25+ Ideas for Husbands 40th Birthday Party

Ideas for Husbands 40th Birthday Party

Turning 40 isn’t a big deal – it’s a huge deal! Thus, your husband’s 40th birthday celebration ideas should certainly follow suit. This significant occasion is your chance to amaze him on his special day.

Ideas for husbands 40th birthday party listed below range from super-simple to simply sensational are sure to rise to the occasion.

Ideas for Surprise 40th Birthday Party for Husband

Cooking His Favorite Meal

1. Cooking His Favorite Meal 

Be a little more considerate and make your husband something with your hands. It would be a wonderful idea to prepare his favorite dish for him on his 40th birthday. 

Try making him a cake, some of his favorite ribs, or maybe some mac & cheese. If BBQ is his favorite food, fire up the grill straight immediately to make him feel extra special. He’ll be blown away by your thoughtful effort.

Great Wine Cake for Him

2. Great Wine Cake for Him

A wine-dark black cake is appropriate for an aristocrat’s birthday. What you feel for him is the central theme. Be it Love, or simply say cheers and relax. The cake should be cut specially to show your affection.

The entire area was illuminated by candles. Blow it and here opens up champagne. Make a toast to your man and exchange intimate gestures when the dance floor just to rock.

Dinner On a Cruise

3. Dinner On a Cruise  

Take the 40th birthday concept to the next level. On outings like this, one can never go wrong with the cuisine, entertainment, dancing, wine, and breathtaking beauty on offer. Make reservations for a cruise for the two of you. 

Choose the whole menu for dinner on the deck, starting with delectable appetizers and ending with decadent desserts. Invite your husband’s friends and relatives over if you think he would welcome more company. The more the merrier!

Indoor Picnic

4. Indoor Picnic 

One of the excellent 40th birthday party for husband ideas is planning an indoor picnic. No TV or phones, instead choose to have calming music playing in the background to set the mood. This will determine how the evening will go.

Use a blanket, a few well-placed photos, candles, and love notes to make it more romantic and delightful. A table packed with fruits, snacks, and wine should be set out. Talk to each other, poke fun at each other, then cuddle up and give each other warm embraces to spend quality time.

Personalized bottle of wine

5. Personalized Bottle of Wine

Since wine only gets better with age, this 40th birthday gift idea for husband is a true treasure. You can create a personalized design or letter for your husband using a number of websites. 

While you two sip the vintage wine, celebrate his improvement. Take it a step further and acknowledge this extraordinary soul’s presence in your life as he begins his newest year!

Booking a Cooking Class

6. Booking a Cooking Class

For husbands who don’t cook well, this is a wonderful gift. You will have the chance to learn how to make delicious foods while having a great time with your friends and family if you sign up for the cooking class. 

Choose your husband’s preferred dish, then assist him with meal preparation. For your husband’s 40th birthday party, learning to make new foods is a wonderful gift.

Delivering Cupcakes At His Workplace

7. Delivering Cupcakes At His Workplace

Even as grown adults, people are irresistible to refuse the enticing allure of adorably decorated, sugar-infused, baked treats. 

The mini cakes should be written with something sweet and placed on top for a cheesy touch. This will give him and his co-workers a good chuckle. He won’t forget this loving yet funny gesture.

A Cocktail Party

8. A Cocktail Party

40th birthday party for husband ideas can come from simple ones. Plan a cocktail party with canapés at your house. Who doesn’t love this thoughtful idea? This is more like a better and extended version of happy hours within your tranquil space. 

Invite your husband’s pals in secret to assist you in hiring a bartender to create some fantastic cocktails for you all. Increase the ambiance by adding some delectable nibbles, such as spread of canapés or a sushi bar.

Vinyl Record

9. Vinyl Record

If the name of his game is music, without a doubt, this is a fantastic birthday present for his song-lover side. Get his favorite songs on vinyl by checking out some online or physical retailers. 

Alternatively, take the ultra-retro route and look for a vintage record that was released in the same year of his birth. No record player? It will be a big surprise when that becomes part of the package he opens!

Memory Book of 40 Moments

10. Memory Book of 40 Moments

 Use the shoebox that contains your old keepsakes. When it comes to ideas for surprise 40th birthday party for husband, this one can be just as much fun for you to create as it is for him to receive. 

Give him a collection of cherished memories you have enjoyed together over the years, such as photos, matchbooks, coasters, ribbons, and ticket stubs,… bunches of sentiment, all rolled into one.

Geo-coordinates Bottle Opener

11. Geo-coordinates Bottle Opener

Get a stylish bottle opener made of stainless steel (either a cap- or wine-type opener). Then locate where you two first met, and provide those coordinates.

(Nowadays, Google or other user-friendly tools can help you quickly locate this information.) For the magical meeting-place numbers to be permanently engraved on the opener, visit a jeweler or nearby engraving business.

Name a Star After Him

12. Name a Star After Him

This 40th birthday gift for men may be admittedly sentimental and (hence) not suitable for everyone. But hey, it’s a gift idea that deserves a mention because it’s original and sincere. 

It makes sense since, let’s be honest, your other half is your star, your Northern Star. Why not choose a gift for him that truly is out of this world?

Plan a Tree In His Honor

13. Plan a Tree In His Honor 

This unique birthday present is ideal for the outdoorsy, nature-loving men in your life. Take pleasure in seeing it develop throughout the years, much like the sweet love you two share. 

