21+ Sentimental Ideas For 3rd Anniversary Gift For Husband

Celebrating your 3rd anniversary with your spouse is a special milestone. It is an opportunity to look back on the wonderful memories you have shared and to look forward to a continued journey of love and togetherness.

A thoughtful anniversary gift is a perfect way to show your appreciation for your significant other and to express your love in the present moment. Consider some of the sentimental ideas below for a meaningful third-anniversary gift for your husband.

We do believe that these gift ideas will make sure your special day is one to remember. Here are 21+ ideas for 3rd anniversary gift for husband that will remind him of why your marriage is so special.

What Is The Symbol Of The 3-Year Wedding Anniversary?

Also known as Leather Anniversary, the 3rd wedding anniversary is all about durable, warm, and versatile qualities that accentuate stability in a relationship. The 3rd wedding anniversary is often when a couple becomes most deeply aware of the permanence of their relationship.

Because of that, leather is undoubtedly the symbol of the third anniversary. The toughness, durability, and beauty of leather will be proof of your love. In addition, you can also choose other unique and creative gifts depending on your husband’s preferences and your economic condition.

3rd Anniversary Gift Ideas For Husband

Gifts For Daily Use

Elegant Suit

1. Elegant Suit

There’s no better time to gift your husband a suit than a wedding anniversary. A suit is a luxurious, modern, and elegant outfit that any man should have in his wardrobe. They are always very attractive when wearing a well-ironed suit. Therefore, this is such a good choice if you do not have ideas for a 3rd anniversary gift for husband.

More than anyone, you are the one who knows best what style or color will be suitable for your husband. Know his body measurements and buy a suit as a surprise gift on your special day, this is sure to be a meaningful gift that he will value and cherish.

Classic Tie

2. Classic Tie

Tie is one of the indispensable items for men. If your husband is an office worker and often has to appear at the company with a neat appearance in a suit, a classic tie is a gift suggestion for you to give him on your 3-year wedding anniversary. A tie is a gift that shows a woman’s care for the man she loves and her encouragement to him.

Depending on your husband’s preferences, you can choose ties that are classic and match most of his suit. High-quality silk material will be a high recommendation for you when choosing a tie for your husband, helping to make him look more elegant.

Leather Bag

3. Leather Bag

If you want to find a sentimental 3rd anniversary gift idea for husband but still don’t have an idea, why not think of a leather bag? This item is always associated with gentlemen when going to work because of its versatility. A leather bag can contain working documents and a laptop.

You can choose a good quality leather bag with a beautiful design and quality assurance from reputable stores. This gift will send your husband a message of love and encourage him to continue striving in his career.

Leather Wallet

4. Leather Wallet

For a man, a wallet is always a necessity that he uses daily. If your husband’s wallet is too old or torn, you should buy him a new one. When you give a wallet to your husband, it also encourages and motivates him to continue to try his best and develop a more successful career.
You can engrave your and your husband’s name on the wallet to remind him of your love. That’s also how you mark your sovereignty, make him feel surprised and interested, and always smile whenever he sees it.

Leather Watch

5. Leather Watch

Watches are fashion accessories often used by men, so choosing a watch as a gift for your husband on your 3rd wedding anniversary is worth considering. The watch not only helps your husband manage time but also makes him more active in his work. Watches also show the masculinity and elegance of a mature and successful man.

You should choose materials and designs to suit your husband’s age and style. A leather or metal strap watch will be a good idea if your husband pursues the image of a gentleman.

Leather Bracelet

6. Leather Bracelet

One of the accessories that enhances the masculine beauty of a man is the leather bracelet. With its wild beauty, impressive design, and leather material that symbolizes freedom, uniqueness, and strength, this is sure to be a 3rd anniversary gift idea for husband that he will be fascinated by.

