16+ Awesome Mother’s Day Gift For Pregnant Wife


Mother’s day is approaching, so you should prepare a gift for your wife. Mother’s Day gift for pregnant wife is what you should think about right now. Your wife worked really hard to get pregnant, so do something special for her on this day.

Your wife will be very happy to receive your attention. She’s tired enough of the past few months, so do something about it now.

With a Pregnant Wife

For a pregnant person, a spiritual gift alone can make them happy. But as a husband, you should choose a gift that will help her. A useful gift will make her less difficult with the fetus. A psychological husband will surely appreciate more useful items, right? Discover the right gifts for pregnant women with us.

Mother’s Day Ideas for Pregnant Wife

1. Guide Book

Whether you’re a new mom, or your wife has had a baby before, a guide book is the perfect gift for pregnant wives. Each child will have a different way of taking care, so read more books as well as gain more knowledge of caring and nurturing to be able to give their child the best.

Each book will bring new knowledge than the other books. All information is also selected and not to be matched. So don’t worry that the books you bought before are enough, now you still need more books.

Go to the bookstore, choose the latest published books to give to your wife. The newer the publication, the more in line with modern parenting practices.

Guide Book

2. Morning Sickness Sweet

Pregnant women often cannot avoid frequent nausea, headaches or morning sickness. This candy box is just a sweet, but it has the ability to limit these uncomfortable conditions for pregnant women. These raspberry candies also have vitamin B6 in them, which vitamin B6 is used to relieve these uncomfortable conditions.

Not to mention, it also helps to keep the brain healthy, limiting anemia. An easy-to-eat sweet candy that has so many uses. Fathers should soon consult the pharmacy to buy for their wives.

The price of this candy jar will be more expensive if you buy medicine. But if you take a lot of medicine, your wife will get bored. So choosing this Mother’s Day idea for pregnant wife will make her happier.

Morning Sickness Sweet

3. Women’s Cross Band Slippers

A pair of sandals that meet the needs of the momentum and can also keep your wife’s feet warm, what are you waiting for without buying right away. There is no woman who doesn’t love such lovely soft-looking items. Even if you are a pregnant woman, you still love to be stylish.

Such furry sandals will keep her feet warm and still be able to dress up with lovely dresses in her wardrobe. As a psychological husband, you cannot ignore these sandals. You can also buy multiple pairs in different colors to keep her busy with different styles. Or buy a lot to have one, go indoors, go outside in the yard.

 Women's Cross Band Slippers

4. Letter to My Baby

Do you want your children to feel love from their parents from the moment they are in your wife’s womb? If so, you can buy a bundle of letters or a small booklet designed like an envelope as Mother’s Day gifts for pregnant wife.

And inside each page will be each type of letter paper. Let your wife, even you, write your feelings in it. When your child is born, grows up and learns to read, the child can see the letter to know how much mom and dad love it. Looking forward to the day the baby is born.

They give a lot of love to the baby. When the child reads that, the child will love the family more. Writing letters is also a way for the mother not to be depressed during pregnancy.

Letter to My Baby

5. Remove Stretch Marks Cream

No pregnant woman is without stretch marks. They get stretch marks because every time the baby grows bigger, the mother’s skin stretches to give the baby room to grow. When the skin is stretched so suddenly, stretch marks appear.

Wearing clothes can be covered but mothers will be very sad to see their own skin getting worse and worse. A husband loves his wife, you should buy her a cream that can erase stretch marks.

Must be applied since stretch marks have not appeared otherwise it will not be able to completely erase later. You should buy reputable creams to have the best effect on your wife.

Remove Stretch Marks Cream

6. Maternity Dress

Surely in the girls’ wardrobe, there is no shortage of dresses. No matter how much you buy, it’s not enough for your wife. The normal dress is different from the pregnant one. You have to buy quite a lot of dresses for the pregnant woman so that she can change constantly every time she goes to meet her sisters.

Girls often compare clothes and dresses with each other. The fact that you buy many beautiful dresses for her will make her smile. She can show off to her sisters, she can show off to her neighbors.

Nothing can be more fun than having a psychological husband to show off to everyone, that’s the nature of most women. These would be the best Mother’s Day gifts for pregnant wife.

Maternity Dress

7. Document Organizer

A stack of documents or pictures, documents about your baby including ultrasound photos, physical examination, routine antenatal check-ups, etc. If you don’t know where to go, buy a document organizer so you can put all your documents in there, and even mark the timelines of each type of document.

Later, your wife just needs to put everything inside, finding it again is easier. Having everything you need is more convenient than rummaging through every cabinet at home just to find a few papers. One way to prevent her from becoming upset.

Document Organizer

8. Aromatherapy Shower Steamer

What to get pregnant wife for Mother’s Day could be an aromatherapy shower steamer as a way to improve blood circulation. Pregnant women often have difficulty in blood circulation because the pregnant belly squeezes a lot of blood vessels.

