29+ Fantastic Easy Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts


Finding last-minute Father’s Day gifts will always be difficult because of the limited time. Surely there are those of you who come on Father’s Day to remember that you have not prepared anything to surprise your father but are too busy, right? So our article this time will help you save more time in thinking. Let’s explore together.

Good Last-Minute Father’s Day Gifts

For A Dad Who Is A Music Lover

Sony SRS-XB33

1. Sony SRS-XB33

If your dad loves the feeling of partying wherever he goes, give him this Sony XB43 speaker. With dustproof, waterproof, and shockproof; in addition to being a wireless speaker, it will bring a great experience for your dad.

Record Player

2. Record Player

Your dad likes to listen to vinyl to enjoy classical music. Give him this transmitter. This will be the very best last-minute Father’s Day gift for you to give your father.

Airpods Pro

3. Airpods Pro

A compact and luxurious wireless earset, with improved functions to help enhance the user experience. You can buy this pair of Airpods Pro to give your dad on his Father’s Day.

For A Dad Who Loves Useful Items


4. Custom Pen

Pens are commonly used items by adults who are busy with work. You can give your dad a pen designed with your best wishes for him. This would be a great gift to give.


5. Custom Coffee Mug

The habit of drinking coffee early in the morning must be easy to see in fathers. A cup of coffee with a message from you will make Dad’s day full of energy. That’s why it’s the good last-minute Father’s Day gifts.


6. Custom Watch

Watches are indispensable items for busy people. Your dad will be delighted if you give him a watch designed just for him. Every time working tired, looking at the clock will see the motivation from you through the message.

7. Fashion Sunglasses

A sunglasses? Why not? A gift that never goes out of fashion, and can also increase the attractiveness of your father’s appearance. Hurry up and buy him a special gift.

8. Bottle Opener

Surely your father also drank beer? Then the indispensable item is the bottle opener. It will be even more special when it is a bottle opener designed specifically for him. Order quickly because engraving does not take time.

Custom Wallet

9. Custom Wallet

A wallet with family pictures engraved on the surface will be a very good spiritual gift for dad. Every time dad uses the wallet, he will see his family and will try to save good things for the family. These will be creative last-minute Father’s Day gifts.


10. Beer Mug

Above there is a bottle opener, next will be a very simple gift that will win Dad’s heart. That’s a beer glass printed just for Dad. Moreover, it is also a cup with large size. Surely he will love this gift.

For A Dad Who Loves Fashion


11. Classical Shoes

A classic pair of shoes will make great last-minute Father’s Day gifts for dad on Father’s Day. Shoes are also very important items for fathers when going to work or going to parties. A shoe with a dark colour will give him an elegant look.

12. Custom Socks

A pair of socks when wearing shoes look very simple and nothing, but also polite when wearing shoes. But when you take it off, it’s the text you designed specifically for Dad. No one can mistake all of him because of this speciality.

13. Vintage Cravats

Fathers often do not have a knack for choosing clothes, so they often buy dark and simple colours. Try changing up his wardrobe with a cravat with a vintage pattern. He will be very surprised with this gift.

Dark Suit

14. Dark Suit

A really polite and well-groomed suit will be a great gift for your father. The form of the suit is designed to stand, and hug the body without restraint, bringing a sense of elegance and courtesy, suitable for parties, events, or occasions to meet partners as well as customers.


15. Custom Belt

A belt is too simple to make a gift. But when you engrave his name, or your message to your father, the value of the gift will be enhanced. This will be an easy last-minute Father’s Day gift.


16. Custom Shirt

When at home or walking, fathers often prefer to wear t-shirts over shirts. That’s why you give him an extra shirt to enrich his father’s wardrobe. At the same time with his own design words, he must have only worn this shirt to show it off to everyone.

17. Black Hat

What about a hat to make the look more attractive and mysterious? This is also a gift you should consider. If your dad is a party person, a dark hat will make him stand out the most at the party.


18. Custom Necklace

The necklace is a very meaningful last-minute Father’s Day gift. Not only women can wear necklaces. A suitable necklace can also make your father more elegant. At the same time, it also helps to increase the father’s style and bravery


19. Custom Bracelet

In addition to the necklace, you can also buy your dad a bracelet. A uniquely designed bracelet with a masculine and attractive look will create an interesting highlight for your father. It also helps to show your father’s unmistakable personality and class.

For A Dad Who Loves Cooking


20. Custom Apron

Don’t think that an apron is a “cheap” gift, so you dare not give it to dad! For fathers who love housework, the apron is like an accessory to help dads avoid grease stains and bring sweetness to the kitchen. Put your sincerity into it, you will receive delicious meals.


21. Chef’s Knife

A dad who loves to cook will be surprised when you give him a set of knives. Knives are an indispensable kitchen tool to create beautiful and delicious meals. It will be more special if the knife handle is engraved with his own name.


22. Wooden Custom Spoon

A wooden spoon engraved with your message to give to dad. This must be a unique Father’s Day gift and no less funny. Your father probably won’t think you gave that gift. Give it a try if you want to make a point.


23. Non-stick Frying Pan

Today’s modern meals must not be complete without delicious fried foods, bringing a refreshing feeling to the family. That’s why you can give your dad a nonstick frying pan to make cooking easier. These will be the best last-minute Father’s Day gifts.


24. Meat Box

Gifting a box of meats would be a good idea if your dad loves barbecues. You can buy a meat box to give as a gift, and at the same time organize a father’s day party right away. Enjoy the gift of good food at the same time. You should consider it.

For A Dad Who Loves Doing Housework


25. Dyson Vacuum

The Dyson vacuum cleaner is one of the best inventions of man, this is a very useful household appliance for cleaning, cleaning dirt, and ensuring your house is always clean. Your father may be more interested in housework if he is given a vacuum cleaner because of that convenience.


26. Cartman 39-Piece Tool Set

The repair of broken things in the house is usually done by the father. That’s why giving your dad a good set of tools will make him excited. In addition, this is also a medal for efforts to improve small things at home, you shouldn’t skip these great last-minute Father’s Day gifts.

27. Custom Tool Belt

Having given a tool kit, a tool belt is indispensable because it is impossible for your father to carry a heavy toolbox when repairing things. Therefore, buying him a tool belt so that he can choose the right tools will be the best choice. It will be more special with his name on the belt.

For a dad who loves joining workshops or public activities

Adventure Sport Play Tickets

28. Adventure Sport Play Tickets

If your dad is an adventure sports enthusiast, buy him tickets to adventure games for him to enjoy on the weekend. This will be a special and unexpected last-minute Father’s Day gift for your dad.


29. Technology System Workshops Tickets

If your father is passionate about technology, hurry up and buy him tickets to attend a technology conference. There will be a lot of things that will make him crazy. Technology has always been something interesting for men.

30. Wooden Workshop

If your father is passionate about making handmade crafts, surprise him by buying tickets to a woodworking workshop to experience specialized equipment and make those wooden items with other members.


Above we have mentioned reasonable and suitable last-minute Father’s Day gifts. You can browse through and choose the right gift for yourself. Surely next time you should prepare early so that Father’s Day will be more complete. You can check out other ideas here WanaTrendy