20+ Brother Sister Halloween Costume Ideas

brother sister halloween costume ideas

Halloween is the one day of the year when anyone may dress as anything they choose, whether it be a witch, a pirate, or even a huge hot dog. For siblings, though, the excitement doesn’t end until they come up with the best brother-sister Halloween costume ideas that will make them the talk of the town.

It’s remarkable how siblings can combine to produce the wackiest combinations or the coolest duos you can imagine. The choices are unlimited, from a pair of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches to Batman and Robin. Who doesn’t adore that—like it’s playing dress-up on steroids?

Thus, if you want to come up with some amusing and interesting brother sister Halloween costume ideas, we can assist. Let’s check!

Halloween Costume Ideas For Brother And Sister

1. Spiderman and Wonder Woman

A great Halloween costume idea for siblings would be Spiderman and Wonder Woman. They are instantly identifiable and iconic, making these two superheroes a hit at any event or trick-or-treating outing.

The fun of dressing up and taking on their characters is increased by the fact that they each stand for a variety of talents and abilities. Additionally, the red and blue of Spiderman’s suit complements the red, blue, and gold of Wonder Woman’s attire wonderfully, making for a visually striking duo.

Ultimately, dressing up as Spiderman and Wonder Woman is a terrific way for siblings to demonstrate their enthusiasm for superheroes and bond over their common interests.

Spiderman and Wonder Woman

2. The Wizard Of Oz

Many Halloween costumes have been based on the famous film The Wizard of Oz over the years. Brother and sister costumes as movie characters might be a unique and enjoyable way to commemorate the event. Having the sibling dress up as the Scarecrow with a floppy hat, burlap sack, and straw trimmings is one option.

The sister could then dress as Dorothy by donning a blue gingham dress and ruby slippers. Alternately, the female may dress as Glinda the Good Witch with a flowing pink gown and crown, while the brother could play the Tin Man with a silver-painted outfit and a funnel hat. There are countless options!

The Wizard Of Oz

3. Butterfly and Caterpillar

A butterfly and caterpillar costume is a perfect brother and sister Halloween idea that is sure to impress. For the brother, a caterpillar costume can be created using green clothes and accessories such as a headband with antennae, caterpillar shoes, and a furry body suit. For the sister, a butterfly costume can be made by attaching large, colorful wings to a simple dress, and adding antennae and a pair of glittery shoes.

This brother and sister costume idea is not only visually striking but also has an underlying message of transformation and growth. The caterpillar represents the stage of life before a butterfly emerges, and the butterfly represents the beauty and freedom of the final form. This can be a great opportunity to discuss the importance of growth and change with children while still having fun with a Halloween costume.

Butterfly and Caterpillar

4. Alice in Wonderland

Alice in Wonderland has been a classic story for generations, and its characters are easily recognizable and loved by both kids and adults alike.

For the sister, an Alice in Wonderland costume could include a blue dress with a white apron, white stockings, and black Mary Jane shoes. She could complete the look with a blonde wig and a blue ribbon headband. To add an extra touch, she could carry a stuffed white rabbit or a teapot.

For the brother, a Mad Hatter costume would be perfect. A green jacket, top hat, striped trousers, and a bow tie are the essentials for this eccentric character. He could also carry a tea cup or a pocket watch to complete the look.

Alice in Wonderland

5. Mary Poppins

Oh, sweetie! For siblings who want to look amusing and sophisticated at the same time, Mary Poppins is the ideal choice. Think about it! Your brother was spiffy in a smart navy blue blazer and black dress shoes. In the meantime, you, my beloved sister, look very adorable with a gorgeous mid-length blue skirt, black stockings, and Mary Jane shoes!

Let’s not overlook the accessories now! A black umbrella for your brother and a black hat with a red flower for you, my love. Oh oh! Remember to bring your carpet bag! It will be necessary for you to transport all the candy you will collect during trick-or-treating.

All the other trick-or-treaters will be envious of your exquisite taste and flair thanks to this Mary Poppins costume. The same as the two of you, it is a classic that endures forever. Now stop waiting and get ready so we can go fly a kite.

Mary Poppins

6. Astronaut And Rocketship

Looking for a stellar costume idea for your brother and sister this Halloween? Why not blast off into outer space with an astronaut and rocketship duo costume?

For the astronaut, dress your brother up in a white jumpsuit, complete with NASA patches and an American flag. Add a helmet, gloves, and boots to complete the look. For the rocketship, dress your sister in a shiny silver leotard and leggings, adding foam and cardboard to create a 3D rocket shape.

For added fun, accessorize the astronaut with a flag and a backpack filled with space tools, and the rocketship with sparkly stars and a glittery trail.

