32+ Good Christmas Gifts for Grandma

Every day with grandma is a blessing since she is full of wisdom, love, and plenty of hugs. Finding the ideal gift idea is essential for those special occasions that call for coming up with grandma gift ideas she’ll adore, such as Christmas or a “just because” surprise the following time you drop by for a visit.

Since she essentially already has everything she requires, though, coming up with something unusual and distinctive can be trickier than you might think. This slideshow of 32+ good Christmas gifts for grandma is here to assist you in finding wonderful presents that she’ll love almost as much as her grandchildren.

Good Christmas Gifts for Grandma

Flower Grow Kit

1. Flower Grow Kit

She can put this glass vase on her windowsill so she can see her newborn flowers bloom. However, if she doesn’t have many grandchildren, you might choose the flowers that were in bloom when they were born as a touching tribute to the ones she cherishes most.

Smart Mug

2. Smart Mug

The temperature control mug can be a practical Christmas gifts for grandma. You know how it goes: She makes herself a cup of tea or coffee, but she is distracted by her endearing grandchildren and doesn’t actually get to enjoy it when it’s still warm. She may set this mug to the temperature she prefers to drink from and continue to enjoy a warm beverage for a number of hours after she first poured it.

Warming Slippers

3. Warming Slippers

Her entire body will be warmed by these lavender-infused slippers. For fast relief, simply microwave them for a minute.

Tablet Pillow Stand

4. Tablet Pillow Stand

A pillow stand that accommodates a tablet allows your grandmother to relax on the couch or in bed. It is compatible with a variety of devices and offers three viewing angles. Also, it features a soft shell made of fluffy material that can be laid on her lap.

Digital Picture Frame

5. Digital Picture Frame

This is one of the most popular Christmas gifts for grandma. Set up this digital frame and transfer pictures from any device using the app that is compatible so she can always have the most recent memories of her family on display for everyone to view.

Hummingbird Feeder

6. Hummingbird Feeder

This handmade glass hummingbird feeder is a vibrant addition to her porch or backyard and was built from recycled materials. The base has resting spots for hummingbirds and ant moats.

Cashmere Pashmina Shawl

7. Cashmere Pashmina Shawl

Keep her warm all year long with this elegant scarf that offers countless styling options. There are 14 other designs available, so there is more than one appealing style.

Keepsake Box

8. Keepsake Box

Which one is more practical and worth cherishing than a willow tree sculpted hand-painted keepsake box? This Christmas gift will definitely shock your grandma. The carving on the front shows an older person holding a young child (an adorable portrayal of you and your grama). The heartfelt note written inside will astound her when she opens it.

Flower Subscriptions

9. Flower Subscriptions

Just one bouquet is insufficient. Set her up on a biweekly or monthly delivery schedule to make sure she always has a farm-fresh selection to make her day.

Thistle Butterfly Puddler

10. Thistle Butterfly Puddler

She will see gorgeous butterflies soaring above once she has filled the glass well in this stoneware puddler with a sand and water mixture. This is how it goes: When the water evaporates, the mixture leaves behind small crystals that draw butterflies.

Journey Keepsake Book

11. Journey Keepsake Book

Though it may be a good christmas gift for grandma, this guided diary is actually a memento for her grandkids (and great grandchildren). She will be prompted to consider her past, present, and future, leaving behind a legacy for future generations.

Chunky Knit Blanket

12. Chunky Knit Blanket

Give your lovely grandma this incredibly soft blanket for optimal comfort because she enjoys nothing more than curling up on the couch with her grandchildren. She and her loved ones may stay warm during the winter with the help of this chenille blanket, which is available in five timeless colors.

Lightweight Crossbody Bag

13. Lightweight Crossbody Bag

This top-rated bag will keep her phone, lip balm, keys, and other belongings organized in a stylish manner thanks to its zip pocket, open pouch, and beautiful design.

Personalized Birthstone Necklace

14. Personalized Birthstone Necklace

This personalized necklace is offered in rose gold, gold, or silver. Give it a special touch by adding the initials and birthstones of her grandchildren so she will always remember them.

Grandma’s Brag Board

15. Grandma’s Brag Board

When it comes to lovely christmas gifts for grandma, this brag board is a perfect choice. Of her grandkids, your grandmother is undoubtedly proud. She can clip her favorite pictures to this frame after printing them out for everyone to view.

