30+ Fantastic 60th Birthday Gift Ideas For Husband

It looks like your husband’s 60th birthday is almost here, doesn’t it? Definitely, you’ll be confused about exciting 60th birthday gift ideas for husband. Because a reasonable gift will represent your love for your husband as well as your understanding when choosing a highly useful gift for your husband.

Because, at the age of 60, an age called quite old is no longer as young as before. Then most of them don’t need too extravagant and colorful gifts. What they need is a simple but sincere gift, emotional but not too noble.

If you’re having trouble choosing a birthday present, we’re here to help you find the gift you need. If you’ve come to this site, you’re probably not looking for a gift, but a unique idea for your gift, right? Then we will do our best to find good ideas for you to perfect your gift.

What Kind of Unique Gifts Will Impress Your Husband?

Men are quite simple thinkers about gifts. For them to receive a gift according to their preferences and wishes on their birthday, there is nothing more wonderful.

But more importantly, what interests and needs does your husband have? Then you probably already know. You’ll have less trouble through our suggested list of 30 birthday gifts.

Gift Ideas for My Husband’s 60th Birthday

Men's tree loungers

1. Men’s tree loungers

The shoes are made from renewable materials that are exclusively woven from the fibers of the eucalyptus tree. Fabric is known for its breathability, coolness, and softness. With a design style to create comfort for the user, this is a pretty good product, one of the most appropriate gift ideas for my husband’s 60th birthday. Help your husband have the most comfortable, quality sports sessions possible.

Lucky Coin Cufflinks

Almost every successful man knows a luxurious suit-suit for important meetings or meetings with business partners, then the appearance of a businessman cannot be neglected, and the jewelry is both polite. , both luxurious and showing class are specially designed cufflinks. A man can be judged as elegant and know how to dress through the cufflinks, as it is the rather conspicuous part of the shirt cuff. So you can give them as a birthday gift because they can make your man more polite and even look handsome on business trips later.

Classic Silver Pocket Watch

3. Classic Silver Pocket Watch

Classic silver pocket watches will be the best 60th birthday gifts for husband. And why this is the best? As far as you know, in the past, pocket watches like this were often favored by foreign male aristocrats and were often worn in lavish, aristocratic parties, in grand parties. Because it makes men more polite and elegant to have a classic watch attached to the lapel or belt. Make them the highlight of the party and make it easier to communicate with partners. Therefore, you can choose it as an appropriate gift for your husband’s birthday.

Multifunctional Wooden Desk Organizer with Docking Stand

4. Multifunctional Wooden Desk Organizer with Docking Stand

Multifunctional Wooden Desk Organizer with Docking Stand is really comfortable and convenient for those who always be busy with work. It is crafted from hardwood and meticulously and beautifully sculpted. Its structure is suitable for arranging a number of objects such as watches, phones, glasses, etc. It even has a small slot to charge your phone. So giving a gift can’t be better than that, it will help your husband a lot because it can save maximum time searching for necessary supplies and help them stay as organized as possible.

Adapt Watch

5. Adapt Watch

Adapt Watches are quite a popular device because of their excellent manageability and detailed statistics about the user’s body condition. When you use it you will know useful information such as blood pressure, heart rate, weight, blood oxygen level, etc. It even tracks your sleep and the number of calories you burn every day. Thus, your husband can better know about his body condition as well as manage the calories he consumes on the most effective day. That will help your husband always be healthy, and limit many diseases, especially obesity. So it will be one of the most meaningful 60th birthday gifts for husband.

Culpeo Fishing Bag

6. Culpeo Fishing Bag

The bag is made of high-strength materials with an adjustable shoulder strap. It’s unexpected! Only one bag that doesn’t look very big can hold up to 4 or 5 fishing rods. So if your husband is interested in fishing, you can give him such a bag. Because your husband can bring many fishing rods to lend to his friends and colleagues so that they can have the most fun and smooth fishing session.

Wooden flask

7. Wooden flask

A wooden flask looks so delicate with growth rings along with stainless materials, the wooden flask is a wonderful 60th birthday gift for your husband. Because of its good heat retention, the bottle can retain most of the flavor and original temperature of the drink you put in and maintain it for a long time, so it will be very convenient for trips, long games, and camping trips. Moreover, it’s even suitable for storing alcohol but it doesn’t look too fancy.

Personalized Wine Rack

8. Personalized Wine Rack

If your husband is an avid collector of wines, then a wine rack is indispensable. Because of its utility, it can protect those precious bottles of wine from unfortunate incidents. In addition, it is also a highlight that makes your wine bottle more special and sophisticated thanks to its unique designs. So it’s no wonder that a wine rack is a good choice for a precious birthday.