Astronaut And Rocketship

7. Starbucks Barista and Drink

If your brother and sister love coffee and want to show off their barista skills, then a Starbucks barista and drink duo costume may be perfect for them this Halloween!

For the barista costume, dress your brother in a green apron and a black or white shirt. Add a name tag and a black hat with a Starbucks logo for the finishing touch. For the drink, dress your sister in a brown shirt and pants or leggings, adding foam and cardboard to create a 3D cup shape. Decorate the cup with the famous Starbucks logo and some colorful straws.

For added fun, accessorize the barista with a coffee grinder and a steaming cup of coffee, and the drink with a whipped cream hat and a straw.

Starbucks Barista and Drink

8. Star Wars

For a Halloween costume idea that’s out of this world, a Star Wars theme is always a fan favourite. Whether your brother and sister are Jedi knights or Sith lords, the Star Wars universe offers an array of characters for them to choose from.

For the Jedi knight costume, dress your brother in a brown or beige tunic, pants, and boots. Add a lightsaber for the finishing touch. For the Sith lord, dress your sister in a black robe, pants, and boots, adding a red lightsaber and makeup to create the iconic dark side look.

For added fun, accessorize the Jedi with a robe and a belt, and the Sith with a hooded cloak and makeup to create some wicked scars.

Star Wars

9. Mario and Princess Peach

Looking for a charming and whimsical Halloween costume idea? Look no further than the timeless duo of Mario and Princess Peach from the iconic Super Mario Bros. game franchise. This delightful costume idea is perfect for siblings who wish to embrace their inner child and reminisce on fond memories.

For the Mario costume, dress your brother in classic blue overalls paired with a vibrant red shirt and a matching hat adorned with the iconic “M” logo. To complete the look, add a faux mustache for an authentic touch. For the Princess Peach costume, dress your sister in a lovely pink dress accompanied by elegant white gloves and a sparkling tiara.

Mario and Princess Peach

10. Jane Goodall and Chimp

For a unique and educational Halloween costume idea, consider dressing your brother and sister as Jane Goodall and a chimpanzee. This costume idea is perfect for siblings who love animals and want to honor the work of the renowned primatologist and conservationist, Jane Goodall.

For the Jane Goodall costume, dress your sister in khaki pants, a green shirt, and a khaki hat. Add a pair of binoculars and a notebook for authenticity. For the chimpanzee costume, dress your brother in a brown jumpsuit or onesie and add a tail, ears, and a chimpanzee mask.

Jane Goodall and Chimp

11. Honeybee and Flower

Put your brother in a black and yellow striped shirt and leggings, then add some black wings and antennae to complete the honeybee costume. Put your sister in a vibrant floral frock with a flower crown and some green leaf wings to complete the flower costume.

Siblings may show off their imaginations while honoring the beauty of nature with this adorable and creative costume idea. Also, it provides a chance for siblings to connect over their mutual interest in flowers and bees. So, dress up for Halloween, and let’s go out and share some cheer!

Honeybee and Flower

12. Farmer And Baby Chicken

For siblings who adore animals and wish to dress in the endearingly rustic manner of a farmer, this costume concept is ideal.

Put your brother in denim overalls, a plaid shirt, and a straw hat for the farmer costume. Finishing touches include some gardening gloves and a plastic pitchfork. Your sister can dress up like a baby chicken by donning a fluffy yellow onesie and adding wings and a beak made of felt.

This sweet and wholesome costume concept enables siblings to enjoy farm life and appreciates the sweetness of young animals. It’s also an opportunity for siblings to bond over their mutual love for the outdoors and animals.

Farmer And Baby Chicken

13. Doc McStuffins

A terrific option for a brother and sister Halloween costume is Doc McStuffins from the well-known animated series of the same name. Little Doc McStuffins looks after her plush animals and toys while dreaming of becoming a doctor like her mother. The outfit is ideal for siblings because it is simple to adjust for both boys and girls.

Start with a pink and purple striped blouse and skirt or leggings to make a Doc McStuffins costume. Add a white lab coat, a stethoscope, and a headband with pink and purple ears. Use a white t-shirt underneath the lab coat and replace the skirt with shorts or pants for guys.

Doc McStuffins

14. Peter Pan and the Lost Boys

Peter Pan and the Lost Boys is a classic story that has captured the hearts of generations. It’s also a great Halloween costume idea for siblings. The costume can be easily adapted for both boys and girls, making it a perfect choice for siblings who want to dress up together.

To create a Peter Pan costume, start with a green tunic or shirt, brown pants, and brown boots. Add a brown belt and a green hat with a red feather. For girls, a green skirt can be added underneath the tunic. For the Lost Boys, start with a brown shirt and pants, and add a brown hat with a feather. A satchel or bag completes the look.