Pure Silk Pillowcase

16. Pure Silk Pillowcase

If she has been moaning about her hair, skin, and general quality of sleep, silk pillowcases are the way to go. The fact that this choice won the Good Housekeeping Institute’s Lab testing would further please Grandmother.

Grandma and Grandpa's Doormat

17. Grandma and Grandpa’s Doormat

This coir doormat will give her entrance a stylish boost. Add your grandmother’s name, nickname, or initials to the text to make it more personalized.

Fingerprint Necklace

18. Fingerprint Necklace

The fingerprints of her grandchildren are featured on this heart-shaped necklace in miniature form. Don’t you think it’s the ideal present for any new grandmas?

Half Moon Teapot

19. Half Moon Teapot

This dishwasher-safe teapot allows her to watch her tea brew to the strength she prefers. The stainless steel filter can be used to make fruit-infused water and is easily removed for blooming or flowering teas.

20. Instant Camera

This is considered a creative christmas gifts for grandma. Grandma is not an exception to the rule that as you age, you start to value family snapshots and recollections throughout your life. With a Polaroid that prints pictures right away, she can frame, hang, or carry along all the precious memories of her golden years.

One-Touch Electric Kettle

21. One-Touch Electric Kettle

Water boils in just seven minutes with this stylish kettle. Choose the color that best matches her kitchen from a selection of five options, then guide her through the four one-touch preset programs for white, green, oolong, and black tea.

Harvest Bloom Apron

22. Harvest Bloom Apron

Is your grandmother the family chef? This floral apron, which is a ideal Christmas gift for grandma, will give her kitchen gear a stylish makeover. It contains a front storage pocket and a neck D-ring that can be adjusted.

Recipe Cutting Board

23. Recipe Cutting Board

This walnut cutting board, which is engraved with her most cherished recipe, is ideal for the family’s official baker or cook. Use double-sided engraving if you find it difficult to decide.

Grandma's Kitchen Candle

24. Grandma’s Kitchen Candle

A 13.75 oz candle that replicates the fragrances of apple, cinnamon, vanilla, clove, and other foods will let you relive your childhood memories of eating food made by your grandmother. It has a burn period of 60 to 80 hours, and a light and healthy aroma.

Blue Light Blocking Glasses

25. Blue Light Blocking Glasses

She might have increasing eye fatigue as she ages. If she doesn’t already have glasses, think about getting her this chic blue-light option. They have a yellow hue and a variety of designs.

Leather Makeup Bag

26. Leather Makeup Bag

Make a beauty bag that is uniquely hers to carry all of her favorite products. This one has genuine leather that has been waxed over it, and the writing is laser engraved.

Message Shortbread Cookies

27. Message Shortbread Cookies

Warm her heart with this special Christmas gifts for grandma. Who can resist shortbread cookies, particularly ones with handwritten notes carved on their irresistible fronts?

Waterproof Rain Hat

28. Waterproof Rain Hat

Keep the rain from ruining grandma’s new hairstyle (that trip to the salon could have been expensive). If an umbrella is lost, the waterproof rain hat makes a chic substitution. It may be folded into a pouch that fits in your bag, and the satin interior protects hair.

Hair Scalp Massager

29. Hair Scalp Massager

A scratchy scalp is really annoying. For all hair types, this practical tool serves as both a shampoo brush and a scalp massager.

The Best-Ever Cookie Book

30. The Best-Ever Cookie Book

Although she may believe that she has tried and tasted everything, we are certain that she hasn’t actually baked every single cookie in this book. Simple sugar cookies, a Christmas staple, are among the recipes, along with fruit-filled bars (blueberry crumb bars).

Best Ever Puzzle

31. Best Ever Puzzle

Your custom puzzle can include up to 1,1014 pieces. Include your best photographs of your grandma or grandparents, and let them spend their free time piecing them together.

32. Custom House Painting

Take a photo of the front of her family’s house before she leaves it and have this Etsy seller turn it into a lovely painting that she may treasure for years to come.

33. Nana Loves You More

In this brand-new children’s book by Jimmy Fallon, the author discusses how much your grandmother loves you. Give it to her so she can read it to your kids the next time they visit (and all the visits after that).


If you’re having trouble deciding what to purchase your grandmother for Christmas, we hope that this piece has served as a useful guidance. Our WanaTrendy website is a terrific place to check if you’re still seeking for something particularly special that will make her smile.