosball Table

12. Foosball Table

Another sport can be a suitable option among 17 year anniversary gift ideas for husband, which is a foosball table. This is a classic thing, which is iconic with its appearance in the arcade station and college dormitory in many places. This is also a splendid decoration for your husband’s taste since this will make the room sporty. When it to sports, this cannot be missed among mancave’s decoration. I guess that your husband will definitely be joyful when he can touch and play the game with you.

Wine Rack

13. Wine Rack

If your husband is a fan of wine tasting, what could you do to please him? The answer to this will be a wine rack! When it comes to traditional Western mansions, these are one of the specific symbols when you step inside from the front door. I am sure that this gift will be perfect for your loved one since this will not only make the space around it look fancier but also they will help constitute a private space for wine-loving gentlemen. These racks can make your kitchen look more in style. Therefore, this will be the main attraction of the house if you put in an easy spot.

Wool Rug

14. Wool Rug

What if you do not know what your husband likes? Well, please do not panic because they may care too much about you and neglect their previous joys. For this reason, buying a neutral-purpose gift is a sensible option. This is why Rug is a decent 17 years anniversary gift for husband. Their obvious function is to warm your feet while you sit or do a little decorating stuff in the house. Unlike other gifts, it is dirt cheap and you can put meaningful messages or just the name of you guys on the rug, which is fun.

Photo Collage

15. Photo Collage

Photo collage has long been the prime choice in the middle section of price. They have been adored by couples for its function as a decoration as well as for holding their memories in a beautiful formation. This is why it is also suitable among the best 17 year anniversary gift ideas for husband. Imagine having it the bedroom or the living room, the fact that these things will blend in with the architecture of the house really well, which can surprise you. You and your spouse can watch it together and have a recall about beautiful memories.

Personalized Pillow

16. Personalized Pillow

Here comes another typical but also most-chosen option when it comes to gifts. These are not only used on this occasion but also on other special days. Therefore, why do we have to stand out by spending a lot of money while we can be like other people and give your husbands their own personalized pillows. What a cheap and practical 17 year anniversary gift for husband it is! Once you have it, it will also make your bedroom pop out. In terms of price, you should not worry since it will only be a bit more expensive than regular ones in the market.

Wedding Anniversary Clock

17. Wedding Anniversary Clock

If the mentioned options are not to your taste, why don’t you try this 17 year anniversary gift for husband instead? This option will be perfect for your husbands who constantly check for the time. This will not only be perfect for your living room since a clock is an essential decoration of every house. Moreover, you can put anything or have a different style of clock to make your living room look stunning. All of these options will not make you break the bank and still keep the meaningful spirit of the anniversary day whenever your husbands look at it.

Display Cabinet

18. Display Cabinet

When it comes to superior decoration that your husbands like, you must think of luxury options mentioned in the middle section, right? Nevertheless, there is still one more choice, which is a display cabinet. This is quite a well-known choice among rural and suburb style houses. Therefore, if your houses have enough space and you want to make your husband happy, purchase this one. Besides functioning as a keeper of essential things, as I mentioned, it is a “display” one. Therefore, put your best things in these and they will look awesome.

Side Table

19. Side Table

When it comes to side tables, they are excellent choices when it comes to level up the space of the living room or bedroom. This will be a fine choice if your husbands like corporating furniture and arrange them to put in an order. Your husbands can put a lamp or some books on it in case they want to read in the living room. Moreover, these can be a great replacement for drawers in the bedroom. Overall, you will be able to spread your love to your husbands.

Outdoor Movie Set

20. Outdoor Movie Set

From every atom in my body, this could be one of the wildest, best 17 years anniversary gift that you can have for your husband. Between going to the movie and watching it with just you and your husband at home, which would you choose? Well, for me, I will definitely choose the latter since we can have this outdoor movie set. This is great for those having a suburb-style house with a large yard. You and your husband could have a projector connected to your phone or laptop. By doing this, you can have the best movie night ever without forcing yourself to sit quietly in the cinema.

Custom Made Plate

21. Custom Made Plate

I guess that some of you see your husband as a love-cooking guy, right? Well, this one will make them astonished since it is one of the best 17 year anniversary gift ideas for them. This idea is neither unique nor new; however, as long as we put our love into it, I am sure that your husbands will give you a flaming kiss. You can have your name and his own for a fair price. Moreover, you can find that you love cooking even more. Many husbands are inspired by their wives, so why can’t you be like them?  Cooking together and placing the food on the special dishes just for you will be a wonderful experience.

Personalized Glass

22. Personalized Glass

This final suggestion regarding the best 17 year anniversary gift ideas for your husband will be personalized glass. These fancy glasses, along with the wine rack can be a first-rate choice for any wine-loving couple. These can go along with stylish 18-century architecture and they can be corporate with other things in order to pop out the beauty of the house. However, the best part is you can make your men smile when they look at the masterly-made gift. Together, you and him can sip some wine together in the candlelight, which is so romantic.


A wedding anniversary is a special occasion for both you and him. Especially when it comes to the 17th one, I guess that you have understood him enough to find your perfect gift, right? Well, if you are still wondering to find the best one for this occasion, do not hesitate to see this post so that you can have one-of-a-kind 17 year wedding anniversary gifts for husband and make this day the best memory of your life.

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