Peter Pan and the Lost Boys

15. Harry Potter and Hedwig

A great idea for Halloween to add a magical touch to your celebrations is to dress up as Harry Potter and Hedwig, depicting them as siblings. To achieve the Harry Potter look, you can put on his trademark round glasses, a robe from Hogwarts, a Gryffindor scarf, and hold a wand. Additionally, you can opt for a broomstick or put on a lightning bolt scar on your forehead to give the perfect finishing touch to your outfit.

As for the Hedwig costume, you can put on a white feathery dress, feather wings, and a headpiece with owl ears. To make your costume more authentic, you can also carry a toy owl. You can recreate some of the memorable moments from the Harry Potter series by dressing up in these costumes, such as Harry and Hedwig’s first encounter or their adventurous flights around Hogwarts.

Harry Potter and Hedwig

16. Dice Costumes

A dice costume is a fun and easy Halloween idea that can be adapted for siblings looking for a unique and playful costume idea. To create this costume, each sibling can dress in a black shirt and pants, and then attach white dots made from fabric or paper to create the appearance of a dice. They can also add a black beanie or headband with white dots to complete the look.

For the brother, he can dress up as a larger dice with bigger white dots, while the sister can dress up as a smaller dice with smaller white dots. They can even make the costume more interactive by attaching a small bag to each dice, allowing them to collect candy as they trick-or-treat.

Dice Costumes

17. Crayon Set Costume

A crayon set costume is a great Halloween idea for siblings who want to showcase their creativity and love for art. To create this costume, each sibling can dress in a solid-colored outfit that matches the color of their chosen crayon. They can then create a cone-shaped hat using construction paper or poster board that matches the color of their outfit, and add a white strip at the top to create the appearance of a crayon tip.

This costume is a fun and unique way for siblings to coordinate their Halloween outfits without having to dress in matching costumes. It is also a great way to showcase their individual personalities and interests.

Crayon Set Costume

18. Hot Dog and Condiments Costumes 

If you’re looking for a fun and unique Halloween costume idea for siblings, you can’t go wrong with a hotdog and condiment duo! This cute and playful costume idea is perfect for brothers and sisters who want to stand out from the crowd and show off their love for their favorite foods.

To pull off this costume idea, one sibling can dress up as a hotdog, complete with a brown shirt or dress and a matching hat or headband that resembles a bun. The other sibling can dress up as a condiment of their choice, such as ketchup, mustard, or relish, by wearing a red, yellow, or green outfit and creating a label to stick on their chest.

Hot Dog and Condiments Costumes 

19. The Greatest Showman

If siblings are searching for a distinctive and thrilling Halloween costume, the Greatest Showman attire is an excellent option. As the film is set in the 19th century, there is an abundance of opportunities to be imaginative with Victorian-inspired outfits.

To illustrate, the brother could imitate P.T. Barnum’s style by wearing a top hat, tailcoat, and bow tie to complement his appearance. He could also enhance his outfit by holding a cane or wearing a false mustache.

On the other hand, the sister could select a more glamorous appearance by mimicking one of the circus performers. She could wear a vibrant tutu or a flowy dress with feathers, sequins, and glitter.

The Greatest Showman

20. Cupcake Costume

A cupcake costume is a fun and adorable brother sister halloween costume idea who want to dress up for Halloween together. This costume is perfect for siblings who want to coordinate their outfits while still showcasing their individual personalities.

For the brother, he could dress up as the frosting on top of the cupcake. He could wear a white shirt and pants with a colorful fabric draped around his neck to resemble the frosting. He could also wear a hat or a headband with a cherry or sprinkles to add some extra flair.

As for the sister, she could dress up as the cupcake itself. She could wear a fluffy dress or skirt in a pastel color to resemble the cake. She could also add some decorations such as felt circles or ribbons to mimic the cupcake wrapper.

Cupcake Costume


Dressing up in coordinated costumes with your brother or sister can be a fun and memorable way to celebrate Halloween. There are endless possibilities for costumes, from classic duos like Batman and Robin to more unique ideas like a cupcake and frosting.

The key to a successful brother sister Halloween costume is to choose something that reflects both of your personalities and interests. This can be achieved by brainstorming ideas together and finding a costume that showcases each of your unique styles.

Additionally, creating your costumes can be a fun bonding experience, whether it involves DIYing outfits from scratch or simply adding personal touches to store-bought costumes.

WanaTrendy is a good source for you to consider brother sister Halloween costume ideas. Hope you have the best choice after reading this article.