Because of poor blood circulation, it is easy to get headaches and fatigue. You buy a shower steam aromatherapy set to give her, help her relax in the sauna several times a week. This is also a way to make her feel at ease.

The scent of essential oils from the steam pad will make her feel lighter. Limit anger. A lot of anger will make both mother and baby tired. Pick out scents she likes and can make her relax.

Aromatherapy Shower Steamer

9. Mama Necklace

A necklace to celebrate your wife’s mother’s day is also a good choice if you don’t know what to buy her this Mother’s Day. There are not many girls who do not like jewelry, so choosing this gift will be very meaningful.

Both make her like, and as a memory of her. You should choose materials that match her skin tone so as not to darken her skin. You can order the jewelry store engraved according to your handwriting.

That will make the gift more special than the mass-market ones. Please order early so that the shop can process it according to your wishes, so that you can give it to your wife on Mother’s Day.

Mama Necklace

10. Baby Cook Book

The feeding problem of newborn babies and children of each age is completely different. Training them to eat scientifically to ensure their health from an early age is a matter of research. Modern times no longer apply word of mouth as in the past.

Many cookbooks, taking care of each child’s meal, became more and more popular. The books can also ensure the science because they have been studied for a long time, then written into books.

Research books to choose a more diverse cooking method, help your baby enjoy eating more, and better his health. You can buy this Mother’s Day gift ideas for pregnant wife.

Baby Cook Book

11. Calcium and Magnesium

Lack of calcium and zinc is a problem of pregnant mothers. They have to share these substances from their body to the baby in the womb. Therefore, pregnant women need these substances twice as much as normal adults.

Calcium from food is still not enough, you should buy more supplements so that she can get enough calcium for herself and the baby. Limiting the mother’s bone and joint problems is also the use that this functional food can bring.

So please consult your obstetrician so that they can prescribe you the right functional foods for pregnant women in each month of pregnancy.

Calcium and Magnesium

12. Memory Book

A book keeping memories is also a very meaningful Mother’s Day gift for pregnant wife to give pregnant mothers. From the first signs of pregnancy to the time the fetus is formed. The mother will go through a lot of emotions.

Keeping it as a keepsake book will make it possible for her to revisit it with you after you’re born and grow up. These memories, if kept directly, can be reviewed at any time. Your wife will also have something meaningful to focus on.

She will not be depressed and born resentful. Thinking and creating memory books is also a way to help the brain work in a positive way. That is very good for the baby in the womb.

Memory Book

13. Slow Cooker

The diet of pregnant women is very important. They need to choose nutritious foods that are good for both mother and baby. You also have to choose how to cook so that the nutrients must be preserved almost entirely.

And slow cooking methods such as stewing, steaming will have the effect of retaining as many nutrients as possible. Usually, cooking these dishes is very time consuming. It takes patience to cook such dishes. If she still has to work, you should buy her a slow cooker.

She can prepare cooking from the night, put it in the pot and in the morning will have a nutritious dish. Don’t waste time waiting, still have delicious food. Don’t worry about the food being burned or overheated, losing nutrients.

Slow Cooker

14. Nut Milk-Making Machine

Nut milk is a type of milk with higher nutrients than milk from animals. Nutrients from nut milk have many benefits for both mother and baby. Fat from nuts is also a good fat, not harmful to the baby if your wife loves milk and has to drink it regularly.

Homemade nut milk has more nutrients than canned milk. You can buy a nut milk maker as a Mother’s day meaningful gift for wife. She’s not smart enough to still make this milk.

Just put seeds and water into the machine and wait until it’s done to get super delicious and nutritious milk. She just needs to add sugar or honey depending on her preference.

Nut Milk-Making Machine

15. Pregnancy Pillow

Sleeping with pregnant women, especially when the belly is bigger, is more difficult. Unable to lie flat, lying on the side for a long time, the limbs will be numb, the back will hurt because of the pregnant belly.

Numbness in limbs will take a long time to return to normal because of poor blood circulation. Pregnant women also have difficulty breathing when lying down. Choosing a separate pillow for pregnant women to help your wife sleep better is something you should urgently prepare.

Choose a pillow that is comfortable for her. Good sleep will improve the health of mother and baby. Losing a lot of sleep will make your pregnant wife tired, lifeless, irritable. So hurry up and buy this gift.

Pregnancy Pillow

16. Electric Heating Pad

Pregnant women often have bone and joint problems. For example, aches and pains in joints because the mother’s body is now supporting a child. Your wife will always feel pain. The long-term pain will cause her bones and joint problems later.

An electric heating pad can reduce pain from bones and joints. Body blood also circulates better with heat. When the blood circulates more easily, the body can absorb more substances. That will fix your wife’s bone problems.

She will also be more comfortable mentally, not having to endure the uncomfortable pain from bones and joints. No one can deny this is a great gift for wife on Mother’s Day.

Electric Heating Pad


With Mother’s day gift for pregnant wife, we hope to help you choose gifts that will help your wife. As well as gifts that match her preferences. Through the above article, if you like a gift, hurry up and buy it for her this holiday.

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