35+ Meaningful 1 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For Girlfriend

What a surprise! It’s been a year since the two of you officially started dating. On that anniversary, choose immediately meaningful 1 year anniversary gift ideas for girlfriend.

It can be said that the past 1 year has been a time of mixed happiness and sadness and filled with many valuable memories for the two of you. Because of that, it’s impossible not to have a day to remember the days that have passed since we were together.

A day marked for the couple’s love, no matter how hard or difficult, will always be overcome. So give your girlfriend a big surprise now to thank her for the moments together, helping each other, and loving each other.

What Is She Interested in?

You will be overwhelmed and realize that you want to buy this whole world for your girlfriend. Because deep down you always want the best for her. But that’s not the central issue, what’s important here is the special, unique ideas for the connection of the couple.

So don’t choose gifts blindly, find out about her hobbies, her desires “What does she like?”, “What does she do in her free time” to generate ideas for the gift you’re aiming for. We are here to solve the confusion in your heart. With the list of gift ideas that we have listed, you can give yourself a suitable answer.

Meaningful 1 Year Anniversary Gift Ideas For Girlfriend 

Great Experience

A Walking Food Tour

1. A Walking Food Tour

It will be one of the most lovely 1 year anniversary gift ideas for girlfriend. True to the saying: Food is the key to the heart. Let your girlfriend have a full culinary experience at the restaurants she likes, and enjoy delicious food, suitable for her taste. Assuring you it will be an unforgettable dining experience. Because you can eat with her and have intimate conversations.

A Mini-Vacation

2. A Mini-Vacation

Most of the luxury and material gifts are not equal to care and attention. Most women need some attention from their boyfriends. If the two of you have too much work, and can’t make time for long-term travel and sightseeing, you can still spend some time hanging out with her, taking her to do what you like. More importantly, you must not focus on your phone too much because she will hate you. That is an indispensable idea that should be put on the list of great anniversary gift ideas for girlfriend 1 year.

Handwriting Love Letters

3. Planning a Special Outing

You will be surprised by this idea and take it into your 1 year anniversary ideas for girlfriend. Plan a romantic outing for the two of you. Book a place to stay with beautiful scenery, and a delicious restaurant, or cook a meal for her, and buy her the right souvenirs. In particular, you should buy tangible gifts so that you can put them in commemorative photos of both of you or pictures that both of you love. Give priority to gifts that represent the strong feelings of the two of you. Not only that, you have to choose interesting places to surprise her.

A Target Shopping Date

4. A Target Shopping Date

Shopping is always a pleasure for women. Make a shopping day for your girlfriend. Accompany her, buy each other favorite food, Pretty little toys, or more precisely what they need, things that represent your love. At the end of your shopping trip, you can come home with lots of pillows and blankets to get ready for a romantic chat and let her see the gifts you’ve chosen for her or you can watch romantic movies with her, horror movies to create a special atmosphere at night.

Handwriting Love Letters

5. Handwriting Love Letters

A love letter can be too old and too cheesy. But there are still a lot of people doing this. Because, this is the most sincere and primitive means of conveying affection, clearly showing the other party the strong desire to be with the girl they love. So don’t just because of bad handwriting, don’t be shy, write her a letter that contains your most sincere feelings and what you think about her. There will be one of the most impressive 1 year anniversary gifts for girlfriend ideas.

Wonderful One-Year Anniversary Gift Ideas for Your Girlfriend

Customized Shirt 1-year

6. Customized Shirt 1-year

Congratulations on your 1 year together. A couple of shirts symbolizing the long-term bond between the two of you will be an indispensable gift. You can personalize your name along with your first date so that neither of you ever forgets about it. In addition, this will be a unique version, only the two of you own it. This makes love even more meaningful. So it will be a surprising gift idea for 1-year anniversary with your girlfriend.


  • Create your own personality
  • Many suitable sizes for you

1st Anniversary Custom Photo

7. 1st Anniversary Custom Photo

Every memory is priceless. Especially the memories of love. It will be even more profound if you receive a photo of the two moments together, the times when they are happy and happy together. And you can also engrave a small inscription wishing your love a happy life forever. We are sure this will be one of the most unforgettable one year anniversary gift ideas for girlfriend.