Puzzle Collage Picture Frame

9. Puzzle Collage Picture Frame

Memories are an extremely precious thing in every human life. In order to save those precious memories, people have left behind pictures of beautiful moments of time such as when they were young, when they graduated or when they got married. It is these photos that will make us forever be engraved in our hearts, never forgetting the past events that we have encountered because it is a part of us in the present. So giving a puzzle collage picture frame will make your husband feel moved and it will be more special if the gift is made with your own hands. In my opinion, it is one of the greatest of my husband’s 60th birthday gift ideas.

The History Book

10. The History Book

History is a very important thing because they record the great events and achievements of generations of heroes. As a citizen, we must know about the glorious history of our ancestors in order to actively strive for the future development of the country. So a history book will be a perfect gift for those who are passionate about history but not only history enthusiasts, those who don’t should also have a book like that to know more and feel proud and respectful of our country’s past. That’s why you can give your husband such a meaningful history book.

All-in-One Men’s Skincare Set

11. All-in-One Men’s Skincare Set

Everyone will grow old with time. Your husband is also 60 years old already. Facial skin has appeared wrinkles and is no longer as soft as it used to be. Therefore, an all-in-one men’s skincare set will help your husband partially protect against the aging of the skin, help the masculine beauty be maintained longer, and help your husband have more confidence to communicate with others. So you can give him it as a gift for your husband on his 60th birthday.

Gold Toe Men’s Socks

12. Gold Toe Men’s Socks

Normally, a pair of socks is often seen as a pretty bad gift, and rarely give it, but don’t get rid of them completely. Because in freezing winter, a pair of socks can help you feel warmer and it also helps your husband’s feet not hurt when wearing shoes. In addition, wearing socks when going to bed in the cold season will help improve your husband’s sleep quality. So you can also give your husband a pair of socks on his birthday.

SoundCore mini Bluetooth Speaker

13. SoundCore mini Bluetooth Speaker

After a tiring and hard day, people often tend to find something light to relax. Listening to music will be a great solution to help your mind reduce stress. More specifically, the SoundCore mini Bluetooth speaker will bring you the most perfect experience when combined with advanced technologies. You can connect it to your phone or computer and listen to those beautiful and clear sounds instantly. So your husband will feel more comfortable when he can listen to music anytime, anywhere simply by connecting the Bluetooth speaker to the phone. That’s why it will be a great 60th birthday gift for your husband.

Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

14. Bluetooth Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

These headphones are all high-tech, improve sound quality, resist outside noise and background noise, and have no tangled wires. In addition, the headset is also combined with a number of sensors to help users easily control calls and music. You can choose colors that suit your style as this can make you look cooler in the eyes of others. Give your husband this gift immediately and they will be surprised.

Dockers Oxford Shoes

15. Dockers Oxford Shoes

The feet are the second heart of the body. If you give shoes to your husband, you are using your heart to take care of your heart. A good pair of shoes will cherish and take better care of your husband’s second heart. Most of all, a beautiful and durable pair of shoes will make your husband more polite and luxurious in future meetings. So you can put it into the list of 60th birthday gifts for your husband.

Programmable Keurig Coffee Machine

16. Programmable Keurig Coffee Machine

Starting a new day, it is impossible to forget a cup of coffee that makes you maintain alertness and a clear mind throughout a hard day of study. If going out in line to buy coffee bothers you, there’s no need now. Because if your wife gives you a coffee machine, you will not have to wait for your turn, but every morning you will be able to sit at home and enjoy a cup of hot coffee while reading the newspaper, but also determine the right time to work or go to school. So with the above conveniences, a coffee machine will be a reasonable choice.


17. E-Reader

Reading today is much more advanced than it was in the past. Thanks to the advent of e-readers, the information in books has been converted into electronic form and divided into separate reading sections for each day by the e-reader to help your husband better manage his time in reading time. In addition, with a compact design that is easy to hold and easy to carry, e-readers will be preferred compared to those thick and heavy books. So this gift idea will create favorable conditions for your husband, especially those who love to read books, to maintain a more active reading habit. From my point of view, it promises to be a great gift idea for your husband’s 60th birthday.


18. Sunglasses

This is a gift that always catches up with the ever-changing fashion trends at the moment. Quality sunglasses will give users a unique style that helps make a good impression on people around them and not only that, but it also helps protect our eyes from harmful ultraviolet rays, blue light, etc… Create conditions for outdoor play sessions with family and colleagues are more favorable and avoid dust and smoke getting into the eyes.

Ergonomic Chair

19. Ergonomic Chair

It absolutely is a suitable gift idea for your husband’s 60th birthday. Because of its versatility, it can be used for many different purposes. For example, looking at the phone, clicking on the computer, listening to music, drinking coffee, or even taking a short nap to relax before continuing to work. Especially for the days of increasing age, the sitting posture plays an even more important role in preventing diseases of the spine, bones, and joints. Giving such a gift shows that you are a person who always pays attention to the health of your husband.