To make the bracelet more meaningful, you can customize it, and engrave your and your husband’s name with a lovely heart shape in the middle. Surely when your husband wears this bracelet, he can’t help but smile when he remembers your love and tenderness – the peaceful oasis of his soul.

Leather Belt

7. Leather Belt

Belts are also stylish fashion accessories and are associated with men. In particular, the belt also shows emotional attachment, sending your heart to the person you love. Therefore, you can give your husband a new belt, replacing the old one he is using.

When choosing a belt, you need to pay attention to the material, color, and size of your husband’s waist to get a gift that fits. Additionally, you can choose a belt buckle with a minimalist design in gold or silver color, a moderate size for easy coordination.

Casual Shoes

8. Casual Shoes

Which type of shoe model does your husband like the most? Western shoes or sports shoes? You can also buy shoes based on his work and his interests.

If your husband works at the office and often has to interact with customers as well as co-workers, you should choose polite Western shoes. On the contrary, if he likes to dress comfortably with street style or exercise regularly, sports shoes are more appropriate ones to pick on your 3rd anniversary.

Unique Perfume

9. Unique Perfume

Everyone has their unique scent. Due to that fact, perfume is the most modern and favorite 3rd anniversary gift idea for husband of all time. Just know which scent he likes, you can confidently choose the right perfume for your husband that suits him.
The masculine scent along with the outfit creates an elegant, luxurious, and sophisticated look for a man and helps him be more confident when going out. That gift is even more meaningful if the wife chooses it by herself, showing how much you care about your spouse.

Vacuum Flask

10. Vacuum Flask

Your husband has to go to work every day, and sometimes he can be so busy that he forgets to drink water. Thus, giving him a vacuum flask is a thoughtful 3rd anniversary gift idea that helps remind him to drink water regularly and shows him that you care about his health.
You can also order a custom thermos flask to engrave your couple’s names or your encouraging message to your husband, helping him to be motivated to work every day without feeling exhausted. You can make tea or fruit juice for your husband every morning before work. It will make your husband get touched.

Wine Glass Set

11. Wine Glass Set

A set of wine glasses is a 3rd anniversary gift idea for husband that any wine collector would love. You should choose a wine glass set with a luxurious design, and good glass material with a beautiful gloss, helping to accurately reflect the color of the wine. Holding a glass of branded wine in hand, your husband will be able to enjoy his favorite wine and immerse in its excellent taste and flavor.
You can also choose a set of wine glasses accompanied by glass holder. You should consider colors and designs that match your living room style and your husband’s preferences.

Unique Lighter

12. Unique Lighter

If your husband is a smoker or has a hobby of collecting unique items, then choosing 3rd anniversary gift idea for husband that is an exclusive lighter will also make him excited and touched. Besides, lighters symbolize eternity, so giving lighters to your husband can show your eternally strong affection for him.

Currently, there are many types of lighters that express personality and elegance of the man. A classy lighter with a unique design such as a dragon-shaped lighter, clock-shaped lighter,… will help your husband show his class and personality. If he has a habit of smoking, you should choose torch lighter with modern and compact design that is easy to pocket..

Electric Shaver

13. Electric Shaver

Every day, men need to take care of their hair and beard neatly if they want to go out. Busy work causes many people to do it in a hurry, which easily leads to injury and build-up of facial skin. Therefore, the shaver is such a reasonable gift for you to give your husband on the 3rd anniversary.

This gift is practical and saves him a lot of time on shaving. You will no longer have to remind him to shave every day because, with this thoughtful gift, he will be very willing to do this.

Gifts For Technology Lovers

Smart Phone

14. Smart Phone

If your husband is a technology lover and requires buying a new smartphone, then choose it as a gift for him on your 3rd wedding anniversary right away. Every day there are new phone lines launched, packed with lots of new gadgets and technologies.

If your husband likes to play games, he may need a smartphone with a high configuration. If he loves photography, a smartphone with a camera having good resolution will be his best choice.