  • An ornament in the house
  • A customizable letter

The Anniversary Clock

8. The Anniversary Clock

Watches are a symbol of timeless love. Many months have passed but they are still strong and not lost. The watch has an antique design and can be printed with your name or anniversaries. So this will be a suitable gift to celebrate 1 year of happiness together. Since it is a fantastic gift idea for 1-year anniversary with your girlfriend.


  • Various colors for you to choose
  • Symbolizes a strong connection

"There's no one else" Pillow

9. “There’s no one else” Pillow

There are many one year anniversary ideas for girlfriend. And I will suggest you this one. It’s been a year since you two officially started dating. It’s obvious that we men have to express our love instead of keeping it in our hearts forever, right? So give this pillow to her right away to let her know that she is the most important person to you. A pillow engraved with your name will always accompany her in every dream.


  • Create a comfortable sleep
  • Expressing intense love

White Mug for 1st Dating Gift

10. White Mug for 1st Dating Gift

A cup containing your love will be a very nice thing. It will be even better when it is a pair of cups just for the couple. A pair of mugs with inscriptions filled with your love for your girlfriend. That will be the highlight to impress her. Plus it comes with a pair of ceramic mugs with a coating that ensures the image you choose to print on comes alive and doesn’t wash out.


  • Ensure the safety of drinks
  • Store best wishes full of love

Funny Face Socks

11. Funny Face Socks

One of the first anniversary gift ideas for girlfriend that I can’t forget to talk to you about is a pair of socks. A pair of socks may be too casual, but if it’s a pair of socks with portraits of the couple’s funny moments, that’s a different story. A soft, warm sock always keeps your feet most comfortable during walking sessions or climbing stairs when going to work. It’s even humorous if you choose an interesting color scheme.


  • Soft and smooth
  • Contains a unique couple’s image

Girlfriend Wine Glass

12. Girlfriend Wine Glass

This unique wine glass will make her smile every time you and she have the opportunity to enjoy wine together. Looking at the glass she will know that she is always the best thing in her boyfriend’s heart and will be happy with that. In addition, a sophisticated wine glass makes the atmosphere more romantic. That will be a great choice.


  • Contain wine when drinking
  • Classy, and edgy.

Wish Jar

13. Wish Jar

A personalized heart-shaped letter with sentimental information about lasting happiness would be one of the cutest 1 year anniversary ideas for girlfriend. Especially those heart letters placed in a glass jar full of dreams will make the wishes in the letter come true. She must be really happy to have a psycho boyfriend like you.


  • Cute and meaningful
  • A vivid expression of sincere feelings

Humor-Scented Candle

14. Humor-Scented Candle

With such a meaningful and lovely gift, it deserves to be included in the list of the greatest gift ideas for 1 year anniversary with girlfriend. Pleasantly scented candles made from environmentally friendly natural pea wax, have a sedative effect that improves sleep quality. The sticker is printed with poses and words of love to create a sincere look for your girlfriend.


  • Create a comfortable sleep
  • Reduce mental stress

My Soulmate My Everything Keychain

15. My Soulmate My Everything Keychain

Saying “I love you” is already a normal thing. Try giving a personalized keychain with romantic messages, images, and “I love you” inside. With durable and non-abrasive material, it is also considered as an enduring love that is not easily broken. This can be considered as one of the cutest one year anniversary ideas for girlfriend.


  • Can put in pictures and sentimental words
  • Characteristic of the couple’s love

Alluring Beauty Necklace

16. Alluring Beauty Necklace

Every anniversary is a special and memorable moment. This is also an important moment for your girlfriend to assess how much you love her. Give her a necklace that is easy but personality to enhance her charming beauty. Make her feel special on your one-year anniversary together.


  • Express your sincere love without words
  • Trendy makes you more attractive

Stackable Cuff Bracelet

17. Stackable Cuff Bracelet

Another idea in this list of 1 year anniversary for girlfriend ideas is this bracelet. A bracelet is a separate connection for the two of you. If its shape is a heart, it will be even more special because the heart represents strong love. On important occasions like this 1 year’s anniversary, you should give her a bracelet full of personality and choose a good, durable material that makes your love never break.