Include a wood carving of some kind that bears both of your initials in the packaging for some extra-gifting flair. A present for his 40th birthday party like this is especially memorable if you have kids, who are also growing up alongside it.

Personalized Golf Balls

14. Personalized Golf Balls

Add a little extra flair to both his golf game and your gift-giving strategy. This 40th birthday idea for your husband is a surefire way to win his approval that you are, in fact, the best wife on the globe, whether he dabbles or works diligently on the fairways. (Though it is doubtful he needs any convincing of that.)

Personalized Puzzle

15. Personalized Puzzle

Turn your heart’s desires into jigsaw pieces! This might be the best romantic 40th birthday party ideas for husband of all! On the reverse of a puzzle you purchased, write a love letter. 

Or create your own masterpiece using cool internet tools, along with a photo and/or a heartfelt message to remember his special day.

Cinematic Stardom

16. Cinematic Stardom

If your main man enjoys watching movies, plan a few surprises for him when you’re in the theater. Schedule a night out to see a recent release. 

Unknown to your husband, you will have the theater reserved and all of his friends and family seated when he enters. Then, as the lights dim and the previews begin to play, a customized wish (such as “Happy 40th birthday to my husband!”) appears on the screen.

Pedal-Boating: Party of Two

17. Pedal-Boating: Party of Two

Got a birthday coming up that falls during the summer? Go pedal-boating at a lake or pond in the area. 

You can convince the rental company to support your special man’s 40th birthday celebration. Send birthday balloons in advance to be ready when he gets to the boat or the check-in desk.

A Very Merry Vacation

18. A Very Merry Vacation

Having a spouse to enjoy epic escapes and life-changing adventures with is one of marriage’s most incredible things. Making new memories with your husband is a wonderful chance, regardless of whether you’ve been married to him for 11 months or more. 

A vacation to paradise, whether it be a cruise, a beach, an all-inclusive resort, the sweet simplicity of camping, discovering a new city, and beyond, is the best way to celebrate your significant other’s 40th birthday.

Mirror Message

19. Mirror Message

No one has ever said, “I hate waking up to love messages.” Begin the day with words that will brighten his morning. 

Use some sassy lipstick or a dry-erase marker to write him a sweet birthday message on the bathroom mirror, or use whichever medium best expresses your sentiments.

A Staycation Day

20. A Staycation Day

This is undoubtedly one of the simplest and most effective 40th birthday party ideas for your spouse. It’s straightforward, significant, and offers many unique options for you to express “happy birthday” the way you see appropriate.

Secretly schedule a day off with his boss in advance. You could also prepare breakfast in bed, arrange a massage for the two of you, watch a movie, or choose from a variety of other sweet “date” ideas.

Box of 40 Coupons

21. Box of 40 Coupons

This present for him is a wonderful way to personalize concepts that match his personality, as well as his hobbies and interests—especially if he’s the sort to have several of them. 

It also frees you up from having to find him a single, major present for his 40th birthday. Add vouchers that may be “redeemed” for things like supper out, massages, sporting events, picnics, housework, random acts of kindness, etc.

Boat Rental

22. Boat Rental

Fortunate enough to live near a lake? Take a break and spend the afternoon sailing. Spending time together as a couple on a private sailboat or gondola is one of the best ways to express your love for someone. 

Or adopt the “the more the merrier” attitude by asking friends to accompany you on a light-hearted pontoon adventure (nautical 40th birthday theme gifts for men are highly encouraged). His big day is taken care of if the party is loaded up with a cooler full of food and beverages.

Sappy Skywriting

23. Sappy Skywriting

This special birthday concept isn’t only for movies! And he will definitely remember it for the rest of his life. Locate a nearby business that specializes in this stunning aerial art. 

Ask them to draw a heart or an “HB2U” message in the sky. After he sees it, surprise him with a romantic helicopter trip or a flight lesson.

Cover Band

24. Cover Band

Local artists searching for gigs may be found in any city. Why not hire a space (or inform the neighbors that the backyard may get festive) and have a real band play your husband’s favorite songs? Don’t forget to request that they also perform your song! Music band can be one of the unique ideas for surprise 40th birthday party for husband.

40th Birthday Theme Party

25. 40th Birthday Theme Party

A list of 40th birthday party ideas simply wouldn’t be complete without this classic move. It’s not just enjoyable (and perhaps even a big surprise, depending on the theme you pick), but it’s also a meaningful chance to surround him with the people who matter most to him.

A Road Trip

26. A Road Trip

Are you looking for the best 40th birthday party ideas for husband? Create a tour itinerary for his birthday that suits his preferences! then accompany him on the roadways or arrange for him to travel with his friends.

Choose a route, book lodging, and plan some amazing scenery and activities for him to enjoy along the road or at the destination. Don’t forget to pack him a snack for the trip!


Turning forty used to be seen as old when life was hard, but today it denotes that the individual has attained a true milestone and is regarded as a milestone age. He wants a lady in her forties to be the loving, caring, optimistic, and kind person in his life.

We hope that you loved all of these 25+ ideas for husbands 40th birthday party, and that you found them to be helpful. We know how stressful it can be to have to throw a big party for a big age, especially your special man, so we are happy to have been able to make it a little bit easier for you. You can also find out more interesting ideas on our website WanaTrendy.

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