Gaming Gear

15. Gaming Gear

If your husband is a game addict, gifts like gaming gear that includes the keyboard, mouse, webcam, microphone, computer speaker, etc… will keep him happy for a whole month. Gaming gear not only has a unique design but also optimizes the quality and speed to play the game most comfortably.

Having his wife’s support for his hobby of playing games is something that any man dreams of. We are sure that when you give him this gift, you will become extremely thoughtful in the eyes of your husband.

Digital Camera

16. Digital Camera

Is your husband a huge fan of photography and loves capturing every moment? A camera would be the perfect 3rd anniversary gift idea for him. With a wide range of cameras from different brands such as Sony, Canon, Nikon, and Panasonic,… most of them offer outstanding image quality thanks to their high pixel density sensor, wide dynamic range, and other features suitable for landscape photography.

You can choose the camera that suits your economic conditions as well as your husband’s preferences. You should consult with experienced people in the photography industry to have the best choice.

Graphic Tablet

17. Graphic Tablet

Is your husband a graphic designer or a digital artist? If you don’t have any ideas for a 3rd anniversary gift for husband, a graphic tablet is a practical one that we want to suggest to you. It is a specialized device in the field of design and is an indispensable item for designers.

The basic graphic tablet will include a touch drawing board equipped with an LCD screen and a dedicated touch pen to combine with the software on the machine through the touch screen.

Gifts For Entertaining

Play Station

18. Play Station

Play Station is every gamer’s dream. So if your husband is a game addict, don’t hesitate to buy a play station for him on your 3rd wedding anniversary. You will not be able to imagine the surprise on his face when receiving this meaningful gift from you. Play Station is integrated with today’s most advanced gaming technologies such as 4K HDR gaming, ray-tracing technology, 3D Audio sound, etc…

Moreover, blockbuster game store which are Assassin’s Creed Valhalla, Watch Dogs: Legion, FIFA 22, Marvel’s Spider-Man: Miles Morales, etc… comes with it to bring out its full power as well as bring the best experience for gamers.

Exclusive Bearbrick

19. Exclusive Bearbrick

Bearbrick is a model bear toy that is no stranger to young people and streetwear fashionistas. Through collaboration with fashion brands such as Bape, KITH, Chanel, or Marvel,… Bearbrick has been more and more widespread, becoming a luxury toy of the upper class.

Bearbrick is not just a toy, it also contains many artistic and cultural values. Unique designs show a distinct personality that not all items have. If your husband is a fashion enthusiast and loves to collect unique items, you can buy a Bearbrick as a 3rd anniversary gift idea for him. He will be over the moon when seeing this special gift.

Customized Chessboard

20. Customized Chessboard

Is your husband intrigued by chess and spends hours watching the big tournaments? A customized chessboard would be the ideal 3rd anniversary gift idea for him. With so many concepts inspired by different periods of the Roman empires and ancient Egypt, going beyond the stale and monotonous look of traditional chess sets.

This incredible gift will make him amazed by not only its beauty but also its innovative and sophisticated design.

Sports Equipment

21. Sports Equipment

Sports equipment is the most suitable choice when it comes to sentimental 3rd anniversary gift idea for husband who is a sports fanatic. If your husband has a huge passion for tennis, the tennis racket set will easily make him content.

If he can’t keep his eyes off golf tournaments and always goes to the golf course every weekend to entertain and socialize with friends, don’t think but give him golf gloves or a golf club immediately. Or if he likes swimming, give him swimming goggles or a swimming cap which will surely help him a lot.


The third anniversary plays an important role in any marriage and it’s the perfect time to surprise your husband with a sentimental gift that expresses your love and appreciation for all the years you have been together.

Whether it’s a traditional anniversary gift like leather or a more creative present, it’s important to choose something that speaks to the special bond between you and your husband. From daily used gifts to entertaining presents, these gifts are guaranteed to make your husband feel loved and cherished.

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