  • Create personality
  • Represent the connection

Scrapbook Album

18. Scrapbook Album

An album containing memories of a year of love. With careful protection the frame is made of durable and solid materials, ensuring the safety of the love inside. This is really one of the cutest 1 year anniversary ideas for girlfriend to store the beautiful and happy memories of the couple in the past and future. Your girlfriend will be touched when she receives a gift that brings back many beautiful memories like this.


  • Store a lot of memories
  • Carrying many meanings and expressing an everlasting love

Couple Picture Frame

19. Couple Picture Frame

I surely ensure that will be a great gift idea for 1 year anniversary with your girlfriend. A photo frame just for you, which can be customized to the personal taste of that special person in your heart. You will be able to choose the best and most meaningful photo of your 1-year journey together and see it as vividly as possible. This gift will always remind a couple of your 1 year and make your girlfriend love you more and remember beautiful things when she is with you.


  • Contain many memorable memories
  • Show your strong love

Heart Shape Gift

20. Heart Shape Gift

As you know, the heart is the most characteristic symbol of strong and determined love. A gift in the shape of a heart will also carry a similar meaning. If you engrave it with romantic words, and happy memories together, it will be a special thing for such an important anniversary. So this is a great gift for her because it will be your most sincere love.


  • Meaningful
  • Show your sincere love

3-Stone Ring

21. 3-Stone Ring

Love is priceless, and a gift that can show some of that pricelessness is a difficult point for you. You can view my list of gift ideas for 1 year anniversary for girlfriend, there is an idea about the 3-stone ring. A ring inlaid with many brilliant stones and in the center will be the most brilliant, largest stone. With this sophisticated design, your girlfriend will surely love its brilliance.


  • Luxurious and noble
  • Make you sharper, more attractive

1st Anniversary Personalized Wall Clock

22. 1st Anniversary Personalized Wall Clock

Congratulations on your year together. A wall clock would be a pretty reasonable gift. In particular, is a watch that can be personalized with your own images of the best times so that the two of you always look forward to each other in the future. At the same time, as time goes by, the affection will be replenished. That’s why this would be a great gift.


  • Easy to observe the time
  • Manage effectively job

1-Year Anniversary Wall Art

23. 1-Year Anniversary Wall Art

It’s been a year since you two got together. Come up with one year gift ideas for girlfriend. It’s been a year since you two got together. Come up with gift ideas for her. We would like to suggest you a wall painting that contains many emotions. A picture engraved with words describing good memories, happy times, etc. With modern ink printing technology with coating around the product, the lines will not fade. And even if you add pictures of the couple, they won’t warp.


  • Make both two of you always remember these unforgettable memories.

Table Lamp for 1-Year Anniversary

24. Table Lamp for 1-Year Anniversary

A table lamp with a heart shape will be an adorable gift for 1-year anniversary with your girlfriend. A lamp with your name on it, the date of love will make you always remember the first day you two met. This lamp can be placed in the living room or bedroom. Whenever you are tired or stressed, just looking at it will dispel all your worries and worries.


  • It is a beautiful decoration in the house.
  • This a reminder of the 1 year anniversary of love.

Lyric Photo Gift

25. Lyric Photo Gift

Until now, when you relive or re-experience it directly, it’s not as emotional as your first time. Love is the same, remember the song you both heard for the first time on your date and put it on a poster. This will be great as it enhances the meaning of the past year and conveys your true love to her. So it is one of the most wonderful gift ideas for girlfriend 1 year anniversary.


  • A meaningful and emotional keepsake

Skincare Set

26. Skincare Set

A meaningful gift for 1-year anniversary with your girlfriend I will introduce to you is a skincare set. Every woman loves beauty. That is a natural thing. So hit that mentality of every woman and give your girlfriend a skincare set. I’m sure she’ll scream in appreciation and give you a kiss for your concern. Because it will make her skin younger, and better and remove her worries about age and time.


  • Easier skincare
  • Show clearly your care

Assorted Chocolate Gift Box

27. Assorted Chocolate Gift Box

The sweets are the greatest gift ideas for 1 year anniversary with your girlfriend. Valentine’s Day is the day to give chocolates. Then why don’t you give her a box of chocolates on her 1 year anniversary? A box of chocolates symbolizes love full of sweetness but equally challenging, to be together must overcome difficulties. So this is a very delicate gift and also satisfies her stomach.