Golf Balls

20. Golf Balls

If your husband is a golf enthusiast, you will no doubt know that a golfer can’t start a game with only clubs and no balls. Any golfer, professional or not, has lost the ball in a game and that is why a golf ball will be an appropriate 60th birthday gift idea for your husband. But is a golf ball really the right thing to be a gift? You can choose from golf balls with signature patterns and some colors other than the original white that are sold in most stores. Not only that, this way when your husband uses them, he will always remember you and he will easily distinguish his ball on the golf course.

Tickets to an Event

21. Tickets to an Event

If your husband is an artistic person, you can give him tickets to the concerts of his favorite artists, and exhibitions of paintings and antiquities that he is interested in. Create favorable conditions for him to be free to pursue his passion. Or if he likes football, baseball, badminton events, etc. Two tickets to the event with him are also a great choice. So tickets to an event are really good to become unforgettable gift ideas for your husband’s 60th birthday.


22. Belt

Belts are an indispensable accessory for any man before going out to work. So it can be a good choice to make a birthday gift. Depending on the personality of your husband, choosing the right type of belt will show the most characteristics of your husband. The belt also enhances masculinity but is no less polite, surely making many people faint.

Matching Tattoos

23. Matching Tattoos

Tattoo! That could be a pretty risky choice. If your husband has a special interest in tattoos it would be 60th birthday gift ideas for husband. In addition, if your husband has ever offered to tattoo you together a meaningful image symbolizing the love of both of you, then that is a great opportunity. Choose a reputable tattoo shop and get a tattoo full of emotions like a couple of hearts or a lock and key, etc.

Classy 60th Birthday Vintage Beer Mug

24. Classy 60th Birthday Vintage Beer Mug

An interesting party cannot be complete without toasting moments, so a gift like a glass of beer will be a great choice for your husband’s 60th birthday. When beer glasses touch each other in congratulations and say “bottomed out” it means they had a good time. In addition, the cup is made from high-quality, very durable glass that can be the choice for his collection of dispensing utensils. But you should hope your husband doesn’t drink too much beer.

Personalized Wallet for Men In Different Colors

25. Personalized Wallet for Men In Different Colors

The fashion wallet with his name engraved with laser technology would be even better if it was personalized. He’s sure to love the meticulously designed wallet with plenty of space-saving that allows him to hold important cards and bills. In addition, the wallet is available in a variety of colors for you to choose from. Choose a color that is full of personality for your husband. Therefore it worthily becomes one of the best 60th birthday gift ideas for your husband.

Funny It Took Me 60 Years To Look This Good T-Shirt

26. Funny It Took Me 60 Years To Look This Good T-Shirt

An affordable yet humorous gift would be a great choice for wives. You might consider a t-shirt with a fun colorful caption that reads, “It took me 60 years to look great!”. And let him wear it right at the party combined with some witty sayings that will make this birthday party more vibrant.

Massage Gun For Deep Tissue Massage

27. Massage Gun For Deep Tissue Massage

Enjoying a massage, and relaxing the muscles will bring a comfortable experience to your husband. With a modern design including multiple heads for different muscles and the ability to adjust the speed to suit the user’s wishes. In addition, this is also a fairly quiet device that helps users to enjoy it quietly. So it will be one of the greatest gift ideas for your husband’s 60th birthday

Compact Powerful Adult Binoculars With Smartphone Mount.

28. Compact Powerful Adult Binoculars With Smartphone Mount.

It would be great to take beautiful pictures with your own hands. The set of binoculars is a product that combines advanced technological components to improve the camera’s telephoto capabilities. With its powerful magnification, it produces excellent and sharp images. This is also a great way for your man to relax in his spare time.

Funny Mug With Age 60 Witty Wordings

29. Funny Mug With Age 60 Witty Wordings

Sometimes, simple gifts can satisfy many people. If your husband likes to enjoy a cup of coffee in the morning or have a warm cup of tea in the evening with cookies. He will love this gift even more when he can enjoy a drink with this special cup. In addition, a high-quality cup is made of ceramic, which is safe to put in the microwave to warm up. So it will be a suitable gift for your husband’s 60th birthday.

Foot Spa Bath Massager With Powerful Bubble Jets

30. Foot Spa Bath Massager With Powerful Bubble Jets

60 years old is already a pretty old age. Let your man enjoy a foot massage, stimulate relaxation and create a feeling of comfort in his own home without spending a lot of money on massage sessions at the bar. With a current design that is as sunny as the heat, quality massage buttons and bubble nozzles are guaranteed to ease the pain on your husband’s feet and even relieve you of stress. So this will be a great option for your husband.


Birthday is something wonderful. 60th birthday gift ideas for husband are always an indispensable part of birthdays. Finding the right gifts will be a big challenge for our women. We hope that our 60th birthday gift ideas for your husband will help you find great ideas for the gift you need.

If you have a need to find some other ideas for other special events for gifts for whom you want to give to. You can find it in WanaTrendy. We are always here, ready to help you through difficult problems.

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