  • It can satisfy her stomach
  • Provide some nutrition for her body

“Happy 1st Anniversary” Toilet Paper

28. “Happy 1st Anniversary” Toilet Paper

Let’s give her a surprise on her one-year anniversary together. Different from other normal gifts, you should give a roll of toilet paper with the words “Happy 1st Anniversary”. She will be surprised and burst out laughing. Because it is one of the most unique one year anniversary ideas for girlfriend. She won’t expect you to give her a roll of toilet paper, but it also has a lot of benefits because everyone is always going to the bathroom.


  • Help you to be cleaner after going to the toilet

Handmade Rose Teddy Bear

29. Handmade Rose Teddy Bear

Rose is a symbol of love. When you combine small roses with a super big bear, it also proves that your love is immense. It contains deep affection and is also a message about the youthful beauty of the girl I love. So this gift is also one of the most unique gift ideas for 1 year anniversary with your girlfriend.


  • Its beautiful shape
  • The romance in its meaning

Kissing Mug Set

30. Kissing Mug Set

The kissing mug set will be one of the cutest 1 year anniversary ideas for girlfriend. Every morning when you wake up, after having breakfast, you can enjoy a cup of coffee, there is nothing like it. So giving a couple a kiss will make your breakfast more romantic. And every time you are away from her for work, she will always remember you through this kiss cup.


  • Protect your drinking
  • Create a romantic atmosphere when the two of you are together.

Bath Bombs Gift Set

31. Bath Bombs Gift Set

Bath bombs are quite an interesting and useful invention in life, so it will be obvious when those bath bombs become one of the most awesome gift ideas for 1 year anniversary with your girlfriend. If she is a busy person with work, a bath bomb, and a hot tub will help her relax in the warm water and soothing aromas. Not only that, but they are also products that help clean and protect her skin better.


  • Effectively cleans and protects the skin
  • Relieve stress and create a feeling of comfort while soaking in the water bath.

DIY Hand Casting Kit

32. DIY Hand Casting Kit

Do you want to find a meaningful gift for 1-year anniversary with your girlfriend? I think this DIY hand-casting kit will be the best choice. It will be great when the moment we hold hands is preserved for a long time and lasts forever. Whenever we are depressed or stressed, looking at that clay model reminds us of a life full of love that destroys all worries.


  • Show your sincere love.

Natural Perfume Gift Set

33. Natural Perfume Gift Set

Surely a year together, you already know her well, right? Do you notice that every time she goes out with you or stays in the house, there is always a certain scent? Then you should pay attention to which perfume brand she likes to wear and she has a lot to choose from to choose the best product for her. Surely he will feel that she is someone who always pays attention to her and is happy to receive gifts. So it will be one of the most wonderful gift ideas for 1 year anniversary with your girlfriend.


  • Create attractive beauty

Funny Earrings

34. Funny Earrings

This a good gift idea for 1-year anniversary with your girlfriend can’t miss this gift. Funny earrings will make her feel happier than classic and boring gifts. Because every girl will love innovation and style. A pair of earrings that are full of personality and add a little humor will make her look younger and more beautiful. I guarantee you she will cherish these earrings.


  • Create a harmonious beauty
  • Showing off her own personality

Teddy Bear

35. Teddy Bear

A teddy bear will be the best gift idea for 1 year anniversary with your girlfriend. How wonderful it is to hug a big, big, soft and cute teddy bear when sleeping. Life is not free, if there are times when you go on a business trip, there is a teddy bear to accompany her. Although there are modern long-distance communication devices, it is still not as good as a gift in the presence of a boyfriend.


  • Brings softness and warmth


1 year anniversary gift ideas for girlfriend are a hard question for all guys. But with us here, you don’t need to worry about gifts and gift ideas anymore. With the list of ideas we mentioned above, the appearance of a variety of gifts will make it easy for you to find the best, most special, and most suitable idea for the girl you love.

Before this article comes to an end, we would like to send our best wishes, wish for the love of both of you to last forever, for happiness, and never to be divided. If you still have any trouble choosing the best and most featured ideas for gifts for big events like the 30th marriage anniversary, Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, etc. Get access to WanaTrendy now. You will be taken a correct answer for ideas you need.

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